Tour to the art center of the Angels city (LA)

iLos-Angeles is probably the most controversial city in the United States. There are incredibly high prices on land and property along with worst ecology in the country.

Its name is associated with fame and wealth. And such places as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, which are situated in its area, are known all over the world.

At the same time LA is famous for a large concentration of homeless people and different kinds of freaks.

As Los Angeles is rather big city and couple of days wouldn’t be enough to learn it with your own eyes and legs. It’s better to go hiking for 5 days there in order to fully enjoy it.

There are a lot of information in the internet about places to visit. You can find any tour route according to what you are interested in. We suggest to start tour with taking a look at the center with its interesting places to learn more about the art.

So, put on your sneakers and take a camera and lets go. And don’t forget a bottle of water, as there is hot weather.

The Union Station

The departure point of the hiking is the Union Station. It is interesting for the beautiful Spanish style in which it was made in 1939. The interior was made with stone: the lower part of the walls glows with marble and travertine, the upper with terracotta and ceramic tiles. Spacious yards inside of Union Station are also worth attention. Through them that passengers went to the platforms – and have a snack in the historic restaurant of Harvey House.

By the way, the film “Catch Me If You Can” with DiCaprio was shot there.

The station is a good option if you are seeking for an unusual place to celebrate new year. Every year at the Union Station train station there is hold the Prohibition Party NYE. It is a big theme party in the spirit of the 1920s. All are dressed up as heroes of the “Great Gatsby” and have fun. Many residents of Hollywood consider the Prohibition Party has the most enchanted New Year atmosphere in the city.

Union Station in LA outside during hiking tour in LA Union Station in los-sngeles hike route

Mexican market

Exited with the Union Station go to Olvera Street, where there is a small Mexican market. You can buy various souvenirs, clothes, beautiful leather bags, Mexican sweets and other things. By the way, the prices there are not particularly large. You can just walk through the market and feel the Mexican spirit.

But we have come here not for buyings (well not only). In this market there is the oldest house in Los-Angeles, which has survived to prsent days. This is a house-museum where you can go for free. This is a Mexican house consisting of a courtyard, a stove on the street and the house itself. There you can watch a video with the history of the house, talk to worker and walk around and see how they were used to live.

East Temple street

Next attraction will bring us back to the future. We continue to go to the south part of the city. And when Santa Ana Fwy is crossed, we can see all the results of social development. There are situated Hall of Justice, Country Grand Jury, Federal Court House, General Service Administration, Royal Rederal Building, Child development center and other modern administration services. Of course we won’t enter them, but facades of the buildings and the general sight of East Temple street will impress you!

Court House Los Angeles hike the street

Walt Disney Concert Hall

And it’s a pleasant walk along this street under hot LA sun to our next and the most interesting hiking place– Walt Disney Concert Hall.

It has pronounced futuristic design. The building is a set of forms of different sizes, which seem to be monolithic. Visiting it is certainly a great way to diversify your program of staying in Los -Angeles and see one of the most beautiful fascinating buildings in the USA.

Besides, arriving at an hour and a half before the program you can the welcome events that are usually held before the concert. There guests can taste the best wines, talk with friends and in a good mood move to the hall to enjoy the music.

What more, in daytime, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is also open to the public. Anyone can get here free of charge. In addition – on the roof of the building there is a wonderful park and observation platforms on the city. There, you can also get without any payment.

Walt Disney Concert Hall during the hiking route in LA Walt Disney Concert Hall inside during the hiking trial in LA

The Broad Museum

Now it’s time for one of the most significant contemporary art museums in the USA. The Broad Museum. This unique museum, as it often happens in the USA, was built by the private money. It costed $ 140 million for Eli Brod, another $ 8 million is the price of rent for next 99 years.

The entrance to the museum is absolutely free except some exhibitions and events that carry a separate charge. So why don’t you attend it. It will be interesting to people who like extraordinary and futuristic exhibitions.

The Broad Museum in LA place to visit on hike trial

The Museum of Contemporary Art

On the of other side of the street there is another hiking place that should be visited in Los-Angeles. It is The Museum of Contemporary Art.

The upper floors consist of rooms of different heights. It includes an open area that leads to the main placements. The low floor of the museum is made in the forms of rectangles. All the entire composition of the building consists of geometric shapes. The museum is divided into halls. In each of them there are exhibits of a certain direction.

The museum has a huge collection of art objects, which were created in the period after the Second World War. Basically, there are works in the style of pop art, impressionism and abstractionism.

The museum was included at the top list of the best buildings of this kind.

The Museum of Contemporary art los-angeles place to visit, hike tour

Bradbury Building

The next destination is Bradbury Building. To get there is’s necessary to turn the left along the 3rd West Steet.

This building is so much beautiful! However, it was made in a completely different style, the interior is what attracts to the building. The facade is made in Italian Neo-Renaissance style that was popular at that time. It means the building is made of brown brick, sandstone and some parts are made of terracotta.

The narrow vestibule with a low illumination resembles the narrow Paris alleys. Then it leads into a bright and majestic atrium.Also, it has open elevators, marble staircases and ornate iron railings.

Many films, television shows and music videos have been made here.

Bradbury Building inside, LA trial place

The Last Bookstore

And the final point of this Los-Angeles hiking is “The Last Bookstore”. You can get by moving to the south along the South Spring Street. What is it interesting of?

Firstly, that it is located in the old bank building.

And secondly, this store is stacked with 250 thousand books. An impressive number, right?

In this really cosy place you can find books for every taste – new, old, rare; comics, magazines and even vinyl records. But books there a not only selling, the can be bought, changed and accepted as a gift.

Last Bookstore in Los-Angeles hiking trial place Last Bookdtore in LA, Los sngeles kiking route place

This is the end of our hiking tour in the center of LA. A hungry might appears. Fortunately, as most city center this area has many great places to eat. One block along 5th West Street and turning to the left will lead you to variety of cafes and restaurans for any tate.

If there is no such feeling, you can end the walking with having a rest in the park. There is an amazing one on the other side if thr road where the store located.

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