7 good reasons to go to China

China is an amazing country with a thousand-year history. We know a lot about it thanks to movies, books, jokes and products that are distributed throughout the world. However, this country is unique not only by the great Chinese wall or the invention of gunpowder. There are places that you could hardly see on the Internet or on TV. But you just have to see them if you decide to go to China! Today we look at several attractions that you can meet in that eastern country.

Why should you go to China?

1. Hong Kong

This is an amazingly developing city that attracts tourists with its vibrant energetic atmosphere. And at the same time, it perfectly combines the modern with the traditional. Although you will not find here neither ancient nor even colonial architecture, but the construction of Hong Kong is carried out in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. Do not forget to take advantage of the beautiful panorama of one of the tallest skyscrapers, go shopping, try delicious local cuisine in one of the pubs and be sure to go … to the beach!

2. Red Beach

You should go to China for a red beach. It is true that this is not a beach for those who like to lie in the sun, but, of course, for those who are looking for unforgettable views. The only carmine beach in the world is located on the Liaohe River, right at its mouth to the Yellow Sea. These swampy waters are covered with a special type of suede algae. More than 200 species of animals also live here, so some people call the sea “the home of cranes”. Each year, the 26-km reserve area turns into a giant Red Beach. The protected area has infrastructure for tourists. You can get here directly by train from Beijing and Tianjin.

3. Great Wall of China

No need to explain why you need to see the Great Wall of China. If you can see it even from the orbit of the Earth! Its history dates back to the 7th century BC. Once it was the most powerful military building, it was supposed to protect the territory of the Chinese Empire from the barbarians, but also from evil forces. Although traditionally it is said that the wall is “endless”, in fact it is more than two thousand kilometers!

4. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

If you wanted to go to China, then you can not forget about the amazing city founded during the construction of the East China Railway, namely Harbin. Every year the most famous winter festival in the world is organized here – the Ice Sculpture Festival. Cozy winter Harbin turns into a huge ice country. Earlier, during the holiday of the baptism of Christ, Russians living in Harbin raised crosses forged from ice in honor of the holiday. Over time, other sculptures were built around the crosses. Today the holiday has lost its religious character, but attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of the sculptures can be seen on the island of the sun. They are organized in several main themes, so some of them resemble the best works of world architecture and others take visitors to a fairy tale. Ice slides, saunas and, of course, ski resorts are also a great attraction in the territory of Harbin.

5. Gateway to heavenGateway to heaven

Low mountains Tianmen, located in the national park of the same name in the Chinese province of Hunan, hide the highest grotto in the world: the gate to paradise. Its depth is 1520 meters, but to get into it you need to overcome 999 degrees without rest! The alternative is to buy a ticket to the highest place in the world: Tianmen Shan. Its height is 1279 m!

6. Cruise through the ancient Fenghuang

Previously, it was about the grotto in Hunan, now it’s time the most beautiful city in China – Fenghuang. This is a real gem! Located between the mountains, the city hides the well-preserved ancient architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The best idea for sightseeing is a boat ride. Many tourists want to go to China for this amazing place.

7. Rice terraces

What would be China without a rice? Scary to think. Fortunately, the Yuanyang region is still known all over the world for its stunning views of the rice fields. Although the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and every year attracts crowds of tourists, it still retains its character and authenticity: as if there were never any other people besides farmers. Terraces – the work of the local ethnos Khania. They were formed about 1000 years ago at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level!

Going to China is worthwhile to look at the rice terraces


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