Alaska trials

Alaska, the coldest state of the United States, does not have big popularity among tourist. One of the reasons is that getting there is not an easy thing. At least direct flights there is considered to be an exception rather than constancy.


The best starting point for the hiking is Fairbanks. It is the second largest city in the state which is situated in the center of Alaska. Fairbanks’s international airport serves as the most important transportation hub. As communication in Alaska is mainly carried by air.

Fairbanks is very inconspicuous and has no differences with other provincial American city. But there is one place to see in the city – the University of Alaska Museum of the North. There you can learn about the nature, history, people and the development.

The museum building itself allows to appreciate the infinite of modern architecture. Alaska is reflected in its lines – the silhouettes of its mountains, river bends, glaciers and the northern lights.

Alaska tria point

Outside the center of Fairbanks there are the streets that lie through the forest. The mansions of the residents are located on the tree line that offer a magnificent view at the plane landscapes. They recommend to visit Lavelle’s Bistro in Fairbanks. It is known as one of America’s best wine restaurants. It was even included in the American Wine Spectator list. The cellar is really rich with good wine. Another place to visit in Fairbanks before or after visiting the main attractions is the Pump House restaurant. It constitutes a building with old wood decoration and antique ornaments. The restaurant offers steaks and seafood. Here you can get a comprehensive idea of ​​the times of the Gold Rush.

Nature reserves and trials

There are three ways to three natural attractions which are nature reserves in Fairbanks. They are truly worth flying to Alaska. The nature here amazes with its mysticism. The endless expanses of Alaska, where there is nothing for an eye to catch, let ones to fully separat from the rest of the world while going trough this Alaska hiking trial.

Yukon-Charley Rivers National Nature Reserve

The first place to go hiking in Alaska is situated in the southeast of Fairbanks. There was Gold rush in the 19th, when the gold was discovered on the Klondike. Now of course there is no such kind of metal. But for a certain fee, everyone can gets in the role of a prospector, work with a tray and carry with them grains of gold. But mostly travelers are attracted here by the opportunity to make a weekly travel among the banks and mountain forests. Only animals live there on the banks of the river, including huge grizzly bears.

Denali National Park and Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is located in the middle of Alaska and surrounds Mount McKinley. This mountain has the highest peak of North America (6,194 meters above sea level). Unlike the European and Asian mountains, which have graduallygaining altitude, McKinley rushes to the sky among the plains. The cover the mountain. In combination with other plants this give its slopes indescribable colors.

sunset at mount Alaska trial

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Nature Rreserve

The Arctic Gate is the most northern national park of the United States. The first polar glaciers appear here and the environment is generally very harsh. This place is a real challenge for travelers to survive. One has to be brave enough to trip here or claim the mountains. The park offers climbing the Yukon mountain. As for the night stay, in all the parks you can rent something like a hunting lodge. Such lodges are suggested in variety and have different comfortable and equipment qualities.Hiking the Alaska is a great experience. As it has many places to visit and things to see, there are variations of routes. To see and understand the nature in acceptable conditions you can attend these nature reserves and it is the best way to start exploring Alaska.


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