3 most famous skyscrapers in New York you should visit

New Yok is a modern city. It has always been one of the most developed and busies centers in the world. That is why it is also one of the first towns where skyscrapers were started to build. This article is about the three most famouse skyscrapers in New York.

Chrysler Building

It is an icon and symbol of New York.

Chyrisler Building among skyscrapers in New York

Chrysler Building has adorned the city skyline for many years. In 1920-e years there was active building up of skyscrapers in New York. The corporations wanted to excel, wanted their buildings to be the tallest and reach the sky. This race for the name of the tallest skyscraper took place not only in New York, but all over the world. And once the Chrysler Building won it. But after 11 months it gave this title to the Empire state building.

In 1928 Walter P. Chrysler an automotive industry giant, announced that he wanted to build a skyscraper in Manhattan, where he would move his company’s headquarters from Detroit. However, Chrysler was the initiator of the building construction. He just bought a $ 2.5 million project from William Reynolds, an entertainment businessman.

The task was set- to make the tallest building in the world using the best materials, without any restrictions on the project. In the 1930s, the technology made it possible to quickly build high-rise buildings. Therefore, in the autumn of 1928 the Chrysler Building grew with staggering speed of 4 floors per week.

In the summer of 1929, the tallest building in the world was completed. The Chrysler Building was 68 floors and a height of 246 meters, so it seemed there are no problems with getting the title of the highest building.

However, as much as Walter P. Chrysler wanted the build the tallest skyscrapers in New York and in the world, the owners of the Bank of Manhattan Trust building wanted it. A few weeks later, the owners of the Bank changed their plans and announced that their project would reach 256 meters. But Chrysler wasn’t going to give up. And at the end of the autumn of 1929, his building had more than 70 floors, and there were rumors that on top of it should be an 18-meter spire. How did the owners of the Bank react? They said they would install a 24-meter spire on their building.

Then Walter Chrysler and William van Allen (designer of the project, the Chrysler building) has developed the plan that would finally finish the race. Van Allen proposed to build a 50-meter top in the form of an ascending pyramid. To guarantee the victory in the race for the tallest building title, they keep the features of its construction in a secret. In the morning of October 29, 1929 the building was completed in the final version. The whole operation lasted only 90 minutes. The Chrysler Building reached a height of 318 meters and became the tallest in the world.

Unfortunately, the achievement that should become a symbol of the American economy power was almost unnoticed. The same time, when the Chrysler Building was finally completed, there was another event that had global importance. It’s Black Thursday, the day of the Stock Market Crash on the Wall Street and the beginning of the great depression.

The title of the tallest building in the world was lost already on the 11th month of existence. It received another symbol of New York – the Empire State Building. However, despite this, the Chrysler Building continues to attract with its architecture and legends around it.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the largest skyscrapers in New York and in the United States one should visit. The panorama of the city seen from there will stay in the heart forever!

Empire State Building among skyscrapers in New York

Empire State Building got its name from the unofficial name of the New York state – Empire State. The building was built in the city New York in 1931. Its height is 449 m, it has 103 floors. The building is made in the Art Deco style, has a classic facade and a characteristic spire. From the moment of finishing the building to 1973, it was the tallest building in New York.

Now the Empire building serves mainly as an office building. However, it is also important tourist point.

The visitors can visit the five floors in the Empire State Building:

  • 1st floor – lobby;
  • 2nd floor – exhibition hall;
  • 80 floor – exhibition hall;
  • 86th floor – main observation deck;
  • 102 floor – upper observation deck.

Already in the hall of the building you can admire the unique skill of designers. Immediately at the entrance near the elevators you can learn about the details of the building and its construction, as well as many interesting facts (for example, how many bulbs, windows, cables, etc.).

Of course we could not pass by this important information and carefully studied the stand. We inform you – the total length of the electrical wiring in the building is about 692 km, there are also 112 km of water pipes, 1060 miles of telephone cables, 6514 Windows and 3194547 bulbs.

It’s better to plan visiting the Empire State Building at a nice cloudless day, then from the observation deck you can see about 80 miles far. In bad weather, the view from the observation decks of the skyscraper can be impossible because of fog.

You must buy tickets before entering. The main observation deck on the 86th floor costs 38 dollars, children’s ticket – 32 dollars, elderly people will cost 36 dollars. (Current information here). Tickets should be bought in advance on the website. This avoids long queues at the entrance.

The building also hosts exhibitions about the history of the building. When visiting the Empire state building, you can use the multimedia directory via the app.

The Empire State Building is open all year round from 8:00 am to 2:00 am. Therefore, you can admire New York in a bird’s-eye view day and night. However, the least people there are until noon from 8:00 to 11:00 and around 15:00. Therefore, it makes sense to go there at this time.

Another feature of this skyscraper is that since 1964 the building has been illuminated. It is highlighted in different colors depending on the situation. At first, such lighting was quite expensive. However, later the LEDs were replaced and the building lighting became even more impressive. Now different colors and shades, the number of which is almost infinite, can be combined. The color change is very smooth and everything is controlled by the computer.

World Trade Сenter 1

World Trade 1 among skyscrapers in New York

It is the tallest skyscraper in the US, it is also one of the new ones. The building was built in 2006 – 2014 on the site of WTC buildings destroyed on September 11, 2001.

With taking in account the antenna it is the world trade center is the tallest skyscraper in the United States. The total height is 541 m, and without antenna 417 m.

Inside the building there are 105 floors, tourists usually rise to 100, from which you can admire New York. The observation deck of the World Trade Center is one of the most important attractions in New York. It is called the One World Observatory.

To get to the observation deck you need to buy a ticket. Again, you can buy it online to avoid standing in queues. You can find the latest information about tickets and their cost here !

The One World Observatory has made a great impression on me, so I urge you to visit this place. And not just because it’s a good observation point to see New York. In General, everything was organized at a high level.

Enjoy the urban scenery of Manhattan from the one world Observatory is best time is the afternoon, because the whole building is glazed. During the sunset and after dark, the interior lighting is reflected from the windows and is very disturbing. This is especially important if you plan to photograph the city.

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