Truth and myths about Bali travel – 6 most popular statements

We took 6 popular statements about Bali travel that are discussed on the Internet and found out which of them are true.

Tourists’ impressions of Bali travel are sometimes very opposite. Someone was disappointed – “Everyone wanted to deceive me” or “Dirt, stench and poverty”. Someone, on the contrary, received only positive emotions – “friendly, smiling residents”; “Interesting, amazing culture”; “the best coffee in the world”. These quotes from several blogs show how controversial the idea Bali travel is.

From my experience, I know how tedious such informational dissonance can be for people who read all this to make a decision about their vacation. Especially for those who read information about Bali for the first time, and considered these lands of paradise before, where you can soak up the sand under the sun. Read negative reviews in this case, it’s like to know that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

But such negative reviews are not always objective. Now let’s find out how things with Bali travel really are.

“Awful Bali climate”

Bali travel climate

Weather conditions in Bali depends a lot on the month in which you want to go there. You can meet the opinion of people who will tell you that they went to Bali in winter or spring and the weather was great. However, this is not always the case.

In the dry season (June – September) humidity in Bali is maintained at about 80%. However, it is still more than in many other countries and this should not be surprising. However, the above humidity level is acceptable for most of us. On the contrary, the temperature of about 28 degrees stay constantly during the day, a light breeze from the ocean, cloudless sky and a small amount of rain in the dry season create excellent conditions for relaxing.

A much less pleasant time for Bali travel in the other months. At this time, the relative humidity increases (even up to 100) along with the number of rainy days, which at the same time increases the temperature causes discomfort (but not a threat to life in any case).

Conclusion: myth. Better travel to Bali from June to September.

“Heavenly beaches “

Bali travel beaches

The term “Paradise” can be very relative here, so it is worth clarifying. There are no beaches in Bali where white and fine sand will wait for you to lie down on it in the shade of a palm grove by the sea. So there’s no point looking for them here. Instead, you should think about another place to travel.

However, if at Bali travel you are looking for calm sandy beaches near the ocean, where the water temperature is not less than 26 C degrees, I assure you that you will find them. I will say more – you will have plenty to choose from.

It is worth noting that the water in the ocean, washing the shores of the island, in many places quite restless. For this reason, Bali is loved by surfers, especially the beaches around Uluwatu and Balangan.

Those who travel to Bali should go by boat to Nusa Lembongan, Gili Islands or Lombok. Even the biggest critics of the beaches will not be disappointed in the beautiful turquoise water and the brightest shade of sand in this Indonesia corner.

Conclusion: myth. There are no paradise beaches, but that does not mean that there are no good beaches. In Bali travel you will find beautiful sandy shores and clean, warm water, but if you are looking for places similar to a postcard picture, then go to the nearby Islands – Nusa Lembongan, Gili or Lombok.

“Disgusting food”

Bali travel food

Tastes differ, but, though the Bali kitchen will not please everyone, it can hardly be called “disgusting.” Plus, it is not easy to find a really good traditional Bali cuisine, but after trying it you will be satisfied. Therefore, before your Bali travel, look online for restaurants to eat at, or take the experts’ advice to know a pub with good food near the hotel.

The most characteristic feature of Bali cuisine is its diversity. Nasi goreng, mi goreng, curry dishes, fresh fish and seafood – all washed down with fresh juices in Indonesia, and in Bali in particular.

Conclusion: myth. Before leaving, make a list of places where traditional cuisine is well prepared.

“Dirt, stench and poverty”

Bali travel - garbage and poverty

Yes, it’s dirty and people are poor. Bali travel in these issues is no different from many other exotic destinations. A strong unpleasant smell is also found in the paradise of the Dominican Republic, in the most popular resort of the island – Punta Cana. It is enough to go from the beach to the street to feel the ubiquitous smell of sewage. However, as for Bali travel, everything is quite tolerable, and it does not spoil the overall impression.

Conclusion: true. Before you go to Bali, be mentally prepared for the fact that you are going to a relatively poor region, will see a lot of garbage in places where you do not expect to see it.

“Friendly, smiling residents”

Bali travel - people

Balinese people are very friendly. No wonder Bali is called the island of happiness. Perhaps this is partly due to Hinduism, professed by the Balinese people, which main idea is peace and balance. However, don’t expect everyone to smile at you at every turn. Balinese are just people.

Conclusion: true. In Bali you will meet mostly friendly and peaceful people. But do not relax much, unpleasant people are everywhere.

“The best coffee in the world”

try best coffee during Bali travel

Kopi Luwak is positioned as the best coffee in the world, and also the most expensive. It’s all about the initial “processing” of such coffee. The bottom line is that the beans of this coffee are eaten by musangs, also known as the Asian palm civet. After that, the grains are taken from their excrement, washed, cleaned and roasted. The times before animals lived freely on the plantations and eat only the ripest fruit of the coffee tree. Today, unfortunately, most of these animals are kept in cages and forcibly fed for industrial scale production.

According to experts, the price of such coffee is greatly overstated, and its popularity is justified. Mostly it’s because of the marketing legend, not by the taste itself.

Conclusion: myth. It is worth trying the real Kopi Luwak at least once in your life to make up your own opinion about it. And Bali travel– a great reason.

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