How to get ready for Berlin travel

Are you going to go to Berlin travel? This is great because we have a lot of practical information and tips to help you plan the trip to the German capital. Learn how to get to Berlin quickly and cheaply, how to get around the city, where to find accommodation and where you can try typical German cuisine here. Here are al the nessesary information that help to make Berlin travel better and easier.

How to get to Berlin


how to get to Berlin travel

This is probably the fastest way to Berlin. There are two airports in Berlin.  They are about the same distance from the center of Berlin. Besides the current ticket price are almost equal. So the choosing is mostly based on your personal preferences.


It’s a more economical way to get to Berlin. In this case it is necessary to get to Bahnhof Erkner or Lichterfelde Süd station. After that, you can take the train to the city center. Of course, you can also take a bus to Berlin center, but you have to go to the stops. They are close to the stations, so if you have no problems with city orientation and using Google maps, then this is a good option.


how to get to Berlin travel

Whether this kind of transport is good Berlin travel start depends on the starting point. For example, there are special bus tours from different European countries. You can also buy a ticket to the international bus trip to Berlin without travel agencies.


When choosing a car for Berlin travel, remember about the so-called ecological zone in the city center. You can enter this area only with the green sticker on the windshield, which means the car meets German environmental standards. Such sticker can be got after crossing the border at one of the inspection stations if you have the registration certificate, in the state authorities, at some gas stations in Berlin or online (it is best to do it a few days before the departure). The absence of a sticker can result in a fine of 80 euros.

It should be always in the mind that in the Berlin center you have to pay for parking, and the free parking place is not so easy to find.

We arrived in Berlin by car, but lived in the Eastern part of the city (outside the ecological zone), left the car for free on the street, and went to the city only by city transport.

Transport in Berlin

With public transport we can quickly and comfortably get to almost any corner of the city. We can use subways, trains, buses, trams and ferries. Transport network of Berlin is very developed, which makes the Berlin travel for tourists much more easier.

In terms of transport, Berlin is divided into zones

  • zone “A” – the city center, the main one
  • zone “B” – urban areas outside the s-Bahn ring line (trains) to the city border
  •  zone C – outskirts and suburbs of Berlin

A single ticket (valid for 90 minutes from the moment of confirmation and transfer) costs 2.80 euros. If you are planning an active Berlin travel, you should buy a one-day ticket for 7 euros or think of buying Berlin Welcome Card (read below). Children under the age of six can travel free of charge on the transport in Berlin. Also there are discounts available for children between the ages of six and fourteen.

Tip: install the VBB app on your phone, which will help you plan your Berin travel and find the right transport.

Berlin also has a city bike system. This is one of our favorite ways to explore cities. But, unfortunately, the weather in Berlin during our last trip did not allow us to ride a bike. But let’s hope that during your trip the weather will be wonderful.

how to go through Berlin travel

So, if you also like to ride a bike, you can rent bicycles while Berlin travel to get around the city. For example, using nextbike, you will pay 1 Euro for the first half hour and then 1.5 Euro for every next thirty minutes. The maximum cost of renting a bike per day can be no more than 15 euros. By the way, here you can learn how to save on the rent, and listen to music 😉

However, it is not the only bicycle rent company in Berlin. There are several of them, and believe me, there are enough bicycles for tourists and residents.

Berlin Welcome Card

If you are going on Berlin travel for a few days and plan to explore the city with a lot of excursions and eating out, you have to use transport very. So you should think about buying a Berlin Welcome Card, click here to see prices and buy it. With the card, you will be able to use public transport (in the selected area: AB or ABC) for less price while Berlin travel.

In addition, thanks to BWC, children can travel with you. One adult can attach to their card three children between the age of 6 and 14.

You will also get discounts on entrance fees to many attractions, including TV towers, zoos, museums. This discount is especially useful when the weather is cloudy or rainy and you spend a lot of time indoors.

Accommodation in Berlin

Unlike many other capitals of Western Europe, while Berlin travel, you don’t have to worry about not finding a place to spend a night. The capital of Germany offers hostels, hotels and apartments in different price ranges. Searching for accommodation in advance is a chance to find a room near the center with a private bathroom for two people for less than 50 €, although it becomes more difficult in a vocation season.

Where to eat in Berlin

They say that Berlin is the best place for those who love good dishes. Indeed, while Berlin travel you can taste meals of different cuisines from all over the world. There are really a lot of pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants serving dishes from the far corners of the world. So at the Berlin travel go there for a good meal.

where to eat in Berlin travel

It is also worth trying traditional German cuisine. We visited two restaurants in Berlin that serve local dishes and we recommend them to you.

You will taste Bavarian cuisine in Hofbräu (Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 30). This is a huge place that both tourists and resident like. Interior, decor, long wooden tables, serving in traditional Bavarian costumes – all this creates a unique atmosphere. The menu is not so big, but everyone will find something for their taste. Everything is very delicious and high in calories.  Worth a taste!

What is German cuisine famous for? The ubiquitous potato! The famous restaurant Kartoffelkeller (Albrechtstraße 14B) has the menu full of dishes based on potato. And the choice is really huge! It is difficult to decide what to take, because everything sounds delicious.

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