10 reasons to go to Japan

What do we imagine when we are told about the land of the rising sun? Sushi, anime, sakura blossom and samurai? In this country there are much more interesting places and things that you mightwonder! Enjoy the centuries-old culture, aesthetics of local architecture and the beauty of nature. Today we look at the reasons to go to Japan.

Reasons to go to Japan

Japanese cherry – SakuraHanaman

Sakura is considered one of the most recognizable symbols of Japan. Millions of tourists and locals are sure to devote several hours of their free time to admire the spring flowering of cherry trees. If you are going to Tokyo in the spring, you can read about the best places to review this natural phenomenon.

The Japanese themselves call the process of sakura petals “Hanaman.” Locals put a big philosophical meaning in this concept: “Beauty, like our very life, is fleeting and short. Therefore, it is important not to miss and appreciate the most important thing. ” Just for the sake of this spectacle is already worth to go to Japan!

Technologies of the future

Japan is famous all over the world for its quality of equipment and innovations in robotics. If you want to visit the near future, then you should definitely go to Japan.

Here you can ride a shinkansen. Shinkansen – High-speed sit down railways. These trains are capable of speeds of up to 320 km / h. Shinkansen move in many directions to the most famous places in Japan. The journey by train itself will leave vivid impressions for a lifetime.

In addition to industrial robots and high-speed trains here you can be surprised by a completely household appliance – a printer that prints your photo on coffee crema. If you want to surprise friends and subscribers in the social network, then be sure to order a cup of this coffee.

Nara – the city where the deer live

Nara is the central ancient city in Nara Prefecture. Previously, it was considered the capital of Japan. For this reason, there are so many temples, ancient buildings and other attractions. One of them are spotted deer. In this city they are considered sacred animals.

Now on the territory of Nara there are about 1,200 deer, wandering through the streets of the city and the ruins of ancient temples. For such an attitude towards themselves, the deer have lost their natural fearfulness and are not at all afraid of man. Now horned animals began to behave a little boorish, they can null their noses in your side or backpack, trying to solicit treats. There are shops throughout the city where you can buy special crackers for feeding deer.


Go to Japan for the sake of Onsen

Onsen are thermal springs that are closely related to volcanic activity. Near the hot springs there are special guest houses or hotels. Onsen is surrounded by stones or drinking, so that visitors can comfortably enter the thermal water and occupy a comfortable position. Usually in such guest houses they additionally build baths so that a person can rest after a sauna in warm springs.

Many doctors and therapists say that thermal volcanic water is especially good for health and it’s a good prevention of many diseases. If you have problems with the vessels or skin, then just for the sake of Onsen you should go to Japan.

Japanese street food

Japanese flavor can be traced in the local food. Many dishes use egg or seafood. An interesting Japanese street food is very nourishing, tasty and incredibly beautiful. Each dish is prepared in an unusual way, because of what the process itself turns into a whole show for tourists.

What kind of street food you might like?



  • Takoyaki – dough balls filled with vegetables and octopus. Usually the balls are poured over the sweet sauce and mayonnaise, decorating the whole dish with tuna chips. If you do not like octopus, you can replace it with other ingredients, suffice it to say about this to the cook;
  • Ramen – a large portion of noodles in the broth. Noodles in Japan are considered a traditional dish, like rice. In this case, it is poured thick broth. Eggs, pieces of meat, scrambled eggs, sheets of dried seaweed, vegetables and mushrooms are added to the resulting soup. One such portion can keep your feeling of fullness for a long time!


  • Taiyaki – waffles filled with fish. Many of us love crispy fresh waffles with syrup. The Japanese went further and make waffles with a variety of fillings. It can be whipped cream with jam or something like meat. The shape of the fish helps keeping the filling from flowing out. In addition, it is much more convenient to eat local waffles.

You should go to Japan if you adore gastronomic travels, because even street food can surprise you here!

It is worth go to Japan for the sake of bamboo forestreason to go to Japan - bamboo forest

Sagano Bamboo Forest is located in Kyoto Prefecture. This amazing place looks very majestic, as it is surrounded by numerous city buildings. Tall and durable bamboo trunks create an atmosphere of complete privacy and tranquility. There are practically no other plants here, so nothing can distract you from your own thoughts. An interesting fact: when the weather is windy in the forest, the bamboo stalks begin to bend and bump against each other. The sounds of beats are very deaf, but they are very similar to the sound of Japanese bells.

Mountain Fuji

Mount Fuji is known worldwide and is considered a symbol of the land of the rising sun. In addition, Fuji is an active volcano. It is surrounded by 5 lakes and getting on it is not so easy. Climbing the mountain is allowed only in July and August. Also, you must pay for entrance. You can read more about conquering Fuji in our article.

Mountain Fuji

Mountain Fuji

Park of stones

Ryoanzi – a park of stones that shows us all of Japan. Here, stones of different shapes and sizes symbolize the forest, the ocean and the mountains. If you stand in any place of the garden, you will notice that there will always be only 14 of 15 stones in front of you. Many scientists say that this is a cipher that hides a secret message for the people of Japan. If you like puzzles, then you should go to Japan. Try to reach the truth yourself!

Fresh seafood

Japan – a country surrounded by sea from all sides. Here you can taste the freshest fish in the world. For centuries, japanese have come up with many dishes that have fish. This is where you will find out the taste of real sushi or you can try the kebabs of fried shrimp and squid. Everyone would like to go to Japan, for the sake of these tasty and fresh dishes.

Japanese culture

Japan has existed for several centuries and there is a lot of history in it that will not leave anyone indifferent. Some elements of ancient Japan are perfectly preserved to this day. Here you can learn about the life of emperors, geishas and the Bushido code. Unique traditions and technologies of the land of the rising sun will be able to captivate any tourist.

Japanese prints

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