Japan hiking trail that takes breath – Fuji

These Japan hiking trail is good for all people. Either for those who have never hike mountains and for skilled hiker. It is either for those who have never been in Japan and for those who have already hiked Fuji mountains with this trail. All it because the route is rather easy, but it causes great emotions than nothing to compare. That is why there is a desire to go there again.

Fuji is easy to climb

landscapes during hiking japan mountain Fuji

Many travelers who prefer japan hiking say, that the path to the top of the Fuji mountain is one of the easiest trails. This mountain has been got more often than any other in the world. Every year 300 thousand people climb to it.

Although the Fuji hiking is easy itself, there are gradation of routes difficulties. The Yoshida trail is the easiest and the most popular one to climb Fuji. The length is about 15 km, taking in account the road up and down. But one can also choose Subashiri or Fujinomiya trail. Gotemba trail considered to be the most hard and long. Only professional are recommended.

Time for hiking the Japan mountains

The season when Fuji is open to tourists is quite short. It is only two months in the summer, while the rest of Japan is in unbearable heat. The official season opens in July and closes in mid-September. As there is usually no snow and the weather is rather mild in these month. However even this time the temperature at the highest level of Fuji can drop well below zero.

Open season means the time when mountain huts and other objects are working. The Japan hiking mountains is considered to be hut to hut trail. On the Japan hiking route there are about 20 huts where you can spend the night, get water, use toilet or cook. Besides hut’s owner can stampe a climb wootstick. So that to the end you will have a kind of trophy with lot (or not) of marks. They show the huts where you’ve been.

hut to hut hiking japan mountains

And since October to June only experienced travelers can climb. Because if there is snow on the mountain, appropriate equipment and experience will be required. Besides, hiking the Japan mountains out of season can be dangerous due to the risk of avalanches.

Every year really huge number of tourists rushes to the Japan hiking trail, so that you surrounded by the people practically all the open season time. Especially at weekends and the holiday of o-Bon (August 13-16). It’s better to avoid these periods.

Preparing for the hiking

To enjoy a safe climb to mount Fuji, it is necessary to prepare the proper equipment. The official website recommend to take shoes, clothing, gloves, hat and lantern. Read here how to choose hiking boots.

Before starting the ascent at the fifth mark you need to spend at least an hour on adaptation and warming up. It is recommended to stretch, take a short walk. To prevent dehydration, you should drink water in beforehand.

The lifting starts in a height of about 2,000 meters and takes the whole day. Most travelers prefer to spend the night at one of the various transfer stations in front of the top.

All the lifting lasts two days, as a rule. Theoretically it can be passed within one. But people are not recommended to short the Japan hiking for some reasons. For example, mountain sickness as a result of short time for adaptation. Another one is the height of above sea level and, as a consequence, the air density. This affects the physical state and causes fatigue, which in its turn increases the risk of injury. What more, some people find supposed activity not an easy thing. It is 12 hours of constant walk. And in order to pass with one day it must be even long.

Beauty sights of Fuji mountain

Fuji has a perfect cone form and picturesque nature around. Because of it, it can often be found in photographs and postcards. Not in vain it is considered to be a symbol of Japan. The active volcano is constantly mentioned in Japanese history and literature and is a sacred place for the inhabitants of the country.

It is beautiful at night as well as in daytime. That is way there is practically equal amount of day ad night tourists. Some of them want to meet the sunrise at the start, and some at the end.

sunraise at japan hiking route to fuji

This early morning time the sun breaks through the haze, painted with all the colors of the rainbow. And the nature with its beauty invite to go. If there is no fog, there appears mirrors of mountain lakes.

As long as you go further the nature scape keeps changing. That allows to see many fundamentally different sights during one route. All of which impress a lot.


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