Preparing for a trip. Route, documents and money are the main things to prepare before travelling abroad.

Preparing for a trip organized independently without a travel agency may take some time. Doing things to prepare before travelling abroad may be even longer than the trip itself. Especially if you are a beginner tourist.

But no matter how difficult it may seem in the begin, over time you will do it mostly automatically. Just remember a few things to prepare before travelling and divide your preparing for a trip into stages such as making a route, collecting documents, budgeting and finally packing things.

Below is just a brief step-by-step preparing for a trip guide.

Route planning

To plan a trip, it is useful to make a list of places you want to visit. Then the route map is made accordingly. It must be consistent and logical, so as not to rush from one end of the country or city to another and back.

This can be in electronic version, which you will use during the trip, and a more creative paper version, necessary only in the process of preparing for a trip.

Many people really like to do the things to prepare before travelling abroad. They fix the map to the wall and then pin the locations. Most often these are the places we’ve read about in books or seen in movies. However, these should not be limited, of course.

make a map - preparing for a trip abroad

Broaden your horizons. Why not to put a random pin on the map and go on a real adventure. It will be also useful to read the opinions of other travelers or travel guides. This will allow to find out what else is interesting in the city or country where you are going, and get maximum out of the trip.

But remember, when preparing for a trip, it is important not to overdo it with the number of places you want to see. There is nothing worse than frantic attempts to keep up with the schedule that you have made. It can only spoil the whole experience. Read about it here.

It is better to give up a few places and focus on the remaining ones, than to jump through the country or city and run to a new place every 5 minutes.

So, you made a list of “must-visit” places and marked them on the map. Now let’s start to make the route.

Preparing for a trip add at least 1 day for unexpected circumstances for every week. Because there is always something goes wrong. Widespread traffic jams, breakdowns, flight delays, etc, and you have to be prepared for this. It is worth taking care of that ahead, it is one of the most important things to prep before travelling abroad.

It is also useful to check the prices for accommodation while preparing for a trip. Do not be amiss and pre-plan a hotel room or other type of accommodation. Especially if you are just starting to travel and know that you will not be able to quickly react in an unexpected situation.

make a map - preparing for a trip abroad

Now there are many sites, and the quality of their services is growing. For example, with the lowest prices.

Such careful preparation for a trip with pre-promotional prices, and booked accommodation at the points of the route is really necessary. This will save a lot of money and nerves.

You may have to change your route slightly. For example, in case when it is more profitable to spend the night in a small neighboring town than in the center of your destination town. And this happens quite often.

Documents and safe

It is important to collect all the necessary documents when preparing for a trip. This can be a real quest and take a lot of time. But not always. The list and number of necessary documents depends on where and where you are going.

required documents for preparing for a trip abroad

The list of necessary documents for planning a trip abroad can be found on the websites of the respective embassies.

Insurance is among most important thing to prepare before travelling abroad. You need to get it before each trip, so that such a trivial issue as a toothache does not spoil entire vacation.

Budget and money

money - things to prepare before travelling abroad

In order not to fail with the finances write down all the obvious costs when preparing for a trip. Such as transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment, and then add about 10% for unexpected expenses. Hedging will never be superfluous.

Plus, you probably will want to buy some souvenirs for beloved people. And also to please yourself with all sorts of interesting or tasty things during vacation.

Obviously, but let me remind you of the need to find out what currency is used in the country. Also find out whether it is possible to pay with a card when preparing for a trip.

Also find out where it is more profitable  to withdraw money – in the country of departure or destination.

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