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Toledo is a city in Central Spain, situated about 70 km to the south of Madrid. Not so far, so when you come to Madrid, you should go here to see Toledo attractions.

A few words about the city. This is a well-known tourist center, as well as the residence place of the highest spiritual authorities. So it is not surprising that there are many buildings of religious significance, and their architecture – one of the most precious gems of Spanish culture. Many famous people and artists were born or lived in Toledo, including Al-Zarkali,  Garcilaso de la Vega, Eleonora z Toledo, Alfons X Mądry and El Greco.

Toldeo sights tour

toledo attractions listLet’s start our trip to Toledo with the well-preserved Train Station of Estación del Ferrocarril. The highlight of the building is, of course, the clock tower. However, the interior design – stained glass windows and the beautiful waiting room fascinate no less.

It is convenient that right in front of the station there are tourist buses and taxi. However, most people prefer to walk in the direction of the city. And this is a really good option. On the way to the city you can admire the beautiful sceneries and see the Toledo attractions.

If you are also attuned to the hiking in Toledo, go to the bridge Puente de Azarquiel to enter the city from the station.

Start exploring the city itself with the Cathedral Primada Santa María de Toledo. It is the most significant gothic building in Spain after the Burgos Cathedral. The Cathedral was built in 1227-1493, during the Moorish reign it turned into a mosque. On the facades you can see the influence of French gothic.

Cathedral Primada Santa María de Toledo is amobg Toledo attractions

Tickets to this Toledo attraction can be purchased at the gift shop. You can also rent a video guide, but in this case, you must give a document with a photo as a deposit. The Cathedral is the most popular Toledo attraction, so you need to be patient. Tourists have to stand in line at the box office to buy a ticket. Visiting the Cathedral usually takes about 1 hour. This time passes very quickly, because the building is quite interesting.

The list of Toledo attractions

Here are some of the Toledo attractions that are recommended by travelers:

Alcázar de Toledo – Military Museum. The fortress of the eleventh century, built at the highest point of the city in accordance with the peculiarities of the Charles V times. During the siege in 1936, it was completely destroyed, and after the war restored. Since 2010, the building has been used as a Military Museum.

Toledo attractions - Alcázar de Toledo – Military Museum.

Castillo de San Servando is another Toledo attraction. It is a medieval castle on the eastern shore of Tahoe. During its history, the castle served as a monastery and had military significance, and was reconstructed more than once. After the reconstruction in 1959, it served as an educational institution, now there are courses and conferences.

places to see in Spain - Toledo attractions

In addition to the monasteries there are palaces to see in Toledo, including the Palacio de Fuensalida, the fifteenth century Archbishop’s Palace 16th-17th centuries; the Palacio de Galiana XIII in the mudéjar style; the town hall of the seventeenth century.

  •  Hospital Tavera – Museum of the Duke de Lerma of the 16th century in the Renaissance style;
  • Ruins of Roman and medieval buildings, including the gate: Puerta Vieja de Bisagra of the 11th century, Puerta Nuevade de Bisagra of the 16th century, Puerta del Sol of the 14th century, Puerta del Cambrone and of the XVI century;
  • Bridges, among others Puente de Alcantara build in the ninth century;
  • •Museums: The Museum of Santa Cruz, the former Renaissance hospital of the XVI century, the second most important (after the Prado in Madrid), Museo Tesoro Catedralicio;
  • El Greco Museum, a noble residence of the XIV-XV centuries, the house of El Greco; it has paintings of artists from the school of Velázquez and Murillo
  • The Sephardic Museum with findings of Roman and Visigoths times.

As you can see, the list of Toledo attractions is long and it can be infinitely supplemented. However, it is impossible to see everything, especially since a person is not a machine and needs to eat and drink. Fortunately, Toledo is full of places to eat well and have tasty dishes. Traditional Spanish cuisine, so to say, a separate attraction.

ehere to eat hiking Toledo attractionsAmong the restaurants of Toledo can be distinguished Taberna el Botero – a cozy place with its atmosphere and a variety of options to choose in the bar. The dishes here are as delicious as their presentation is beautiful.

The Restaurante Taberna El Gallo Toledo is also worth a look – the interior and the kitchen will not leave you indifferent.


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