Places to visit on a whiskey tour in Dublin. 3 best places to meet Irish whiskey.

Dublin, the capital and largest city in Ireland. This city is more and more often chosen as a place for recreation and for active tourism. As a rule, tourists admire the beautiful city center of Dublin, its pubs with live music, many monuments and nearby nature. Well these places are really worth going to Dublin. But local whisky is another thing Ireland is famous for. It is an integral part of their culture. You can buy a tour, specialized in tasting the drink and its study, or you can make your route for whiskey tour in Dublin.

Temple Bar area

Not to taste the local booze going in Ireland would be a crime. Not go to a bar going in Dublin is even worse.

visit Temple Bar and its area on whiskey tour in Dublin

Be sure to visit the Temple Bar and the bars in its area during your whiskey tour in Dublin. This is one of the best places for tourists to see in Dublin. Why? Museums – it’s great and wonderful, but do not miss the opportunity to join the local culture and learn what it’s like in fact.

Where else can it be done if not in bars? Only here you can find real Irish visitors, bartenders. Only here you will try exactly what Dubliners drink. Taste the real Irish whiskey with no flatter and glamour brands.

Moreover, in the Temple Bar area you will not only find the best Dublin bars, but also great live music. It is worth visit the Temple Bar in the evening, when there are great live concerts. The concerts can be heard in any other pub, but we recommend you to visit those in the Temple Bar. There is very good music and its cozy atmosphere.

Although during the whiskey tour in Dublin our goal is to know more about the beverage, its history and culture, do not miss the opportunity to have dinner in the Temple Bar area. There are amazing restaurants here. However, if visiting restaurants do not fit into your program – that’s okay. You will find delicious local dishes in any bar.

Then you can take a break from the concept of the whiskey tour in Dublin and appreciate the unique architecture of the Temple Bar area. Feel free to go for a walk along the cobblestone streets. Apartment buildings painted in red and yellow colors will delight your eyes. This colorful area is usually the place depicted on postcards, here are made the most successful photos of the city.

Jameson Distillery on Bow St.

Jameson Distillery must be visited on whiskey tour in Dublin

We’ve already wrote you must visit Guinness Museum in Dublin, going on a tour of Ireland.

visit Guiness Museum in Ireland on whiskey tour in Dublin

It’s a great place. But to study the history and culture of whiskey, we go to the whiskey Jameson factory. In fact, it doesn’t work now, but it is more of a Museum or a nice bar.

As you know, the history of Ireland, particularly Dublin, is closely related to alcohol. In addition, Dublin has long been the alcoholic capital of the British Empire. Here, in the 18th century, whiskey was made, and the most famous Irish whiskey factory – Jameson – was built. It had been situated here, on Bow street for many years.

Today, in Jameson distillery you can significantly increase your knowledge about this amber drink, going here during a whiskey tour in Dublin. You can also book this place for events.

Jameson Distillery museum interior

The old Jameson Distillery also offers guided tours. The tour is conducted in a fun and interactive way.

It takes place in several rooms, where the guide tells a lot of interesting and informative facts about the history of the country and winemaking. In the last room whiskey tastings are held. Here we compare 3 types of whiskey. Thanks to this, we begin to distinguish the taste of different whiskey and feel it more flavors, come to understand why it is more than just alcohol.

On the old Jameson Distillery toursa lot of attention is paid to interactive and tasting.  They do involve each participant of the trip to do something and try. During the tour we get not only knowledge, but also real experience – we listen, look, smell and taste.

tasting whiskey in Jameson Distillery on whiskey tour in Dublin

The price of the excursions from 17 euros.

The ticket price includes a gift. Each participant receives the drink at the end of the visit, a very nice bonus.

During our whisky tour in Dublin we also decided to visit this place. On the tour we tried a great drink Ginger & Lime. It is the drink of whiskey (Jameson of course) and Schweppes Ginger Ale.

Recipe for those interested:

  • 50 ml whiskey Jameson
  • 150 ml Schweppes Ginger Ale
  • Large slice of lime
  • Large glass with ice

Pour Jameson whiskey into a glass with ice, add the Schweppes, mix slightly. Squeeze some lime juice and add the piece to a glass. Bon appetit!

tasting Irish whiskey with lime and Schweppes on tasting whiskey in Jameson Distillery on whiskey tour in Dublin

The former Jameson Distillery has a lot of interesting options of excursions impropriety that you can check here.

And, of course, their doors are always open for those who decided to just go in, have a drink and see another interesting element of the whole Irish culture.

The Church Café, Bar & Restaurant

Church Bar and Restaurant during tasting whiskey in Jameson Distillery on whiskey tour in Dublin

It’s a truly amazing place to visit going on a whisky tour in Dublin. It combines the spirit of religion, with its restraint and fasting, and alcohol.

It is the former Church of St. Mary of the eighteenth century. In the 20th century it ceased to be used due to the depopulation of Dublin city center.

Until 2007, the Church stood empty, after which the religious significance of the building was devalued. After this desacralisation it turned it into a restaurant.

Today you can dine here or have a drink on a whisky tour in Dublin. The Church Café, Bar & Restaurant worths visiting to admire the historical organs and the incredible beauty of stained glass.

Admission is free, but you’re better order a drink and sit in the bar. You can also climb the spiral staircase and admire the place from a wider angle.

Church Bar and Restaurant during tasting whiskey in Jameson Distillery on whiskey tour in Dublin Church Bar and Restaurant during tasting whiskey in Jameson Distillery on whiskey tour in Dublin

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