11 reasons to go to Brazil: the best events and places to stay

Brazil is known for the most beautiful carnivals and the most spectacular football matches. What else is famous for the southern country? Today we will talk about several reasons to go to Brazil!

Why should you go to Brazil?

1. Carnival

Although carnivals are held around the world, Brazil is considered the world capital of carnivals. Every year the carnival in Brazil begins 46 days before Easter, and this is the party for the whole week. During this, each person gets a day off (if you are not working on selling food or beer) to rest and celebrate. Although carnival is celebrated everywhere in Brazil, but Rio de Janeiro is the most famous place in the world for carnivals. Great music, dancers, fireworks and decorations attract millions of tourists from other countries.

Carnival in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil

2. Rain forests

Although tropical forests are located in 9 countries, in Brazil their share is 60%. This is by far the largest and richest set of species on the planet — almost 4 million plant and animal species live in Brazil.

3. Beaches

Along the coastal part of Brazil you will find almost 1,500 beaches to choose from. The 500 islands off the coast of Brazil remain uninhabited, which has preserved their natural beauty. In many places, beaches are a protected habitat for numerous plant and animal species. In most places you can swim and sunbathe easily

4. Copacabana

Although I have already mentioned Brazilian beaches, Copacabana (probably the most famous beach in the world) deserves a separate item. Copacabana has a length of up to 4 kilometers, and the area of ​​the same name inhabits more than 400,000 people, making it one of the most densely populated places in the world. Many cultural and sporting events take place on Copacabana beaches, such as New Year’s Eve or Beach Soccer World Championship. Here are the most famous artists, such as the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Lenny Kravitz. The promenade is full of expensive hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs. Millions of tourists are ready to go to Brazil for the concerts of their favorite musicians.

you should go to brazil for the sake of copacabana


5. Music

Brazilian music is extremely diverse, characterized by a general combination of elements of folklore and modernity. The most famous musical style of Brazil is samba, which is played mainly in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Thanks to the bossa novie, which combines elements of samba and jazz, Brazilian music gained international fame in the 1950s and 1960s.

6. Oru Preto

In Brazil, you will see historical architecture at every turn, as many cities, towns and villages have remained in (almost) unchanged condition since colonial times. Ouro Preto is one such example that has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980 (and was the first such place in Brazil). Gold was once mined nearby, and today tourists come here to see the characteristic architecture of the colonial city in the Baroque style. Many decide to go to Brazil for unusual buildings.

7. Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio

This 38-meter high monument was build on the top of the granite mountain of Corcovado, and from its top there is a stunning view of Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings. The collection of money for the monument, which was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the independence of Brazil, began in 1921. The monument was opened in 1931, and today it is one of the symbols of Rio (and Brazil), known throughout the world.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio


8. Coffee

By the second half of the twentieth century, Brazil was basically the only player on the world coffee market — every year it collected the most grain and could dictate prices. Today, coffee from Brazil occupies 1/3 of the world market, and almost 5 million citizens are engaged in  brokerage or coffee production. Brazilian coffee is usually soft and delicate, with low sourness, and the most popular cafezinho, like espresso, is very strong, with a lot of sugar. Many tourists are ready to go to Brazil for the sake of this strong drink.

9. Brazilian cuisine

Brazilian cuisine is as different as it’s culture. Here you will find wonderful mixes of European and Japanese dishes – from rice to beans, root vegetables and grilled meat. If you are already in Brazil, be sure to visit the street food, where you can taste classic dishes prepared the same way they were cooked in antiquity.

10. Capoeira

It was in Brazil in the 18th and 19th centuries that slaves invented capoeira. It comes from the ritual dances of African tribes, combining their rhythms and characteristic movements. Therefore, if you want to discover the secrets of this martial art from Brazilian masters, buy a ticket today. There are many capoeira schools and academies in Brazil, and many of them promote capoeira for free.

11. Iguazu Falls

Located on the border of the Brazilian-Argentine waterfall is almost 2 km wide and consists of 275 separate rocky steps. The sound of water is heard within a radius of 20 km. Although the waterfall looks impressive throughout the year, it sometimes dies. An interesting fact: in 1978 there was such a huge drought that within 28 days not a drop of water passed through the edge of the cliff.

There are many reasons to go to Brazil. You will surely be able to find something that will interest you. In this amazing country, there is always a sense of celebration and mystery.

Iguazu Falls


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