7 reasons to visit Peru

What could be better than relaxing in warm climates with breathtaking views and high mountains? If you think so, then you should visit Peru. This small country is lost somewhere in South America, but it’s still ready to receive guests from all over the world. Long paths with incredible views, high Andes, modern tech cities – all this will not leave you indifferent. What reasons, besides nature, can draw your attention to this amazing country?

Why should you visit Peru?

Nature of Peru

The diversity of the natural landscape in Peru can amaze you. It’s in this state you can enjoy the grandeur of the longest mountain range in the world – the Andes. During the weekend in Peru, you can walk along the many paths that go into the endless jungle. Be careful, because the local forests are full of dangerous animals and insects. Also, here live wild tribes living by the rules of their ancestors: they reject the benefits of civilization, hunt wild animals, wear clothes of natural materials and speak ancient languages. If you don’t like the forest and the mountains close to you, then in Peru you will feel as comfortable as possible. There are winding paths on steep slopes and wide hills. On them you will definitely notice the ancient Inca cities, which are perfectly preserved to our era. So, it will be a great chance to touch the history of an ancient civilization.

Machu Picchu – Inca city

A cultural monument and one of the new 7 wonders of the world. In ancient times it was the capital of the Inca Empire. Before the arrival of the expedition of Columbus, this civilization was considered one of the most developed. Machu Picchu is well preserved to this day. Therefore, you can walk through the surviving streets of the ancient city, look into the houses of its inhabitants and admire the architectural skill of the people who lived in the 12-13 century.

Machu Picchu, which can be seen during a visit to Peru

Machu Picchu

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the deepest Alpine lake. It can be found in the Andes at an altitude of 3812 meters. It’s also considered to be the lake with the largest supply of fresh water in all of South America. There are many legends about the lake. For example, Peruvians believe that at the bottom of Titicaca are huge reserves of treasures of Inca civilization. There are 41 Islands on the lake. The largest of them is Isla del Sol. If you visit Peru, be sure to get to it. It’s home to only 5,000 people. On the island there are no cars and paved road. The main work of local residents – agriculture, fishing, subsistence farming and tourism. But everyday life is not as interesting for a travel fan as the local places of interest:

1.In the village of Yumani there is an unusual building – the Inca staircase. It consists of 206 steps. If you go up the stairs, you can climb to the Central part of the village. And if you follow the legends of the Incas, this way you can come to 3 sacred sources (think of the fountain of youth);

2.Chinkana – the ruins of the ancient city, which served as an educational center for the priests of the Inca civilization. The ruins form a large stone labyrinth that can impress any traveler. Also near the city there is a sacred stone of the Incas, which is considered the beginning of the ancient people;

3.Pilko Kayna is an Inca fortress consisting of 14 rooms. The structure is used as an observation deck from which you can see the island of the moon. Find Pilko Kayna can be close to the Inca stairs which is located in the village of Yumani.

Visit Peru worth from the ruins of Chinkana

The ruins of Chinkana

The Amazon River

The longest famous river originates on the tops of the Andes mountains.  The river is surrounded on both sides by dense jungle, fraught with amazing flora and dangerous fauna. In the river itself you can see crocodiles, piranhas and snakes. If you decide to travel to the Amazon, be sure to contact the professionals with a good boat. It’s quite expensive, but the atmosphere of adventure, the beauty of the jungle and the wild nature of the river will not leave you without impressions for life! Many travelers who decided to visit Peru, ready to spend any money in order to see the majestic river.

The geoglyphs of the Nazca desertgeoglyphs of the Nazca desert

The Peruvian Nazca desert is almost no different from any other desert. However, it has something that excites the imagination of many scientists and travelers. If you look at the desert from a great height, you will find huge rock paintings of animals. Each of them was created more than 3000 years ago. Each drawing has a length of several tens and hundreds of meters. Line drawings of animals made in the form of grooves with a depth of 50 cm and a width of 135 cm Each furrow filled with small white gravel. If you look at the pictures from the ground, it will be difficult for you to understand what it is. However, if you climb high above the ground, you will notice the shape of animals.

No one knows who created these drawings. It is said that the inhabitants of the plateau thus communicated with their gods. In any case, for the sake of such attractions worth visiting Peru.

Peruvian cuisine

During tourism in Peru, many travelers celebrate the extraordinary cuisine that combines Spanish traditions and gastronomic culture of the Inca civilization.  Due to its location in South America, Peruvian cuisine is rich in dishes with lots of seafood, as well as a wide variety of spices.

What is worth a try if you decide to visit Peru?

Grilled guinea pig

grilled guinea pig

  • Seafood and meat dishes. Remember that each meat can be tasted only in a certain part of the southern country. For example, in coastal areas you can easily find fresh seafood. In the cities and towns in the plains delicious beef is cooked. If you dare to conquer the mountain peaks, be sure to order dishes of lamb, pork and llamas. Among the favorites of the tourists was criolla soup (made from beef, vegetables, milk, eggs and noodles). Also, those who decided to visit Peru, often bought Cue. Cue is a braised or roasted Guinea pig. Guinea pig meat does not contain cholesterol and tastes like pig meat. In ancient times the representatives of the rich civilization of the Incas adored have Guinea pigs, considering them a useful delicacy. Don’t forget to try Anticuchos (marinated bull heart kebabs) and Salchipapas (roast with Alpaca sausages with vegetables and different sauces)
  • Desserts. Traditional Peruvian dish is considered empanadas (delicious pies with different fillings). Sweet lovers will definitely appreciate Picarones (air donuts with sweet syrup) and Flan (cakes with milk syrup and thin pancakes with different fillings)
  • Drinks. Due to the fact that Peru is in South America, it is not surprising that there are so many fruits. For lunch, you can always ask for a glass of fresh fruit juice. They make alcohol out of fruit. For example, Pisco Sour (grapefruit brandy) is very popular here. The drink is served with fresh lemon juice and egg white. During a visit to Peru, many travelers like to drink local tea from Calabash (a special container made from dried pumpkin).

Visa in Peru

Peru has no visa regime! Therefore, you can easily visit the southern country without thinking about unnecessary paperwork and spending your money. If you decide to stay in Peru for a few months, nobody will say a word to you.


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