8 night hike beautiful places – best hikes in America

The US is one of those countries, where you hike, and also do it with a tent. There are many places where you can go for a night hike in nature, and in the morning before your just-opened eyes will appear a million-dollar view. And what more- most of these places are free! That is certainly a kind of travelling that can become one of you best hikes in America.

Monument Valley – The View Campground ( Arizona )

Approx. price: $ 20 per tent (current information)

Facilities: Toilets, shower, service booth, even has free Wi-Fi.

Monument Valley night hike best hikes in America

This is the most expensive camping in the entire top of night hikes, but it is really worth the money. It is located in the Valley of Monuments, in Tribal Park, on a slope giving the most famous of all Western area panorama.

The camping has 3 types of accommodation:

  • Campgrounds
  • The view hotel
  • Premium cabins

camping in monument valley night hike best hikes in America

Places for night hike tents are located on the slope. Each has its own room and an area of about 5 square meters.  The car can be parked a few meters away. Each place is located in such a way that you can look at the monuments from the tent. But, of course, the best views are those that are located lower.

On one place can be only one tent (with any number of people). It is better to book a place in advance in the Internet or come to the camp in the morning and ask for availability.

Death valley – emigrant camp ( California )

Death Valley night hike best hikes in America


Facilities: Toilets, drinking water, tables

You can find more information here.

This campsite for night hike is located in the heart of The Death Valley. It is a great way to explore this valley. As the valley is a national Park, it is not allowed to set up tents here. Therefore, you should choose an official camping, where you can spend the night for free. The campsite provides with drinking water and simple bathrooms.

camping in Death Valley night hike best hikes in America

The campsite offers stunning views of the valley. Hikers should get here early.  First, to take the best place, and secondly, not to miss the spectacular sunset.

Please note that in summer it is very hot there, so you need to take a lot of water.

Angel peak BLM ( new Mexico )

angel peaks night hike best hikes in America

Free (BLM zone)

Facilities: toilet, tables

Angel peak is a great night hike place for those who travel from The Monument Valley or Mesa Verde Park towards Santa-Fe or Albuquerque. This free campsite is located on the edge of a desert canyon.  The views to the East and West make a huge impression.

Desert near Oatman ( Arizona )

desert near batman hike best hikes in America

Free (desert)

Facilities: None

There is a great night hike place near the Route 66. It is situated in the Middle of the desert, there is nothing here, but you can stay here and enjoy the views of the desert itself and the Black mountains. In this part the Route 66 is very winding, so it is better to arrive at the place before dark.

The canyon of Colorado river (Arizona)

petrified forest national Park night hike best hikes in America

Free (desert)

Convenience: No

Beautiful location near Petrified forest national Park in Arizona is another place of the night hike travel. You need to get on the gravel road, and go better by car with high suspension. On the edge of the canyon there are many places with beautiful views.

Gilbert Ray Campground, Saguaro Park (Arizona)

saguaro park night hike best hikes in America

Approx. price: $ 10 per tent (without electricity), $ 20 with electricity (current information)

Facilities: bathrooms, shower, drinking water, coffee tables, electricity

saguaro park camping night hike best hikes in America

If you wanted to spend a night in the desert among the giant cactus, you’ve come to the right place. The campsite is located in the Saguaro national Park. There are beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book a place in advance. Here you need to come and take a place. It is not allowed to take pictures.

Camping in the East of Tucson ( Arizona )

Tucson night hike best hikes in America

Free (BLM zone)

Facilities: none

Free camping for a night hike on a hill East of Tucson, surrounded by cactuses. Beautiful rocky landscapes make the travelling to be one of your best hikes in America.

Tucson camping night hike best hikes in America

The BLM near the Great Sand Dunes (Colorado)

Free (BLM zone)

Facilities: none

Large desert area at the foot of the peak Blanca. A great place in the National Park of the Great Sand Dunes.

great sand dunes peak blanca night hike best hikes in America

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