Cheap hostels and Guadeloupe luxury hotels – 9 best places to stay in Guadeloupe with any budget

Planning a trip to Guadeloupe? Then you should take care of booking accommodation in Guadeloupe. We have traveled there many times, so I know some interesting places, and I have something to recommend. In this article I will share my knowledge about Guadeloupe luxury hotels and the level of their service.

Where to stay in Guadeloupe?

What for me and our travel, the little town of Sainte Anne seems to be the best place to stay in Guadeloupe. There are many bus stops, grocery stores and several restaurants nearby. In addition, there are two magnificent beaches: the city beach of St. Anne and the Plage de La Caravelle. So, I would say Sainte Anne is the best town for tourists to stay.

Two more cities which are also good for the purpose are Le Gosier and Deshaies. These are the cities where you will have terrific holidays!

However, the point is that Guadeloupe is rather small island, and we can stay anywhere. The trip to the right place will not take much time, no matter what apartments or hotels you choose. Especially if you are planning to rent a car.

So below you will see a list of the best Guadeloupe luxury hotel hotels.

Guadeloupe luxury hotels with magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea

Résidence Archipel et Savane | Le Gosier

best Guadeloupe luxury hotels

This Guadeloupe luxury hotel in number one on our list. It is situated right near the beach, separated only by a couple of palm trees. There are many rooms with incredible sea views.

The rooms have a balcony and a kitchen. Another plus – a large parking lot next to the hotel, which is important if you rent a car.

There is also an outdoor swimming pool in Residence Archipel et Savane.

Hotel Amaudo | Saint-François

best Guadeloupe luxury hotels

The Guadeloupe luxury hotel is situated in a remote part of the land. But, as already mentioned, with the size of the land and the ability to rent a car, this is not a problem.

One can see breathtaking views of the sea from the windows in the Hotel Amaudo rooms. The rooms there are quite charming and cozy.

Some more great things about the Guadeloupe luxury hotel, are tasty breakfasts (9.4 / 10 is the visitors average review) and a big outdoor pool in the middle.

Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal Guadeloupe | Deshaies

Langley Resort hotel - best Guadeloupe luxury hotels

This Guadeloupe luxury hotel has two accommodation options. In addition to the amazing rooms, you can also enjoy the nice bungalows on the beach. Most of them gives beautiful seascapes, and others offer soothing views of the exotic garden.

The restaurant at Langley Resort Hotel Royal has serves delicious breakfasts. There are also beach bars where you can relax in the second part of the day.

This Guadeloupe luxury hotel is situated near the beautiful Deshaies Botanical Garden.

La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa | Le Gosier

La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa is one of the best Guadeloupe luxury hotels to stay

The Guadeloupe luxury hotel offers all kinds of convenience you can want on vacation. Beautiful rooms, Spa and plenty of relaxation areas, a restaurant offering delicious food, all this you will find in La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa.

There are also a big swimming pool and the Paradise beach nearby.

Morne Paradis | Le Gosier

Morne Paradis is among best Guadeloupe luxury hotels to stay

This Guadeloupe luxury hotel that is a more secluded option.

Private bungalows with kitchen and jacuzzi on the terrace for having good relaxation on holidays. Relax in the whirlpool with a glass of wine watching the sailing boats on the sunset background.

These are the moments that make Morne Paradis one of the best Guadeloupe luxury hotels.

Le Relais du Moulin – Hôtel de Charme & Spa | Saint Anne

Le Relais du Moulin - Hôtel de Charme & Spa is among best Guadeloupe luxury hotels to stay

This Guadeloupe luxury hotel is so good that you won’t want to leave it. Beautiful bungalows and an outdoor pool.

The rooms in the bungalows of the Le Relais du Moulin are really amazing. The good impression of the holidays there will be add with the breakfast that exceeds expectations. And it is not only my opinion, other guests give the same reviews.

In addition, there a tennis court on the hotel territory to make your stay active. Official website – here.

The most budget options for amazing holidays

Fredo Hostel | Morne-à-l’eau

Fredo Hostel to stay in Guadeloupe

This colourful hostel certainly offers a great place for spending holidays for open-minded people. In addition to rooms, common and private, they provide excellent conditions for relaxation in public areas such as bar, barbecue area, swimming pool, sports gym and ping pong. There are all conditions to meet new people and make friends with foreigners!

Fredo also offers surf courses. Therefore, Fredo hostel is the best place to stay in Guadeloupe that make your holidays much more interesting.

Butterfly Hostel | Saint-François

Butterfly Hostel in Saint-François is cheap accommodation in Guadeloupe

One more great place to stay in Guadeloupe. It is the place near the beautiful beach of Raisins in the centre of Saint-Francois. Many tourists come there to stay and take the bus to Pointe de château, where there are scenic hiking trails.

The Butterfly Hostel offers common rooms, spacious seating areas, kitchen and swimming pool. All the things an active traveler needs to be happy can be found there.

Rivière Caz’ | Lamentin

Rivière Caz' is best cheap place to stay in Guadeloupe

This quiet place to stay in Guadeloupe offers private rooms with a kitchen and bathroom in a calm area. The rooms are spacious and bright, which can be rented for a rather little price. Rivière Caz’ is the best place to stay in Guadeloupe for travellers who do not feel comfortable in crowded places.

The hostel is situated near the river and the dense forests surround it. Unit with nature and having rest from the noise for little price!

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