Leisure in Vilnius? 10 cool summer events

Are you traveling in Lithuania and want to spend time not only studying the local nature and monuments? Then we invite you to spend a cool leisure in Vilnius, which will leave you a lot of impressions to mind! Choose the right reason for a trip to the capital of Lithuania.

How can you spend your leisure time in Vilnius?

July events

Street Theater Festival SPOT (July 10-14)

What is special about street theaters? So they pass on the street. For the whole 4 days, the old town of Vilnius will turn into a platform for dozens of theaters. At this time, local and foreign artists will show a huge variety of prefers, performances and concerts. Surely you will be able to find your favorite genre. The biggest plus of this event is free! If you didn’t like the production, then just go to another site. The festival of street theaters SPOT will be a great leisure in Vilnius for you and your friends!

Concert by Franz Ferdinand (July 17)

British rockers are ready to shake your dull weekdays! To do this, it is enough to make time on Wednesday evening to get to Vilnius. Tickets are still on sale from 41 euros.

Franz Ferdinand Concert

Festival of Burgers Vilnius Burger Fest 

This annual festival is famous not only among the local population, but also among tourists. The local street food is famous for its unusual taste, so your leisure time in Vilnius will become a real culinary holiday. We advise you to visit this festival, because many burgers you can try only here, because of the desire of chefs to experiment. Local street food is distinguished by its freshness, naturalness and environmental friendliness. Enjoy summer days in Lithuania with a juicy burger on a plate!

leisure in Vilnius - to visit the festival of burgers


Concert Connan Mockasin (August 13)

Connan Tant Hosford is a talented musician, producer and composer from New Zealand. It is difficult to say in what genre or direction he plays his music, however this will be one of the most unusual leisure options in Vilnius. Connan skillfully combines several musical styles, creating something unique. Therefore, it is much more interesting to listen to it live than recording from your player. Tickets for the concert of an unusual musical artist are still on sale. You can buy them at this link. 

Connan Mockasin

Bicycle marathon (August 18)

The annual Lithuanian cycling marathon invites everyone to take part in the summer race. Everyone can take part in the race: starting with small children and ending with the elderly. Amateurs, beginners and professional cyclists are also allowed. This marathon is considered the largest in Lithuania. This event will be a great leisure in Vilnius for you and your family. The organizers offer not only to spend time with benefits, but also to compete for valuable prizes.

Days of the capital (August 30 – September 1)

To complete your free time in Vilnius, stay in the city in the last days of summer. It was at this time that Vilnius began to actively prepare for the holiday. Design fairs with unusual decorations, clothes and shoes appear on the streets. At every step, open dots with delicious street food. You have a unique opportunity to try the local cuisine of the freshest products. Also on local scenes you can see dancers, musicians and actors who are ready to give you a ton of positive emotions!

The most grandiose events of the festival in honor of the “Days of the Capital” are held on the Cathedral Square, Gediminas Avenue and other streets that are nearby. This is where you will find performances by street performers, interesting preference, interactive activities, delicious food and good music.

Days of the capital will be not only a great leisure time in Vilnius, but also a wonderful end to the summer, which will forever remain in your memory!

How else can you spend your leisure time in Vilnius?

If you do not have time to get to any event or you did not like it, then do not rush to get upset and get home. In Vilnius, recently opened a new museum of modern art MO Muziejus. The opening took place on October 18, 2018. The museum has collected more than 5,000 works by local artists. The building is located at Pylimo g. 17. The museum regularly hosts new exhibitions on a variety of subjects, now there is an exhibition “Animal-Human Robot”. Among the thousands of exhibits, you will surely find something that can give you a vivid feeling: sadness, joy, surprise, anger.

In my opinion, this is a great alternative to a failed campaign at a concert or food festival. In addition, a visit to the museum may not be a substitute, but an addition to your leisure in Vilnius. This is only your choice!

Modern Art Museum


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