Travel advice – 4 more priceless vacation tips to have good travel

While planning a trip, you can make thousands of mistakes that can lead to ruined vacation. Most of them are done unconsciously. Here are some travel advices or vacation tips for good travel. They work wherever you go.

Keep this list at a hand as a sort travel check list. It will save your time, money and nerves. By adhering to these travel advices, you will get a lot more from trips!

# 1 Travel all year round

Most of us associate vacation with summer period. However, here is the first travel advice – do not limit yourself with one period. In many countries, the best time to travel is spring. Somewhere it is autumn or even winter. So, it’s time to get rid of stereotypes.

travel advice for good travel

The situation differs if you are traveling with children. They have strictly limited spare time for trips – school holidays. Although, they also last a lot – 1-2 weeks. And that may be enough for preparing and going on vacation.

So why not to follow this travel advice and go beyond the usual and discover something new?

In addition, in summer there are a lot of tourists everywhere. As a rule, this is accompanied by high prices, crowds and queues. And in most cases it is absolutely not justified. Visiting many attractions in summer and winter does not make much difference. They can be visited regardless of the season.

# 2 “Non-touristic” places

travel advice for good travel

Do you have a personal list of places where you would like to check in while traveling? Sail on a gondola in Venice, take selfie with the Eiffel tower or explore the Egyptian pyramids. Sounds great.

But concentrating attention on these most popular attractions, you can miss a lot of unique experiences. You can get it only in those places that are not usually in tourist guides.

Leave Parisian cathedrals and restaurants for at least one day during your journey. Why don’t you make the trip special? Why not put flowers on Van Gogh’s grave? Go to a place called Over-Sur-Oise, 35 km from Paris. Here Vincent Van Gogh spent the last 70 days of his life before made the fatal shot.

If we had always followed the guides during our travels, we would never have discovered the hidden waterfalls on Martinique. They are still kept in my heart as one of the most beautiful places.

Just imagine what unusual adventures you can miss following only the recommendations of travel agencies’ brochures. How many amazing and incredible things are hidden in every country!

So, the second travel advice is to explore the area on you own in addition to tourist routes. Set aside at least one day for spontaneous adventures. Ask around local, read blogs, and go for new experiences wherever your heart tells you!

# 3 Overload schedule

Many tourists make the mistake of scoring their vacation schedule. They rigorously plan everything from beginning to end. As a result, there is no time to wander freely around the city. Or just stop, exhale and watch the sunset, which is nowhere else in the world can be seen.

In such a hurry it is simply impossible to feel the moment “here and now” and enjoy the journey. Too busy schedule can ruin vacation depriving it of joy and a sense of celebration.

Follow this travel advice to make good travel, be sure you have free time in your schedule. So you can immerse yourself in the real daily life of this place.

Leave time for doing nothing. You’ve came to have rest! Take the time to drink coffee in a local cafe and feel all its flavors. After all, nowhere in the world you will not feel the same.

travel advice and vacation tips for good travel

Give yourself time to sit on a bench and watch the people who live their lives here. They have their own special culture that is different from yours.

Enjoy all these short moments to explore the place and its life.

There is another good reason to follow the travel advice and leave a free space in your schedule. This will allow you to be more flexible and change plans on the go if necessary. And it will be necessary for sure, because life is unpredictable.

You may have an opportunity that you haven’t even thought of before. Allow yourself a little spontaneity and adventure, let yourself live.

# 4 Overload luggage

travel advice - luggage vacation tips to avoid ruined vacation

The last travel advice sounds like “Don’t take too many things with you!”.  You do not need all this stuff. It can lead to ruined vacation, because it is hard to drag such a large suitcase.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of travel experience to learn to avoid this mistake again and again. To have good travel take only necessary things. And it is better to make a “must-take” sheet in advance or use a ready-made one, so as not to take too much. Because very often even the list of “most necessary” includes a lot of things that are not necessary in fact.

Believe me, getting rid of such a load and following this travel advice next time, you will have a good trip! Now I usually travel only with hand luggage. Memories of how I drag in sweat a heavy suitcase at the airport or from the hotel are still on my mind. That was the reason of my ruined vacation in overall impression for so many times. In addition, every time at such moments, I prayed that the suitcase did not exceed the maximum permissible weight of baggage allowed by the airline.

Following this travel advice you’ll be surprised a) How many things can be put in hand luggage b) How great is a journey with a light bag C) How little you actually need on vacation

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