12 rules to travel in Morocco. Things you need to know before you go to this hot country.

Morocco is a beautiful country! Personally I associate it with warmth and tangerines. However, there are some dangers, especially for tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to know some rules for tourists to travel in Morocco and stay in safe.

Relaxing for a moment when travel in Morocco, you may suddenly find yourself standing in the middle of the road with a snake around your neck, a monkey in your hands and henna tattoos all over your body. And the driver in a car is going right on thinking he is a fury racer. We made a list of rules for tourists that can help to avoid this situation when you travel in Morocco.

Road rules for tourists in Morocco

Road situation in Morocco

Roads, especially in large cities of this country, are a one big traffic jam. All the drivers honking, go on the road as well as beyond it. Most likely you will see an amazing phenomenon of this country – 4 streams of cars on a two-lane road.

Outside the cities, of course, the situation is much calmer. But there things are also not so smooth. You have to watch out for animals running out on the road, careless drivers overtaking on turns, or cows trying to jump out of the moving truck.

traffic rules for tourists to travel in Morocco

In general, I do not recommend to rent a car to move around Morocco.

How to cross the roads

Continuing the theme of traffic, it is worth saying a few words about pedestrians. They have absolutely no rights here. Actually, here we could end the road rules for tourists 😀

I am quite serious – crossing the road here (in the cities) is like a death game. The cars and scooters go on the red light. Sometimes it seems that the drivers, on the contrary, accelerate to crush us.

You have to be very careful when crossing roads. Do not make sudden movements, it does not hurt to attract the attention of the driver and hands to show that you are going and he should allow you to go.

Public transport

Fortunately, not everything is so hopeless. You can go by public transport. It’s not without flaws, but at least it’s safer.

In addition, public transport is very cheap to travel in Morocco. The payment is by cash given to the driver.

Schedule and location of stops can be found in Google Maps by selecting the option “public transport”. Unfortunately, most places do not have normal stops. You just need to check your location with the location of the stop in Google Maps.


taxi to travel in Morocco

Another good thing in the list of rules for tourists is to take taxi. This is probably the best way to get around the cites when travel in Morocco. Of course you won’t find Uber here, but there are other good taxi options. That are, by the way, cheap.

There is nothing free in Morocco

Be careful – you may be forced to buy

Western tourists have spoiled Moroccans, who now want money for literally everything. Don’t be surprised they’ll make you pay if you take a picture of their donkey. Though maybe it was a famous donkey? Or they’ll invite you at home for a cup of tea and then demand payment.

tricks and bargain in Marocco

You need to be careful when travel in Morocco and walk through the streets. Especially in the main square of Jemaa el-Fana, where you can fall for the bait of deceivers. In particular:

  • snake charmers can put a snake around your neck and convince you to take a picture, and then of course require payment
  • you can be handed a monkey and asked for money
  • women who at first seem to just want to say Hello, suddenly grab your hand and, without hesitation, begin to draw a henna tattoo. And guess what? Demand money for their work!
  • pickpockets can easily pull a wallet out of backpack when you’re in the crowd at one of the shows


Moroccans like to bargain, so they inflate prices in their shops and kiosks. You can easily buy an item for less than half of the original price when travel in Morocco. So it makes sense to bargain.

But remember that if you name a summ, you really should be ready to buy the item for the price.

Money and payment

The official currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham. 10 dirhams is about 1 Euro. See current exchange rate here.

what money to use when travel in Morocco

Cashless payments are not very popular here. You can pay by card only at train stations, hotels and some restaurants. Therefore, to travel in Morocco you need to withdraw cash.

This can be done with local ATMs in Morocco. As usual they have no commission or it is small.

Mobile Internet in Morocco

Prices for Internet roaming in Morocco are fantastic. So be sure to buy a SIM card at the airport at least to have mobile Internet. Immediately after boarding and collecting luggage you will find several stands of local operators.

After payment, be sure to activate the SIM card immediately. This is necessary to make sure that the SIM card works. In addition, activation is in Arabic, and setting up the SIM card yourself can be difficult.

What for the quality of services provided by local operators, the Internet works rather good when you travel in Morocco.


Local food

The food is almost the same in every restaurant, so you can go to any. However, some cities have foreign restaurants or fast food cafes.

The most popular dish here is Tajin. These are vegetables with meat, cooked in pottery. When you travel in Morocco the average dinner at a restaurant cost 5-10 euros per person.

try traditional dish Tajini when travel in Morocco


Perhaps this is one of the most important rules for tourists to know when travel in Morocco. You are in a Muslim country, where religious rules are strictly observed. Therefore, you should take them seriously. Women should not go too naked even in hot days.

However, there is a bit of absurdity. Because, at the same time as you may hear unflattering comments about bare knees, you will also meet women sunbathing in bikinis and no one will shout at them.

In any case, it is better not to provoke the locals and cover your elbows and knees.


As a result of the French colonization of Morocco, almost everyone here knows French.

It is great if you speak English, but it is worth learning a few phrases in French and install a French offline dictionary/ translator, because very often the menu in restaurants is only in French.


alcohol in Morocco - where to buy

Alcohol is forbidden by religion here. Therefore, it will be difficult to get it when travel in Morocco. Almost no restaurant and hotel provide alcohol.

However, this does not prevent Moroccans from drinking alcohol at home.

Plus alcohol is available in several Carrefour Markets stores.

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