Hut to hut hiking – take less, walk easy!

As long as tourism developing, there appears more and more comfortable ways for travelling. Thus nowadays everyone can choose a tour or a trail that is appropriate for him. It is also about hiking. Even those who want to go to the mountains and reach its high peaks don’t have to take huge equipment and care through all the route. At least there is no need to take tents. Tourists can go hut to hut hiking and sleep over at tourist points that are offered in various comfort quality rates.

What is hut to hut hiking

In order to create the most comfortable conditions for tourists, a network of mountain huts was created. Their main goal is to give shelter to the traveler, so that they did not waste time on the searching for a place to rest and spending nights.

Hut to hut hiking means that one takes to the tour only a backpack with necessary things like clothes and hygiene items. And the life needs like cooking, sleeping or shower are met at huts on a route. So there is no need to care about pans, pots, warm sleeping bag and campfire to have a meal.

For beginners it is better to go a hut to hut hiking organized by a tour company. In this case one have to pay at once and all the bother about booking huts will be their responsibility along with transport, a guide and choosing a good trail.

teame on hut to hut hiking gathered by a tour firm

If you want to go hut to hut hiking by yourself, you should think about the places in the huts beforehand. It is better to start booking a few months before the trip.

There are also huts with self sercive. This means you stay here and take or cook the food there is and then pay. Payment can be doneby putting cash in the safe or filling the blank that should be put in the same safe. In the second case, you take the copy of the form and later make a Bank transfer to the account. All the prices are indicated in the huts.

Also you can find cost-free huts, but as a rule they are not a good option. For example there is no food there.

Necessary things to take in hut to hut hiking

Document (not always nessesary)

  1. Passport – the one for which the ticket is purchased.
  2. Medical insurance


  1. Sleeping bag. As a rule it is necessary only for tent camping, bur in some huts it is also required. Ask about it your tour manager or when book huts yourself.
  2. Mug. It will be better if you take your own.
  3. Flashlight
  4. Camera
  5. Chargers for camera and phone
  6. Sunglass
  7. Plastic bottle 0.5-1 liter as a jar for water
  8. Thermos is recommended but not necessary
  9. Mosquito repellent
  10. Personal first aid kit in which contain elastic bandage
  11. Towel
  12. Sunscreen and sunlipstick

Appropriate clothes and shoes. Read more about necessary hiking shoes here.

Rules to stay at the hut

Each of the huts has its own rules to stay. But in general, you should know the following points that are actually obvious

  1. Shoes are put off after you enter the hall
  2. People in the same hut respect each other
  3. As a rule, backpacks are left outside the hut, so they do not interfere the rest of other people
  4. Before leaving the hut, you need to clean up the room

Types of hiking huts

Nowadays there is a great variety of “huts”. Some of them are relly “huts” and some more likely to be hotels. All the variants are good and create their own journey atmosphere. Thus, one can choose huts due to its goals and preference.

For example look at the hut on a hiking route to Trolltunga in Norway. The humble hut still has all the conveniences.

hut to hut hiking to Trolltunge in Norway

The hut in the Alps is a real fortress that protects from the frost and cold. Here you can have a rest and warm up.

alps hut on a hiking route

There are modern kinds of huts that are also looking minimalistic. Like the ones in Norway. They are very good organized inside. Pleasant design and functionality. Buildings have a glass wall with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. It allows to enjoy the incredible Scandinavian landscapes without leaving the cozy home.

great comfort at hut to hut hiking in noeway inside hut on hut to hut trail

For those who want maximum comfort, mountain hotel are opened. Hotel Union Oye, which is also in Norway, is one of them.

Hotel Oye as a stop point on hut to hut hiking tour rote

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