Hiking in LA on the cinema trail – best places to see in Los Angeles

Hiking in LA is not only a holiday and fun, but also an opportunity to see a lot of interesting places. Sometimes, going to the cities that are of great importance in the film industry, you do not even guess how many attractions you will see during the trip, that have appeared in the movies. Many of them you even have watched. This article provides a list of related to the cinema places in Los Angeles and that you are free to visit. Next time when you see them on the screen again, remember your great vacation and hiking in LA.

Los Angeles is lighthearted, full of sunshine, luxury and cinema. Movie attractions can be meet at every turn, from sunset Boulevard to the White Park. Today we gonna hiking in LA, its west part. This is true both for locations appearing in movies and other attractions associated with the film industry.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

These are the sidewalks along two crossing each other streets. They are Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The streets are very busy. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops, music and people, many of whom are dressed as movie characters hiking in LA through the streets.

On the sidewalks there are more than 2,400 five-pointed stars with the names of famous all over the world personalities, mainly of show business. Under each name there is the emblem characterizing the contribution of a particular individual in the entertainment industry. Motion pictures, television, audio recording and music, radio and theatre.

Hiking in LA Hiking in LA Hiking in LA Hiking in LA Hiking in LA

There are special categories for contributions of another kinds. For example, the “stars” of the police, whose emblem on the star is the exact copy of the LAPD icon. And the “stars” of Los Angeles boutique “Victoria’s Secrets” – their corporate emblem. Astronauts ones on the Hollywood Walk of Fame differ not with the emblems, but with the shape of the figure. It has the shape of the moon. There are the names (Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.) and the date of the first moon landing (July 20, 1969) are written on the moons.

Also, fictional characters like Mickey Mouse and Shrek have their own stars.  Crowds of tourists roam the 2-kilometer Streets to find the desired names.

On the Walk of Fame there appears new stars. On average, the number increases by 20-30 per year.

Hollywood Walk of Fame can also be found in movies. For example, in the movie “Pretty Woman” – one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time, the story takes place in Los Angeles. On this alley Edward meets Vivian.

Chinese Theater

TCL ChineseTheatre when hiking in LA

Hiking in LA on the cinema route we need to stop at the Chinese TheatreTCL – cinema of the 1927. The appearance of the theater resembles Chinese pagodas. The entrance to the theater is “guarded” by a huge dragon and two guard dogs.

Today it holds film premieres, birthdays and parties.

You can remember him in a very warm and family movie “Saving Mr. Banks.” This film recreates the premiere of “Mary Poppins”.

The Chinese Theatre is an important hiking in LA tourists destination. Including the fact that in the concrete pavement on the roadway around there are the prints of the palms, feet, autographs and signs of almost 200 Hollywood celebrities. It is believed that the tradition arose by accident, when one of the actresses accidentally stepped on not frozen cement to look at the building.

Dolby Theatre

Dolby Theatre when hiking in LA

Cross the street from the Chinese Theatre when hiking in LA and you’ll meet the Dolby Theatre (formerly the Kodak Theatre). The theater is located in the shopping and entertainment center. In 2012, Eastman Kodak declared bankruptcy and lost its financial capabilities. Then Dolby Laboratories, Inc. get the right to rent the theater.

Today it offers a variety of performances. Tourists can also see the Dolby Theater from the inside while hiking in LA– it is open to visitors, but it is forbidden to take pictures here. Or you can go to the Dolby Theater for a excursion when hiking in LA to get incredible emotions and at some moments even feel like a star.

But above it all, the Dolby Theater is known throughout the world as the venue for the annual Oscar ceremony.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciencesor A.M.P.A.S., which is the organizer of the award, annually rents the theater a week before the event. While preparining for the ceremony the part of Hollywood Boulevard is fenced off, and the wide staircase leading to the theater is covered with a red carpet. Also a lot of equipment is installed, and kilometers of cables are stretched for making the event.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park when hiking in LA

After the Hollywood Walk of Fame during the hiking in LA you can walk to the Griffith Park. It is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Its area is 16.71 km2. Here people make picnics, do sports, walk.

Griffith Park also appears in movies. For example, in the movie “Rebel without a cause” with James Dean. The touching final match takes place in the Park.

The Hollywood sign

Hollywood Sign when hiking in LA

At the top of the Park is the Griffith Observatory. It is also a “strategic” place, where the Hollywood sign on top of mount Lee is perfectly visible. White inscription with the height of 14 meters and a length of 110 meters was established in 1923. It served as an advertisement for the Hollywoodland housing estate.

In 2010, the plans to demolish the inscription and sell the land for the construction of elite residential complexes were announced. However, eventually the stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Hugh Hefner raised $ 12.5 million and bought the plot, and the inscription remaines staying.

It is now the symbol of Los Angeles and the local world of film and filmmaking. Hollywood sign appeared in dozens of movies, TV series, cartoons and even computer games.

For example, in the film “Life after people” the inscription was shown after 10 years without people. The letter “W” fell off the word and the “D” is almost fell off. In the movie “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” the sign is shown on thebackground of storm clouds. And the main characters find under it the entrance to Hell.

In the 2nd season of “Heroes,” the two characters sit on the letters of the Hollywood sign.

As for the cartoons, in the Simpsons, for example, the sign is parodied. And in their city, where the action takes place, there was the inscription “SPRINGFIELD”. In the cartoon “Shrek” the Hollywood sign is also parodied, and in the fairy land there are the words “FAR FAR AWAY”.

The Hollywood sign attracts attention appearing from behind buildings when you hiking in LA through the streets. The inscription makes an amazing impression on the background of the mountains.

Film studios

Hiking in LA, it is worth visiting the film studios, which offer amazing cinematic attractions. For example Universal studios or Warner Brothers.

You can see exhibits and costumes, movie scenes, and sometimes even feel like a member of a film crew.

Speaking of cinema hiking in LA, it is impossible not to mention the TCM Classic Film Festival.

Arriving at the time of its holding, you can feel the classic Hollywood glamour atmosphere. The range of shown films is wide: from crime dramas to westerns and sentimental ones.

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