Easter Island travel – journey to the mystery land

Easter island is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places on the planet. This place hasn’t been fully explored yet and is still shrouded in mystery. Easter island travel is quite expensive, it is mainly due to its separate location far from the main part of Chile.

Where is Easter Island situated?

Easter Island is the second (after Tristan da Cunha) most distant place in the world. It is more than 3,600 km away from the Chilean coast which is South America part of the land. Easter Island was created due to seismic activity in the South Pacific Ocean.

How to get to Easter Island

Easter Island travel - how to get

Due to the location of the island, most tourists get to Easter Island by plane. In the international and actually the only airport of Mataveri in Hanga Roa only the aircrafts of LATAM Airlines Group land.

We can also get to Easter Island by ship, boat or other non-trivial way:).

Sights of Easter Island


The purpose of the most tourists’ Easter Island travel is moai statues. These are the stone statues of ancestors, which are almost everywhere. They were made to protect the inhabitants of the village. Interestingly, their average weight is 5 tons and the question of how they were moved around the island and set up remains open. An inexplicable mystery is also why many of the statues were thrown while moving around the island undelivered to their destination. We only know that according to the legend the statues “walked” themselves.

There are 887 Moai on Easter Island, 288 of which are on platforms, and 397 have always remained in the place where they were created – on the slope of the volcano Rano Raraku. The smallest moai has a height of 1.13 meters, and the biggest – 21,60 meters and weighs about 160-180 tons.

moan on Easter Island travel


This ceremonial village is worth visiting during your Easter Island travel. There you can learn the history of the island and civilization, see the restored remains of the temple and the fantastic view from the top of the volcano Rano Kau.

Rano kau volcano during Easter Island travel

Cycling routes

Most Easter Island can be explored by car, but some routes are only accessible by bike or on foot. Both kinds of routes are marked on most of the free maps, including a map that can be get in the park. This is perhaps the most accurate map for Easter Island travel.

Englert Museum

Museum dedicated to the German missionary Sebastian Englert, who came to Easter island in 1935 and had worked here for more than 30 years, until his death. The museum contains rich collections from the history of the island and civilization.

WiFi on the island

Due to the remote location of the island, you shouldn’t expect high-speed Internet in the form of free Wi-Fi. If you need the Internet during your Easter Island travel, it is better to take care of it in advance and check whether there is an Internet connection in the place where you plan to stay.

It makes sense to walk around the city and look for the cafes and restaurants that provide Internet access to their guests. It is not be so easy to find such a place, as Wi-Fi is not a regular thing on the island.

Easter Island travel - holiday tour

Accommodation and overnight

Accommodation for Easter Island travel is not cheap like almost everything here. Although, if you’re already there, you’re probably quite a rich man. So everything is relative and in Hanga Roa, you will find both simple and expensive hostels. However, the largest variety of places to stay you can find in small family pensions / hotels.

While staying at the hotel do not hesitate to contact the reception. They can help to solve the issue with the Internet and with renting a car / bike / scooter. And the prices are much better than at the box office. During our Easter Island travel we also got tickets for the evening show this way.

Getting around Easter Island

The easiest way to explore the island is by renting a car. It should be remembered, however, that no insurance company operates on the island, which means that we pay for any possible damage out of pocket. The cost of renting a car (not with the hotel service) will cost an average of 45 – 60 000 pesos per day. Gasoline is more than 1000 pesos per liter.

Renting a scooter costs half as much, but we haven’t seen anyone move around Easter Island on it.

A good alternative is a bicycle, which is rather cheaper and takes about 10,000 pesos per day. Moreover, part of the routes on Easter Island consider only cycling or walking.

Easter Island travel trails

Prices on Easter Island

Once again about expensiveness of Easter Island travel. Chile, the country of which Easter island belongs to, is quite expensive for living and traveling. But its prices compared to the prices on Easter Island are not so high. Of course, it all depends on the accommodation and where you want to go during you Easter Island travel. But can you can deny interesting excursions and local delicacies when going on a trip, especially when it comes to a mysterious island where you pay for miracles?

Important information

  • When is the best time for Easter Island travel? The warmest month on the island is February and the coldest is July and August. The rainiest month is April.
  • Be sure to bring a sunscreen with a high level of protection (the sun is burning throughout the year), and in the rainy season take waterproof clothing and shoes.
  • Camping is allowed only in designated areas.
  • Under no circumstances you can touch Moai. In 2008, one Finnish tourist … chipped off a piece of moai’s ear. He had to pay a fine of 10,000 euros and to leave the island, and he was forbidden to return here for the next three years. So don’t do it under any circumstances during your Easter Island travel.
  • You can go to/from the airport only by taxi as no buses go to the city from there. However, you can take a walk. Depending on where you are staying it can take from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • The entrance ticket to the national park is 30,000 pesos and can be paid at the airport immediately after landing or in the city. Seeing some of the moais  don’t charge, but without the ticket you will not be able to enter the national park and go to the volcano Rano Raraku, which is one of the most interesting places o

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