Cinque Terre wine hiking – sunny vineyards, perfect sorts and excursions

Hiking Cinque Terre’s five villages is not the only way to explore its culture. There are another trails that should be passed. Cinque Terre wine hiking is one of the best options for people, who like such kind of travelling.

How did Cinque Terre viniculture start

The vine on the coast of Liguria was first cultivated by the ancient Greek colonists. Soon the local wine was exported in all the MediTerrenean through the ancient port of Luni, which is located near the current city-the port of La Spezia. In the Middle ages, winemaking in the Cinque Terre region has a new rise. The villagers started to use all the free areas for vineyards. Then they created artificial terreces fortified with walls of dry masonry. It was the time, when a distinctive recognizable landscape of “step” rocks began to form. By the beginning of the XIX century, winemaking became the basis of the local economy, aheaded even fishing.

facts on cinque terra wine hiking artificial terreces make "step" rocks form

But in 1920  a trouble happened. This fatal year the local vineyards was completely destroyed by the insects phylloxera. The economic and political crises that followed this along with the world war delayed the revival of local winemaking until the 1970s.

Wine sorts of Cinque Terre wine

In the Cinque Terre region are traditionally cultivated the two white sorts, they are Bosco and Albarola. In the second half of the twentieth century, Vermentino sort was added. That had been already widespread on the coast of neighboring Tuscany.

The biggest fame deservedly has indigenous Bosco. By the way “bosco” translates as forest from Italian. The sort has been known here for several centuries since. According to legend it was found by a local farmer, clearing the abandoned Terrece in the forest.

bosco variety vineyards during the Cinque Terre wine hiking

In addition to the eponymous white wine Cinque Terre, the dessert wine Shackera is also considered to be traditional. Both of these wine are made in the province of La Spezia in the communes of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso and Manarola.

The vine is cultivated everywhere on hard-to-reach rocky slopes with Terreces cut down on them. And all the agricultural work is still carried out manually. The fertile layer on the Terreces is thin and well drained. Under it there are rich sedimentary rocks of ancient marine origin. The vineyards are located at a distance of no more than 5 kilometers from the sea at an altitude of 500-900 meters on the slopes facing South and West. The proximity of the sea and the replete with minerals soil determine the unique taste of the Cinque Terre white wine. Its taste has a special sea freshness and dominant notes of white and yellow fruits, citrus, as well as mineral and salty.

Rules of Cinque Terre dry white wines production suppose useing of at least 40% of the Bosco. Albarola and Vermentino are added there in a total maximum amount of 40%. The dessert (sweet or semi-sweet) wine has the same elementary composition, but the grapes for its production are process with the so-called “appassimento”, that means withering.

Cinque Terre wine hiking trails

So, because of the great history and the unique taste Cinque Terre wine hiking are popular among the tourists who visit the The Ligurian Coast in the north of Italy land . In Manarole there is even the Museum of Sciacchetra. One can not only learn more about the appearance of this sort and the wine made of it, but also taste the amber drink and buy it.

Agricultural Cooperative Society 5 Terre near Manarola offers wine excursions. The winery is located in Groppo, above Manarola. Tourists can include this Cinque Terre wine hiking to their routes. The vineyards are opened for people practically every day except Sundays and holidays. Anyway one can book the time and arrange the time with administration. It should be done at least three days before.

Winery tour duration is about 1 hour. The guide demonstrate and describe the various phases of production and cultivation. Vineyard tours are only for visitors by bus or private car and lasts about 30 minutes.

the guide tells about the processes of winemaking during Cinque Terre wine hiking

Terre di Bargòn also offers a good excursion on request in two options.

The first one requires about 2 hours and a half. There you visit the vineyards on the Bargòn Terreced land. The wine producer explains the processes and answer all the questions. Then in the cantina there is the wine tasting of Sciacchetrà .

Second option 2 is held in the cantina and takes 1 hour. Here the wine producer tells and shows with the help of the videos about the cultivating and producing Sciacchetrà. This time there is the wine tasting with mature goat cheese as a snack.


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