Hiking New Zealand – sights of the South Island

Nature plays a primary role in New Zealand travelling. Lakes of incredible color, fascinating landscapes of fjords, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the contrast of empty beaches and glaciers, framed by the tropical plants can be seen while hiking New Zealand.

For most people New Zealand is a distant land famous because of the scenes from the “Lord of the rings”. There is even some options to see the Lord of the Rings filming locations, including tours.

The Country consists of the two Islands – North and South. The last one is considered to be more beautiful, it has preserved more wild, untouched by human nature. Only 25% of New Zealand’s population live in this part. This is a real Paradise for nature lovers.

Large areas covered with vegetation and lush greenery, majestic mountains here at every step. Lovers of mountain tourism can endlessly walk on different mountain trails, which are there in quite a big number. So surely everyone will find something for himself.

Hiking New Zealand is quite popular, in this country there are really many great things to see. And it’s not only amazing nature, but also the sights. Therefore, in the travel season the accommodation in hotels or campsites is better to book at least a few weeks before.

Mountain hiking in New Zealand

Usually mountain hiking New Zealand last for several days. However, there are many options for a one-day hike. The most famous of them is the trail to the Muller’s Hut. Sometimes it is quite difficult to follow this route, but it worth it. Those who decided to go on this route and did not give up during the journey are rewarded with a great view of mount Сook. It is the highest peak in New Zealand with a height of 3724 m.

mountain hiking new zealand

Mountain hiking New Zealand is also a great way to get to meet unusual Kea’s parrots. The South Island of New Zealand is the only place in the world where these birds live. These wild birds are very intelligent and curious, and sometimes even arrogant. They often choose higher places to sit. Kea are not afraid of tourists and even interested in them. They just hide at the right moment to snatch their food.

The most famous bird in New Zealand is, of course, kiwi. It is a charming symbol of the country, and even the residents call themselves so. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to see and are most active at night.

Travel by car

What is the best way to discover the South Island? The best option is to travel by car. It gives a lot of freedom. This way, we plan the route, what places we want to visit and how long the travel lasts. The roads are mostly empty and picturesque. Winding paths cross the mountains, running along the lakes and the coast of the ocean. It is also easier to travel in capricious weather by car. Of course, you can always spend the night in camping, which there are a lot of, some of them are even free, but camping has only the basic amenities. And as for hostels and the best hotels, they are far from the main natural attractions.

Places to see in the South Island

Christchurch is a remarkable city on the South Island when hiking New Zealand. On its streets you can still see the destruction after the earthquake, although several years have passed since then. Most tourists begin their adventure here on the South Island and follow the route that leads to Queenstown. This city is considered to be a Mecca for extreme sports lovers. Then the journey usually ends in Vanaki, located on the beautiful lake of the same name. Its beauty is definitely worth seeing.

One of the biggest attractions is the Fjordland national Park and Milford Bay, which are often called the “eighth wonder of the world”.

hiking new zealand - national park

There are really a lot of picturesque lakes with crystal clear water. Among them are the Tekapo, Pukaki and Hawea. Lake Matheson, often called the lake of mirror reflection, is also very popular among tourists, because in good and calm weather on its surface you can see the reflection of the snow peaks. Nearby are the Fox Glaciers and the Franz Josef, which, unfortunately, disappear at a high speed.

If anyone wants a change the scenery, he can go from the mountain climate to the North coast of the island, where there is a beautiful but very windy Whariki Beach (known to many as the wallpaper for Windows).

Although the chances to meet the hobbits are small, it’s worth to take a trip on the South Island of New Zealand. This is a fantastic adventure full of unearthly beautiful places. You only need to remember about the need to regularly check the weather forecast (rain can spoil the impression) and take measures against the attack of bloodthirsty mosquitoes – the sprays can help.

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