12 useful tips for Ireland travel that you should know

Ireland – a green island with great culture, where Guinness beer is very popular. Ireland is also a great tourist destination. While Ireland travel it is worth visiting not only modern Dublin, but also to go beyond the city limits to see the Irish nature – the rocks and the coast of incredible beauty. Unfortunately, every year Ireland is becoming more expensive for tourists. Especially tourism in Dublin, the hotel prices are extremely high at the moment. It is worth knowing some useful information about Ireland before you get there. We have prepared a list of practical information that will help you get ready for your Ireland travel.


The used currency in Ireland is the Euro.

The banking system in Ireland is well developed, the Irish love technical innovations. Every day the Irish pay with cards and use mobile and Internet payments.

Almost anywhere in Ireland we can pay by card – in hotels, restaurants and shops. However, if you are traveling outside of a typical tourist area or to a small town, the cards may not be accepted. In small restaurants or bars before ordering, you should make sure that you can pay with a card. The same situation with small shops.


how much tips in Ireland restaurans and pubs - information about Ireland travel

Irish people usually give small tips in restaurants. The sum is to 5-10% of the total check.

Sometimes tips are already added to the check, so you should look at it before give additional tips and pay for the order.

Tips are not left in pubs or places where we clean our own food and dishes.

Shopping hours

As usual stores are open daily until 22:00, and some even until midnight.

Small shops usually close at 19:00, Thursday is the day when many shops or attractions are open longer, for example, they can be open until 21:00 or 22:00 , and attractions – until 19:00 or 20:00 .

Some shops, especially in small towns, may be closed on Sundays.


Churches in Ireland are mostly free, with some exceptions, such as St. Patrick in Dublin .

The elderly Irish are very religious, and believers are often in churches. When we go to Church in Ireland, we must be calm and not disturb the people who pray.


Intercity and city transport systems in Ireland are at a high level. In most cases, the transports are new and clean, and arrive on schedule.

How to save money while traveling in Ireland

As it has been mentioned, Ireland, and Dublin in particular, are very expensive places to travel. Therefore, at Ireland travel, you should follow a few rules that will help you save money and spend less.

Doublin Pass Card

Doublin Pass Card during Ireland travel

If you go to Dublin and expect that you will travel a lot around the city, for example to see all the sights, it is worth buying a Dublin Pass card. You can buy it on the official website of the DUBLIN PASS. The cost of the card is certainly not small, but it is still much lower than spendings on transport with buying individual tickets.

Office of Pubic Works

The OPW Heritage map is very useful for Ireland travel.

If you want to visit historical places being on Ireland travel in addition to attractions in major cities, pay attention to the map OPW Heritage.

Department of OPW, (Office of Public Works), serves the most important historical buildings and monuments located throughout Ireland. The cost of an adult card is 40 € (current prices). Cards are valid for one year from the date of first use.

Free rides

Most of the attractions in Ireland are paid, often even for visiting churches of historical importance, will have to pay. Fortunately, you can get acquainted with the culture for free. Walking through the largest cities, we can see many beautiful streets, buildings or the historical heritage of the green country. Ireland also offers many beautiful natural attractions, such as cliffs, hills and coasts, which should not be neglected.

“Economy class restaurants»

Restaurants in Ireland are usually expensive. It is worth looking for pubs that serve good food or other alternative places such as street food stalls or cafes outside the main street.

Temple Bar in Ireland travel

Avoid pubs in tourist places. Being on Ireland travel you should visit the famous Temple Bar to get a complete picture of the Irish pubs. However, it is better not to go there often if you’re trying to save. As for Guinness or other beer, there we will overpay.

It is worth going a little further from the center and pay less in a pub or bar, where in general the food and drinks are not worse.

Is it safe in Ireland

Ireland is considered to be a safe country, and the Irish are known for their goodwill towards other people. Unfortunately, Ireland is also a country where many people abuse alcohol. So be careful around pubs in the evenings.

You should also be careful in public transport and street crowds, so as not to be robbed.


Official language: Irish and English

As for English, the Irish have a very complicated history, and some of them are ill-disposed towards it.

Rescue service

I hope you won’t need this, but anyway – emergency number: 112 or 999

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