How to start training for hiking

You want to start hiking, but do not know how to prepare for it? We will try to set the right direction for you to develop your skills in tourism.

First of all, any trip requires high-quality physical training. Long hikes take a lot of power. To overcome long distances, you need to exercise your body regularly.

Where to begin?

Train yourself to walk

If you have just begun to delve into the topic of hiking, then you need to learn something. You and your legs should get used to crossing long distances in order to master long-term hikes in the future. To do this, you need to arrange long walks in the park or other natural areas. So, you get used to fresh air and light exercise.

As soon as you and your legs got used to walking for several hours in a row, then continue your walks, putting a small sports backpack on your shoulders. Gradually increase the weight, length and height of your backpack to increase the load. Don’t forget to build yourself different routes for walking. Choose an area where there is an uneven surface (grass, stones, sand). Look for sites where there is a hill (observation platforms, monuments, high plots of land within the city).

In the end, you go on a hike with a backpack, which will have all the necessary equipment for hiking. Your body will get used to the weight and weight of the backpack.

a man with a backpack on his back is sitting on the edge of a building


Start going to the gym

The key to good preparation for the hike is to be in excellent physical shape. Simple walking will teach you to cross long distances, but it will not help you in obstacles overcoming, climbing mountains, climbing over stones and tree trunks. Choose training that can develop strength, endurance and agility in you. Regular exercise will help increase muscle tone and increase your potential in the field of tourism.

girl training in the gym


Get good habits

Today our life is filled with comfort. And this comfort prevents us from being hardy and physically developed. In order to be ready for the hike, you need to change your old habits. You just need to slightly change your daily routine. Go upstairs instead of the elevator, go to the store for shopping only on foot, park the car as far as possible from work or home for walking to it, carry a backpack with a bunch of things to always have a load on your shoulders.

woman wears groceries and trains her body

Types of training

When you are preparing for hiking it is important to see the differences in different types of training. Each species is aimed at the formation of a healthy body and a strong tourist spirit.

Cardio training

Cardio training is a load that increases endurance, strengthens the muscles of the heart, improves the work of the circulatory system and respiration (cardiovascular system). This type of training not only increases the body’s stamina, but also burns extra fat under the right loads.

What cardio training is needed for: first of all, the cardiovascular system is strengthened (improved blood circulation, vessels and heart muscle are strengthened). Such training is the prevention of heart disease, vascular dystonia and impaired respiratory function.

There are literally everything involved in cardio training: light jogging, swimming, cycling, group workouts in the fitness room

athletes run on a treadmill


Power training

Strength training helps strengthen the muscles in the body of a tourist. They are very important because they teach your body to adapt to prolonged physical exertion and stress. You should definitely include in your schedule at least 2 weight training with weights (using sports equipment: weights, barbells, parallel bars) to keep yourself in shape.

Strength training includes different types of exercises, for example, squats, lunges, racks in the bar, lifts, pushups.

people do exercises with dumbbells

Mental training

You can put yourself in excellent physical shape, but you also need to be mentally prepared. Trouble overtakes us at the most inopportune moment. Unexpected changes in weather conditions (rain, hail, frosts, extreme heat), broken equipment, poor health – all this can happen during your trip. Only your mind will help to cope with these problems.


Read hiking books and watch documentaries. Ask tourism professionals about things that are not clear to you. Go to the store with sports equipment and compare the quality of clothing tools, utensils and accessories. Your awareness is a support that will not let you get lost in any situation.

tourist ready to go hiking

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