Tour to the Grand Canyon

No one photo can mirror all the colors of this extraordinary place, its great and royalty. The Grand Canyon is situated in the south-west of the United States of America. Everyone should see with their own eyes this beautiful place that fascinates. Once you see, it will stay in the mind forever.

The popularity of the Grand Canyon in the world and the United States is really big.

You can go on a short or long walk along the tourist routes and trail. For example, The South Rim Nature Trail tourist route runs along the edge of the canyon between Maricopa Point and the Yavapai Museum. The trail runs at the same height in most areas. Visitors can walk on foot the entire 5 kilometers long (3-4 miles), as well as a part of it.

Fortunately, hiking on your own doesn’t require a special permit in daytime. But if you want to stay for a night in the Grand Canyon National Park you will need it.

Camping is allowed only on the specially designated areas of the national park territory. Setting up a tent in a secured area may turns in a fine. Places are provided on a first come, first served basis.

There are other options. On the territory of the nearby cities of Tusayan, Flagstaff and Williams there are countless hostels for any taste. Hostels in Tasayan will be more expensive, due to its proximity to the canyon. But if you book in advance, then there will be no big expenses. As usual a room has a coffee maker and a TV. In addition, many hostels include breakfast.

Also, you can stand at “The Grand hotel at the Grand Canyon”, which is located near Tasayan. There are all amenities, toilets and shower rooms.

magnifisent view on a canyon trial

The entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park is a kind of checkpoint with wooden walls and a roof. In front of him there is a sign with all the rates. So, you can study it while staying in the queue. Don’t be surprised by the questions about prohibited stuff. It is necessary for safety. But in most cases of course you enter without side questions. Everybody is smiling and say to have a great time. The ticket is valid for a week. In addition, you can purchase an annual subscription for unlimited visits to the Grand Canyon National Park.

During the hiking trial there are several viewing platforms. They are provided in order to enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

Free class from the rangers of the park for everyone takes place every day. They tell about history, geography and archeology of the Grand Canyon.

If you want to learn more or to spend time in more extraordinary way there, you can attent the events, but you have to pay for them.

There is a riding down on mules excursion. This type of excursion from the south side is held all year round. From the north – from May to October. But there are some limits about weight and height. The weight should not exceed 91 kg, height should be at least 140 cm. It also requires good physical shape and don’t be afraid of large animals. Pregnant are not allowed.

It is also interesting to attend Yavapai Geology Museum. The current museum exhibits explain the deposition of layers of rocks, raising the Colorado Plateau and the formation of the Grand Canyon itself. Displays and exhibits are accompanied by beautifully made illustrations, three-dimensional models, powerful photographs and explanatory inscriptions. That allows park visitors to see and understand the complex geological history of the canyon. Colorado river racing is another joy.

view on the river

There are a lot of companies that offer rafting on the Colorado River in the heart of the Grand Canyon. The terms are also very different – from 1 to 25 days. You can also fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter. On average, the flight lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour. The helicopter flies around the most famous and beautiful rocks, as well as landing inside the canyon.

If you don’t want to go on excursions just go with a huge group of strangers. Or you can freely and independently hike the same paths. At the entrance to the park you are given a map where the main tourist routes are marked that will help to see all the interesting things.

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