Oahu hiking in Hawaii. 7 gorgeous places to visit in the island.

When we think of Hawaii, we usually imagineparadise beaches and localswith flower garlands around their necks. In fact, this archipelago offers much more: surfing, diving, snorkeling, hiking on rocks, canyons and volcanoes… and all this is surrounded by incredible scenery. Oahu is the heart of Hawaii. An island known as the meeting place. Right here during the Oahu hiking you will find the famous Honolulu, amazing hiking trails, numerous waterfalls, tropical jungles, bamboo forests and the well-known Waikiki beach, over which there rises the volcanic Diamond Head.

Oahu hiking places

Diving with sharks

diving with sharks while Oahu hiking

This is a real entertainment for the bravest Oahu hiking tourists. Here you can often find a tiger shark. Its name it owes because of the spots on the back, which are located on the schemeresembling a tiger.

You can choose from two options. Sharks can be observed inside the cage, which is immersed in the ocean or freely – in this case, there is thespecialist who watchthe behavior ofthepredators under water. The second option is usually snorkeling with a mask and fins. Besides sharks, you can also see dolphins, whales (December to May), turtles, and of course various of fishes.

While you goon the boat to the dive place, the guides tell you about sharks and other sea creatures that can be found here. It is best to book thetrip in advance.

Surf on Waikiki beach

surfing in Waikiki beach while Oahu hiking in Hawaii

Waikiki beach is the most famous beach in Hawaii, as well as one of the most famous tropical beaches in the world. The coast is ideal for surfing due to the shape and size of the waves, especially for beginners. You can easily rent equipment for surfing during Oahu hiking, bodyboarding, Snorkelingand diving. You can also sign up for lessons with experienced instructors in your Oahu hiking travel.

Waikiki, however, is not the place for those who seek peace, tranquility and dislike crowds – the beach is always crowded. But that’s why it offers a rich selection of coastal bars where you can listen to Hawaiian music, watch or even join the local hula dance and drink classic Hawaiian drinks.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a very important place for the history of the United States.

Today, pearl Harbor is still the base of the USN. But, above all, it is a popular place for Oahu hiking tourists. It is better to set aside a whole day to visit these places.

The USS Arizona Memorial marks the memory of the ship that the Japanese sank on the day of the attack, killing 1177 crew members. On its ruins was built a monument-mausoleum, to which Oahu hiking tourists are transported by boat. During the travel touristsalso watch thedocumentary about the attack. Admission is free, but it is better to book it in advance for a fee ($1.5) here.

Pearl Harbour memorial while Oahu hiking in Hawaii

USS Bowfin is a place where you can learnthe history of submarines and enter the Bowfin ship. So you can see its interior, see the conditions in which the soldiers lived. The ship is known for sinking 44 Japanese ships during The World War II.

Battleship Missouri memorial is open to visitors. This warship is in the port of Ford island. It was built at the end of the SecondWorldWar. Its length is 271 meters, which is more than the legendary Titanic.

The Pacific aviation Museum is also located on the island of Ford. It’s worth going theretoo. In the Museum you can see a collection of aircraft during the Second world war, the Korean and Vietnamese wars.

Diamond Head in Oahu hiking trail

Diamond Head while Oahu hiking in Hawaii

Diamond Head is an extinct volcano, located near the Waikiki. It is its most important tourist point.

The name was given in the nineteenth century because of the mistake of the British sailors, who saw the crystals of calcite on the nearby beaches, and thought they werediamonds. Diamond head was recognized as a state monument in Hawaii.

Although the path to the top is almost 1.3 kmlong, it has a good pathand mainlylays on thestairs and throughthetunnels. All the way to the top will take less than an hour. And the reward will be spectacular views of the coast, Honolulu and Waikiki.

Discover the colorful Chinatown in Honolulu

chinatown when Oahu hiking in Hawaii

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. In his Chinese district is the only Royal Palace in the United States. Therefore, we recommend you to go to this colorful Oahu hiking place in the Eastern quarter.

The area was founded by the Chinese, who came to Hawaii to work on sugar plantations. Then they became the sellersand opened shops here.

On Bethel street, the Hawaiian theater center offers a wide range of entertainment – from Vaudeville shows to concerts.  It is also necessary to walk along the street Bethel. There are beautiful art galleries here.

In Cultural Plaza – Cultural square – there are many restaurants and shops with books. You can read the history of the area in the Hawaiian Chinese multicultural Museum and archive.

If someone is reallyinterested in this district, he can book the Chinese Oahu hiking tour. They are organized by the Hawaii heritage center.

Hanauma Bay is a Paradise for scuba divinglovers

Hanauma Bay while Oahu hiking in Hawaii

Hanauma Bay is located in the South-Eastern part of the island. It has an unusual shape, resembling a bowl because of its position in the former volcanic crater.

In the coastal area there are about 400 species of fish, extremely colorful parrots and turtles. The Bay is separated from the endless ocean by slightly rounded shores and coral reefs. This makes Hanauma an ideal place for scuba diving.

Currently the Bay is protected – it belongs tothe national Park. This is a forced measure, oddly enough, because of its popularity during Oahu hiking tours. Even today, despite the charge requiredentrance and the ban on entry on Tuesdays, the beach near the Bay is annually visited by about a million tourists.

At the entrance to the Park there is a Marine educational center. Here tourists watch a 12-minute video telling about the Bay, its inhabitants and the principles of diving among coral reefs.

Stairway to Heaven – Haiku Ladder

Haiku Ladder called Stairway to Heaven while Oahu hiking in Hawaii

Haiku stairs lead to the top of Puu Keahi and Kaho. It is also called the Stairway to Heaven. They were built during the World War II by the USN. It leads to the construction of a secret radio station that was placed at the top. The radio station sent signals to ships operating in the Pacific.

The staircase was originally wooden, latermetal. In the late 1980s, its usingwas banned. Because of the deterioration, they have become dangerous.

In 2002, the staircase was repaired, and in 2015 they were again almost destroyed by the hurricane.

Currently, the fine for entering the stairs has already reached $ 1000. And the area itself is surrounded by barbed wire. However, there are still many people who want to climb.

In the network you can find groups and sites that advocate the repair of stairs and its using n Oahu hiking tours. However, most likely, they will be completely dismantled because of the protests of the local residents.

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