Things to see in Tucson – 4 great places for Arizona travel

Arizona travel was the last point of our American tour. We left it as the culmination of our trip to the United States. In Tucson, we decided stop for a long time to have fun and enjoy all the pleasures of life in the desert.There are lot of places to see in Tucson, especially in the South. Soaring mountains, rocky gorges, Santa Catalina mountains, unusual cacti, unique plants and animals of the Sonora desert one can see in Tucson.

Arizona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful States we’ve seen. The richness of its nature is really impressive, and you cannot give up walking in such a bright environment and climbing in the national Park of Saguaro. When we think or hear about Arizona, most often the imagines of fearless John Wayne or the harsh Clint Eastwood in the beautiful wilderness come to mind. It is the place, the land of millions of cactuses, were filmed most wester films.

I invite you on a little Arizona travel in this article. Here I will talk about our experiences and the most beautiful places to see in Tucson.

Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon is a huge recreational complex with many beautiful hiking trails of varying complexity degrees. Therefore, if you like adventure, this place is perfect for your Arizona travel.

If you are planning Arizona travel with young children, or are going to run and ride a bike, I recommend choosing Sabino Tram Road. This trail is a 12 km asphalt road. It is also the main route here. It will be a pleasant walk surrounded by beautiful mountains and cacti in the background.

Sabino Tram Road is place to see in Tucson travel - Arizona hiking

The most beautiful part of Sabino Canyon is the Seven Falls. This 7 km route is unfortunately one of the busiest in Tucson. Therefore, it won’t be a quiet walk. The Seven falls is the trail of moderate difficulty. It offers spectacular views of the canyon and beautiful waterfalls. So this is definitely a place to see in Tucson.

Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon - Arizona attractions - Tucson travel

I also recommend the Bear Canyon Overlook Picnic Area and trail to all the brave tourists during their Tucson travel. This 14 km route is a wonderful hike. Walking here, you can admire soaring mountains, deep canyons and unique plants. The trail is quite difficult because of the steep slopes. So, when choosing this option during your Tucson travel, think about a good trekking shoes.

Bear Canyon is another Arizona attraction to see in Tucson travel

If you don’t like the tedious mountain climbing in Sabino Canyon and you just came to see in Tucason its scenery and admire its nature, you can stop anywhere and have a picnic.

Mount Lemmon

This is an amazing and  beautiful place to see in Tucson. On the slope of mount Lemmon, closer to its top, the charming town of Summerhaven is situated. There many Americans have their winter residence.

You will find a chair lift, restaurants and souvenir shops there. In winter, you can even go skiing and enjoy the beauty of this year time.

The biggest attraction of mount Lemmon is the highway leading to the top. The famous Catalina Highway, also called the Lemmon highway, leads through the Santa Catalina mountains from East Tucson to Summerhaven.

Catalina Hightway on Lemmon Mount is Arizona nature attraction to see in Tucson travel

It is a winding road surrounded by beautiful scenery is a favorite route of tourists and locals fleeing the summer heat. Stunning views and viewing platforms makes it another place to see in Tuscan that attracts not only tourists, but also photographers and artists.

Ventana Canyon Trailhead

Ventana Canyon Trailhead in Arizona travel - places to see during Tucson travel

Ventana Canyon Trailhead is one of the most beautiful canyons of Santa Catalina, which you can see while Tucson travel. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least visited places to see in Tucson. The main reason is that there are many steep and rocky areas.

“Vantana” means “window” in Spanish. The window in this case is a hole of 460 by 760 cm in the solid rock of Santa Catalina.

The route goes up the canyon Ventana and leads to the “window”. During the ascent, you should sometimes stop to see nature beauty.

the window in Ventana Canyon Trailhead - Arizona attractionsthe window in Ventana Canyon Trailhead - Arizona attractions

Sonora Desert Museum

Even if you are one of those people who fall into depression and melancholy at the word “museum”, you should not avoid this place during your Tucson travel. Coming here, you will be pleasantly surprised. This place to see in Tucson doesn’t match the usual definition of a museum. I’d rather call it a nature reserve.

Sonora Desert Museum is Arizona attraction - places to see in Tucson travel

Sonora Desert Museum is located in the heart of the desert. This natural complex is home to many animals and plants. They live here in their natural habitat.

In addition, we can visit numerous exhibitions, where, for example, talk about minerals and stones, gardens with various cactuses or underground caves.

Only here you can touch the oldest stone and a fragment of a meteorite that is older than the earth itself. It also hosts exhibitions on the history of Tucson, desert flora and fauna, or other attractions.

This is a great place to see in Tucson to get geographical lessons and learn more about the culture of the local population.

During Tucson travel, in particular the Sonora Desert, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many species of animals that live here. These are wild animals like coyotes, hares, foxes and beautiful colorful birds. However, even if you can’t see them in their natural environment while walking on tourist routes, you can admire them here in Sonora Desert Museum. Animals are not enclosed in cages, they live in a natural environment among stones and cactuses.

If you’ll get here in the Museum during Tucson travel, be sure to stroll through the cactus garden. There are an incredible number of this plants and they are so huge! Tucson travel gives the opportunity to see many cactuses, but only the Sonora Desert Museum gives valuable botany lessons while you see the plants. At least you’ll know what cacti you’ve seen.

animals and plants - Sonora Desert Museum is best place to see in Tucson travel animals and plants - Sonora Desert Museum is best place to see in Tucson travel animals and plants - Sonora Desert Museum is best place to see in Tucson travel animals and plants - Sonora Desert Museum is best place to see in Tucson travel animals and plants - Sonora Desert Museum is best place to see in Tucson travel

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