9 reasons to go hiking Ireland on your next vacation

Do you know, that where the rainbow begins, there is the hidden pot of gold, which is protected by the leprechaun? At least that’s what people believe in Ireland. But no one has ever seen with his own eyes the cherished pot and the one of the little people. Neither people hiking Ireland nor locals.

Ireland is called the green island, and the national color of Ireland is green. This is due to the huge number of plants and forests, creating stunning landscapes and views, which worth to see. But nature is not the only thing Ireland is famous for. There are also less well-known things that hiking Ireland tourists will like.

Cliffs Of Moher

cliffs of Moher during best hikes in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher are one of the main hiking Ireland attractions. You will find them on the Atlantic coast in County Clare. Monumental cliffs have a length of about 8 meters, a height of 120-214 meters. The best observation point is O’brien’s Tower of Ballinalacken Castle.

The most famous part of the rocks for hiking Ireland tourists is near the Hag’s Head. Legend has it that the witch Mal, who fell in love with the Irish hero Kuhulin and chased him across the country. Kuhlen escaped, jumping through the coastal column. Unfortunately, Mal could not jump and died, falling into the abyss of the ocean. They say that on the surface of the water you can see a woman. But the Irish add to see this, you need a lot of imagination and a little Guinness;).

Giants’ Road

Giants' road during walking holidays in Ireland

This is one of the most beautiful places on the UNESCO heritage list. In Antrim County, Northern Ireland, about 40,000 basalt columns were formed as a result of an ancient volcanic eruption. They are close to each other. Most of them is have hexagonal bases. The road of Giants is considered one of the wonders of nature that worth attention of hiking Ireland tourists.

Fish and chips in Galway

hiking Ireland tours in Galway

Do you know one of the Ed Sheeran’s songs – “Galway Girl”? The American singer wrote the song about Galway’s girlfriend, which he can not forget. Perhaps the girl was as unique as this picturesque city on the West coast of Ireland.

The population of Galway is about 80,000 inhabitants. The unique character of the place attracts students and artists who often try to earn here at evening events, playing the harp and guitar. According to locals here in Galway are the best Fish & Chips. So if you are hiking Ireland you should try it.

Blarney Castle

hiking Ireland trips

The medieval castle in Blarney was built in the middle of the fifteenth century. It is located in County Cork. A Stone of Eloquence is built into the walls of the castle. According to legend, if you kiss him while upside down, you will receive the gift of eloquence and persuasion. Even if you don’t need this gift, you should visit the place when hiking Ireland anyway.

The Connemara region

hiking Ireland routes

Connemara is a sparsely populated region in the counties of Galway and Mayo. Oscar Wilde described this land as wild and beautiful. No wonder Connemara national Park prides itself on being one of the most pristine places in the world. There are rocky hills, dark mysterious lakes, green meadows full of sheep. The area is ideal for hiking Ireland and learning its beauty.

Sheep that graze peacefully on the hills of Connemara, have blue, pink or blue-pink spots. And sometimes they are fully colored. Of course, this is not a quirk of nature, but the marks of owners. Local people like to joke that blue means males, pink – females, and sheep with both colors haven’t decided yet.

Irish music in Dingle

hiking Ireland

The people of Ireland say that Dingle is the most Irish city. The port city in Kerry is a Mecca for traditional Irish musicians. They play different instruments here: violin, flute, banjo and drum. In each of the more than 50 pubs they play Irish music. So go in one of them while hiking Ireland to learn the culture.

In Dingle, if the weather is good, go to the Dolphin Fungie, so beloved by Irish people. Fungie loves people and communicate with them.

Burren Park

parks for hiking Ireland

In 1651, a soldier of Cromwell – Ludlow’s said that Burren had “here is not water enough to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him.”. It’s cruel, but it makes sense. What you will find in the Burren primarily are stones. The name itself comes from the Irish Boíreann and means a rock-city.

Why you should go to the Burren? There is an original national Park, where African, Alpine and Mediterranean plants grow nearby. Walking in the Burren, you’ll find purple orchids.

Burren Geopark has many hiking Ireland trails, so you can explore the region on foot or by bike.

The real Guinness in Dublin

Guiness excursion on hiking Ireland

Ireland is probably the only country in the world where most of the souvenirs are related to beer. We are talking about a specific beer. Guinness is a brand known all over the world. Guinness beer brand was invented in the eighteenth century and since then has taken its place not only in the hearts of the Irish, but also among fans of the golden drink around the world. The beer label depicts a harp, which is one of the symbols of Ireland.

In Guinness Store you can buy tickets for the tour. There you will learn about the history of the brewery and find out why pouring beer pints is not so easy. You will gain great knowledge during the tour that is must-visit for hiking Ireland tourists.

Evergreen Killarney Park

The city of Killarney is the beginning of the picturesque ring of Kerry route, the length of which is 179 km. Discover the treasures of the West coast of Ireland: clean beaches, medieval ruins, lakes, rocks, waterfalls … Killarney city is near Killarney national Park, visit it, you will never say that your lawn is green enough again. For example, in Killarney Park there is a picturesque Torc Waterfall. The lucky ones can meet the last herd of deer in Ireland. Here you can also visit the famous residence of Muckross House. This Victorian house is a truly “Royal” place, even Queen Victoria herself s

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