Machu Picchu hiking – trail to see greatest things

Everyone knows about the Machu Picchu. And probably everyone have ever wanted to visit the mysterious ancient Inca city and go Machu Picchu hiking. But it is even more interesting to get here not just as an ordinary tourist, but to try yourself to come to the ruins of the mysterious city, covered with legends. The city, that lost among the mountains and jungles. And to this purpose go along one of the ways that used by the Incas.

Weather allows to go to Machu Picchu throughout the year. The temperature keeps permanent level. But it should be noticed that the dry season lasts from April to October. And the rainy season – from November to March. But one can see Machu Picchu in the rainy season too. In this order there are just umbrella and raincoat should be taken.

But Machu Picchu not the only monument of the ancient civilization in these areas. Throughout the Urubamba river valley there are archaeological attractions of the Inca era.

Cusco on the Machu Picchu hiking

casco is a good city to visit before Machu Picchu

It is the most popular start point as it is the nearest developed city from transport view.

The city has been the historic capital of the Incas Empire for a long time. Now it is one of the main tourist attractions.

Before start the way towards Machu Picchu there some places should be seen in the city.

Museo Inca

It is also called the archaeological Museum of Cusco. There are artifacts that allow to trace the history of Peru during the pre-Incan civilizations, the great Empire and the colonial period.

The building, which houses the Museum, was built on the site of the Inca Palace in the early XVII century and belonged to Admiral Francisco Aldrete Maldonado.


At the time of the Incas Qorikancha (in Quechua “Golden fence”) was the richest temple. It was built in honor of the sun God Inti. Thus its walls were lined with gold plates inlaid with precious stones. Here that the mummies of the noble Incas were kept. After the conquest, the Spaniards built the Church of Santo Domingo on the ruins of the Temple of the Sun. But fortunately, some parts of the original temple have survived and can be seen today.

Choco Museo

Peru is a producer and exporter of cocoa beans. In 2010, at the main exhibition of chocolate in Paris (Salon du Chocolat) cocoa beans from Peru were recognized as the most fragrant and received a prize.

The chocolate Museum in Cusco provide information about the process of chocolate production and offer to taste the hot and tiled chocolate. The Museum holds master classes on chocolate preparation and organizes trips to cocoa bean plantations.

Choquequirao on the Machu Picchu hiking 

Choquequirao is a point on Machu Picchu hiking trail

Now, when have learn many interesting information, you can go to get to city Machu Picchu by bus.

But if you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the side, you can extend the Machu Picchu hiking trail. In this case you will see fascinating landscapes and sights of the nature. In this case a certain equipment is required to stay nights. As the route will be too long and takes several days.

Choquequiraois the second famous lost city of the Incas. Perfectly preserved ancient monuments are very harmoniously combined with the harsh nature of the Andes. Exploreing all corners of this fortress takes some hours.

Then the route goes along the picturesque trail to the remains of the terraces Pinchinat. This Machu Picchu hiking trail is part of the old Inca Imperial road. Then the long climb goes. The steep green slopes below contrast with the blue-white peaks. Tourists must get over San-Juan Pass along the old gold and silver mines. The hike is famous for its incredible colorful views.

And now hikers can take transport to go to the destination through the Aguas Calientes.

You can stay there for some time in a hotel and have a rest. Because then the main part of Machu Picchu hiking will start.

To enter the Machu Picchu entrance one can go by bus. The tickets to enter should be bought beforehand. The official site sells them or there are two offices in Cusco that do it.

The Incas capital – Machu Picchu

According to the internal planning and other smaller details, archaeologists came to the conclusion that most of these buildings served as warehouses, residences and temples.

Palace buildings are easy to distinguish from ordinary houses. They are perfectly crafted with stone slabs.

Incas worship the Sun God – Inti. And there are several buildings in his honor. For example The Sun Tower

Machu picchu hiking

While walking the city one can notice, there is no fixing tools or material in the walls. It is the amazing feature of Machu Picchu. Incas had built all the constructions that held by their own weight.

In case of earthquakes the Incas left special slits in the masonry during construction, and the walls themselves were built at an angle. These simple actions make a mountain citadel stay for many centuries.

From Machu Picchu on a steep trail one can go at the top of the Huayna Picchu mountain. It gives a beautiful sight of the Urubamba river valley.

At the low of Wayne Picchu there is the Temple of Moon that worths attention.

Machu Picchu with its near area is certainly a place that should be seen with one’s own eyes!

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