Vesuvius hiking in Neapolis – useful things to know before the travel

Vesuvius is one of the most famous volcanoes in Europe.Nowadays Vesuvius hiking is rather popular. Once we decided to go there too and want to share the experience with you.

The volcano is known for the fact that during one of the eruption in ancient times he almost destroyed Pompeii and other nearby cities. However, this does not mean that Vesuvius volcano is an exceptionally bad character in the history of the ancient Roman Empire. No matter how dangerous the volcano may be, it has provided the surrounding habitants with some important advantages. The main are very fertile land and health and wellness resorts.

Vesuvius hiking at Neapol vocation

What is the best way to get to Vesuvius?

Vesuvius volcano is located in the South of Italy in the Naples vicinity. So to start Vesuvius hiking just take one of the Ente Autonomo Volturno (Circumvesuviana)trains heading to Sorrento and get off at the Ercolano Scavi station.

To get to the top of the Vesuvius volcano crater from the station, you can take a bus or walk.

If you want to take a bus, Expres Vesuvio is a good option. They have their own departure point right at the exit of the platform, so you can easily find it. This private transport company will not only take you to Vesuvius mountain, but also offers tickets for excursions.

I do not advise to get to Vesuvius volcano on foot, if you are not a fan of such walkings or professional traveller. The route is not be so long, but most likely it’s not worth the effort. The way to the Vesuvius volcano goes along a narrow road, which is also used by buses and other cars.

Tips for Vesuvius hiking

So, we got on the bus to the destination and now have to climb to the very top. Vesuvius hiking requires to make an effort, although it’s not a very long trail. You can rent a cane to support yourself while Vesuvius hiking for the price of 2 euros, it can be very useful.

Better not go in sandals / flip-flops. You will go all the time on sand, very dirty sand. It’s an unpleasant feeling for the “naked” foot. But there is also no need to wear special mountain boots and overload your legs. Ordinary sneakers are quite suitable for such Vesuvius hiking in the mountains.

Depending on the time of year, you must be properly equipped. Note that mount Vesuvius is the highest point in the area, so the wind blows mercilessly. In addition, there is absolutely no shade, so going on Vesuvius hiking in summer make sure to take a cap or Panama hat.

It is worth remembering that in winter months climbing mount Vesuvius may be completely impossible because of the snow. There is a high probability that it will be simply banned for some time.

Weather during Vesuvius hiking

Vesuvius hiking - mountain hiking trails in Neapol

Unfortunately, mount Vesuvius trips are difficult to plan. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, most likely climbing the crater itself will be prohibited. After the arrival to Naples and before the start of Vesuvius hiking, it is best to monitor the current weather forecast to make timely decisions.

But even if you are not lucky and the trip to the top of the mount Vesuvius canceled, Naples and its surroundings are so interesting that surely will be able to fill the gap in your journey, and you won’t be upset for a long time.

What to expect from Vesuvius hiking

A wide path leads around the crater, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Observing the horizons stretching far ahead from a bird’s-eye view is always an exciting experience. And although it’s not the highest point we’ve been to, it’s one of the best. It is interesting that on the one side you will see the ay, and on the other – the city scenery. And of course the nature surrounding the Vesuvius volcano, it never ceases to amaze.

But I must say that the Vesuvius crater itself disappointed us a little. It was our first volcano and we expected boiling liquid magma to be lazily bubbling inside the volcano. Instead, the only thing we saw was a strange pit and small tree growing in the middle of it. A tree, Carl! How it got there and could grow is still a mystery to us. Anyway, we had the wrong idea about volcanoes, well.

tips for Vesuvius hiking in Neapol

The only thing that created the atmosphere we expected was local smokes and a slight smell of sulfur. But he evaporated very quickly because of the strong wind.

In three places there are kiosks where you can buy souvenirs, some hot drinks to warm up and can sit at the table and enjoy the views.

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