10 things to do during Guadeloupe travelling to make it unforgettable

Today I offer you a short list of things to do during Guadeloupe travelling. So if you are looking for ways to diversify your holiday and spend time in Guadeloupe interesting, then this article is for you! This will make your Caribbean travelling unforgettable.

Sunrises and sunsets on the beaches

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun on the horizon during Caribbean travelling. You can go to the beach every evening to watch the sun hide behind the horizon. This almost mystical view will never get you bored.

you must seeCaribbean sunsets during Guadeloupe travelling

Explore the underwater world of Guadeloupe

You don’t need to be an experienced diver to admire the variety of sea creatures in the Caribbean. All you need is a simple mask and almost any beach on the island. There are, of course, places and wild beaches where this diversity is greater. For me, the best beach for diving during Guadeloupe travelling was the one in Anse Bertrand.

Admire the views of Pointe De Châteaux

It is an amazing place on the island with some of the most beautiful views. If you are looking for inspiration for texts or pictures, it is here. If you go there in late February – early March, you will have the opportunity to see migrating whales during Guadeloupe travelling.

pointe des chateaux during Guadeloupe travelling

Try the coconut sorbet at the market in Saint Anne

Believe me, this delicious coconut sorbet will be your best memory of food in Guadeloupe travelling. Its unique coconut-cinnamon taste will remain on the tongue for a long time.

You will find a lot of coconut sorbets in the supermarkets of Guadeloupe and from private sellers in the markets, but the one can be got only from the woman. She trades in the market on Thursdays at the municipal stadium of St. Anne, at the end to the left of the entrance.

Feed the colorful parrots in the Botanical garden in Deshaies

It is a Botanical garden where you can feel like in a fairyland during your Guadeloupe travelling. A wonderful walk among the fragrant shrubs and flowers, as well as the singing of birds – that’s what awaits tourists.

If you have always wanted to look close a colorful exotic parrot from close range while he’s sitting right on your hand, in this garden you will have the opportunity to do it. Moreover, you can feed him with sugar.

things to do in Guadeloupe travelling - Botanic garden and feeding parrots

Try a free SPA right in the middle of the jungle

A pleasant surprise for all women – you do not need to spend millions on expensive treatments in a luxurious SPA to relax with a natural clay mask on your face! You can do it free during Caribbean travelling.

Next to the Bassin Paradise waterfall, there is a place where you can take a wellness bath in the hot pool.

Swim in the company of turtles and lemon sharks

Diving and parrots are not the only ways to unit with the world of animals during Guadeloupe travelling. The area of the small islands of Petite Terre is a nature reserve and home to huge iguanas, sea turtles and lemon sharks.

things to do in Guadeloupe travelling

You can get to the island by catamaran, and it is best to buy an organized trip for the whole day.

Only here you will have the opportunity to swim in the company of turtles or lemon sharks.

Explore the jungle

The tropical forest of Guadeloupe will certainly make an impression on any Caribbean traveler.

Come here to feel like a jungle hero during your Guadeloupe travelling. Walk barefoot on the wet surface of the earth in the shade of plants and enjoy the scenery, your adventure will be accompanied by the birds singing.

Perhaps you should organize a picnic in the lap of nature and observe the life of exotic animals and birds.

things to do in Guadeloupe - explore the jungle during Caribbean travelling

Have a warm in La Grande Soufriere

I recommend you to go to the village of Basse Terreon in the first day of your Guadeloupe travelling and dip into hot pools there.

This hot springs bath has a wonderful effect on the skin and has a beneficial effect on the treatment of many different diseases. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In addition, hot spring baths have a positive effect on connective tissue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t smell like violets, but it works wonderfully.

In addition, there are excursions to the active La Soufriere volcano. Ascend it, and then relax in the hot springs bath – sounds like a perfect day of holiday adventures during Guadeloupe travelling, isn’t it?

Learn more about the history in Memorial ACTe

The museum and memorial was built on the territory of the former sugar factory on the waterfront Pointe-a-Pitre. It was founded on the initiative of the President of the regional Council of Guadeloupe and the residents themselves.

Memorial ACTe is a place to commemorate the history of human selling and slavery, which lights the most horrific events of colonialism. Here we will find thematic exhibitions, contemporary art and a panoramic garden overlooking the sea. It is worth to know the history of the place you go during Caribbean travelling.

Museum and Memorial ACTe during Guadeloupe travelling

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