Cinque Terre hiking trails – The Blue Path

There are some ways to explore Cinque Terre that allows to learn about the culture of Italy in general and Cinque Terre in particular. Each of the trail has beautiful landscapes and sights that attract tourists.

The Blue Path

The Blue trail is the most popular one among all the Cinque Terre hiking trails because of its simplicity. In the territory there are many ancient castles, walls and fortifications. Coast of are full of tiny, sometimes hard-to-reach beaches. The trail is divided into four segments and unites all the five towns of the Cinque Terre. Let’s learn each part.

It should be noticed that the trail is partly closed for undefined time. But the restriction is not applied to the free trails and towns themselves will always be open. So tourists must check the current info.

The first part is called the Love Path

It is 2a  that connects Riomaggiore and Manarola. The other name of it is the Via dell’Amore.

This path is only about 1km which means it is brief enough. It appeared in the 20th century, when they built a railway tunnel between these two towns.

Before start you can visit some village attractiveness. For example Castello di Riomaggiore.

Via dell’Amore passes on foot along the mountains. It is very quiet and fascinating trail.The section is in the solid rock, located along the coast. Agave, figs and many other typical representatives of the Mediterranean flora grow on the slopes of the rocks along the trail.

Here is situated the Ente Parco Area Marina Protetta delle Cinque Terre that worth visiting.

The second part

Manarola is a part of The Blue Path Cinque Terre hiking trails

It connects Manarola and Corniglia. The way is 2 km long and requires about 50 min to pass. The section connects Manarola with Corniglia railway station, which is separated from the city by a large high staircase “Lardarina” with 382 steps.

This area is similar in some way to the first one, as it also runs close to the sea.

The third part

Vernazza is a city on The Blue Path Cinque Terre hiking trails

It lays between Corniglia and Vernazza. The 4 km path continues along the numerous vineyards of Corniglia. They have already become almost familiar, because they grow here literally everywhere.

Then the road leads to a green meadow with a very beautiful and soft to touch grass. Here grow various plants like orchids and anemones. Then the stairs lead down, and the trail continues through the Mediterranean grove, passing by the old houses and the ancient watchtower, and finally leads to the very Vernazza. There one can visit the building that has religious meaning. It is Chiesa Di San Pietro which is situated on a kind of separate island or rock.

The fourth part

monterosso al mare is a stop on Cinque Terre hiking trails

It is 2d that connects Vernazza and Monteroso-al-Mare. The final part of the route is the most difficult.

After leaving Vernazza the route leads to the cemetery. Here, the narrow path rises sharply and very quickly gains heigh reaching a level of 150 m above the sea. Then it continues on a very rough terrain and reaches a steep slope, which leads directly to Monterosso. On the path one can see characteristic plants of the Mediterranean. So here you can see the most common plants: oak, strawberry tree, juniper and heath.

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