Sights of Israel: 5 interesting places

The popularity of Israel among tourists is growing every year. Here comes a large number of pilgrims. However, there is a place for travelers who want to see the sights of Israel. This country is rich in culture and religion, here you will find the most beautiful monuments of architecture and amazing natural phenomens.

In Israel, a person can receive not only spiritual healing, but also physical. Scientists around the world talk about the healing properties of the dead sea.

What are the attractions of Israel you should definitely visit?

Dead sea

In fact, it is a drainless Salt Lake. Its length is 67 km and width is 18 km. This place has always been popular with tourists because of its uniqueness and healing properties. Oddly enough, but the main feature of the sea is its salinity. It is considered to be the saltiest water in the world. Because of the high concentration of salt in the lake water a person cannot drown in it. No matter how you try to dive, you will be constantly pushed to the surface.

The Dead sea coastsalt pillars in the dead sea - interesting sights of israel

On the southern coast of the Salt Lake are thermal springs and puddles of black greasy mud. Their healing properties have been proven long ago and they are often used in the prevention of many diseases.

On the coast you can see the mountains and salt pillars. The most famous mountain is the Sodom (the height of the mountain is 250 meters above sea level). It was formed due to the strongest underground pressure. Now mount Sodom is a huge dome of salt 11 km long and 1.5 km wide. Inside the mountain there are more than a hundred caves with a length of about 20 km.

The air of the Dead sea

The air in the salt sea does not contain any allergens. This is due to the fact that most of the air mass gets here from the Indian ocean, overcoming the hot desert. Therefore, in the air there are no industrial pollution and natural allergens in the form of odors, pollen, garbage.

Evaporating water of the dead sea saturates oxygen with useful minerals and salts, which has a beneficial effect on human health. The greatest benefit of such air is for people with lung disease.

The Bahai gardens

The Bahai World Center is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008. These are amazing gardens on the hillside in Haifa. Through the gardens you can get to the Bahai sanctuary – Baba temple.

Bahai gardens are made in the form of terraces, which are located on both sides of the temple of Baba. In this place you can get for free. However, you need to follow some rules: you cannot talk on the phone, eat and drink. In addition, in the Bahai gardens you will not find shops. This is done deliberately, because there are many pilgrims and shops will only distract them from their difficult path. It’s also a great way to disperse tourists. People will not stay too long in the gardens, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the trees.

Masada Fortress

Masada Fortress – an ancient building near the South-Eastern coast of the Dead sea.  The fortress was built in 37 BC by king Herod I the Great. Now Masada doesn’t look as majestic as in previous centuries. However, it’s worth visiting for two reasons:

  • Its walls offer stunning views of the endless desert;
  • There are many legends composed about the terrible events of the past centuries in the fortress.

The Oasis Of Ein GediThe best sights of Israel are the oasis of Ein Gedi

Now the oasis is considered a reserve and a national Park of Israel. In the vast Judean desert, this small corner of life is able to surprise even the most experienced and seasoned traveler. The oasis is situated on the hill of Tel-Goren close to the gorge of Nahal David.

On the territory of the reserve you can find a variety of species of plants and animals. If you do not like the hustle and bustle of the city, then go Hiking in the oasis of Ein Gedi. Such sights of Israel you will not find anywhere else.

The biblical zoo

The sights of Israel always have a connection with the Christian religion. The local zoo was no exception. You can find it in the district of Marha in West Jerusalem. What is different from any other Israeli zoo? It’s quite simple: this place contains only those animals that were mentioned in the Bible. A walk around the zoo will be a great adventure for you and your children.

The biblical zoo




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