Malibu Wine Hikes

There is an interesting suggestion for those who like the unique balance in their life. A wine wine tour in Malibu is an option to combine sport and alcohol. Besides during it you can learn new interesting things and see magnificent views. It becomes more popular nowadays, although still few people know about it.

What is Malibu Wine Hikes

Malibu Wine Hikes is a hike through the estate of Saddlerock Ranch. There you will see exotic animals as well as learn about the history of the ranch and the vineyards. At the end of it guests are guided to Malibu Wine tasting room for a flight of wine.

It is supposed to be a normal physical activity, which requires effort, but don’t exhaust. Everybody will be able to do this kind of activity.

The way is about 2,5 miles and the hiking time depends on group, its amount and pace. That’s why it is important to put on appropriate clothes and footwear. It must be comfortable and applicable for physical activity.

The hike starts and ends at the ranch. It is in 5 minutes drive from the Malibu Wine tasting place. There are a lot of places to stop during the way to take pictures and to look around the area.

The Saddlerock Ranch

The property has about 90 acres dedicated to viticulture. They grow more than eight different varietals of grapes. Some of them are cabernet, syrah, malbec, sauvignon blanc and mouvedre. On the hike you walk through these rows and groves.

During the hiking you can see and even feed animals due to a chosen kind. For example, at “safari” you can meet Stanley Giraffe, who is really awesome! However Stanley regularly “participate” in the events, organizers assure he remains healthy and is not stressed or overfeeding.

feeding animals at hiking trial

There are many other animals living on the Saddlerock Ranch.On a wine hiking you can also see American bison, zebra, llama, alpaca and a Scottish highland cow.

Another important thing about the wine hiking is visiting the Cave of the Four Horsemen. It is known by a collection of Chumash pictographs. These pictographs are the largest and best-preserved rock art site in the Santa Monica Mountains. What more, it is also the only known site with a depiction of horseback riders along the entire coast of California.

Although the Chumash lived in this area as long as 5,000 years ago, most of the remaining paintings in the Cave of the Four Horsemen are no older than 1500 years and as late as the late 1700s.

Wine Tasting

After some more hiking, it’s time for the way back to Malibu Wines and tasting. In tasting room, you will be treated to a flight of wine tastings. 3 different wines each pour is 2 oz are provided.

glass of wine

Some people bring their own snacks to have with wine. It’s not prohibited.

According to feedback, the wines are great and worth exploring as well. Also, people notice that landscape are incredible and you never see something like that anywhere else. Some like animals most of all.

Often, especially in summer Sunset Performances takes place. And even you are not able for some reason to go hiking, you can attend it. It is an intimate and magical concert as a flight of artists bear their souls. The performance will be curated around the setting of the sun, and like all Flight of Voices concerts it will be a magical, and unforgettable experience.

There are no two identical wine hiking tours. If you still haven’t been at the estate of Saddlerock Ranch you totally should do it. There you find something that will impress you – whether it Is wine, specific activity, maybe landscapes or friendly animals.


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