10 places to see in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is quite a serene city. At first glance, we find it hard to believe that this little charming city is the capital of the country and the largest metropolis on the island. It’s more like a provincial town somewhere in the interior of the country. At my first Reykjavik travel , I did not want to walk around it. Because I admired the Icelandic nature, not the cities. But coming back here 2 years later for a few hours on business, I saw Reykjavik in a different light. Now it seems that the distinctive atmosphere of the city combined with the Scandinavian climate makes Reykjavik a pleasant place for both tourist exploration and living here.

Church of Hallgrímur

It’s the symbol of the city you should go to whoilr Reykjavik travel. It is not only the highest building in the city, but also is the fourth tallest building in Iceland. I have to admit, it made an impression on me only the second time. At first I was a little disappointed and felt that this is another “monument”, which in the photos looks better than live. But the next time opinion changed!

church among the sights in Reykjavik travelchurch among sights in Reykjavik travel

Most of all I like that the Church inside is quite modest. You will not find here bright ornaments in huge quantities, which make the eyes tired. This design still looks rich and beautiful.

The building of the Church caused a lot of controversy and divided the people. The vast majority of Icelanders criticized the new Church, the construction of which was very expensive. In addition, residents were afraid that the Church would look terrible and disgrace Reykjavik. But that’s not all. By the time the construction was completed, some of the elements that had been created at the beginning were already in need of updating. Well, perhaps the fears of the residents were partially justified.

On this page you can find information about hours to visit and ticket prices when you are on Reykjavik travel.

Parliament building

It is also called the Althing, which translates as a general meeting. The building is very beautiful. However, if I had not known that this is the Parliament building, I would probably never have guessed that this is an important place. Like everything in Reykjavik, the Parliament is also modest and inconspicuous. It is worth noting that this is the oldest Parliament in the world.


Harpa is a concert hall, conference centre and the Symphony Orchestra headquarter.

The building looks good on photos, both inside and outside. The glass facade and the light coming through it, especially in the golden hour makes it to be paradise for photographers on Reykjavik travel . Harp’s concert Hall is definitely a must – visit place.

harpa hall during Reykjavik travel

Solar Voyager – the Viking boat

The sculpture of Sun Voyager resembles a boat made of a fish skeleton, originally symbolizes a journey to the sun. But, according to the tourists’ opinion, it was just a boat that first Viking came on to the island. Its worth seeing when you are on Reykjavik travel.


It is the main shopping street of the city. It is full of shops where you can buy Souvenirs or famous Icelandic sweaters. The side streets are filled with colourful Norwegian and Danish houses. It worth mention the variety of pubs and restaurants you can go while Reykjavik travel.

places to see in Reykjavik travel - color houses

The Northern Lights Center

During the days of our Reykjavik travel we got into the Northern Lights center. There we get in the colorful and mysterious world of the Northern lights.

Walking through other halls, we got acquainted with the myths and legends about the Aurora collected from different countries and cultures, learned how it occurs and how to photograph this phenomenon. In the cinema hall there were shown stunning series of photos and pictures of the Northern lights from around the world. The Northern Lights Center is quite small. You can study all the information in just an hour. And this hour will definitely be one of the most informative and interesting in the whole Reykjavik travel.

places to go on Reykjavik travel

Here are some interesting facts about the Northern lights:

In Greenland the Northern lights is considered as the game of tragically dead kids. Some thought the Northern lights are the spirits playing football with the walrus skull.

In Iceland, people believed that the red glow — a harbinger of bad news.

Many people in Alaska believe that if you look at the flickering lights for a long time, it is possible to go crazy.

However, there are positive opinions about this natural phenomenon.

It was believed that a woman had enough to look at the Northern lights to relieve pain during childbirth and protect the child from strabismus.

In China, it is believed that the conception of a child at the time of the appearance of the Aurora portends the well-being for the child during his life.

In Finland, the phenomenon of Aurora is associated with the figure of the mythical polar Fox.


When I was going on Reykjavik travel, I didn’t know I could enjoy street art in this small Icelandic town. We ran into them, accidentally going to the old port. The square did not look attractive, but after a while there were several colorful drawings. Along the main street we can also see some artwork. It should be recognized that this art form is perfectly combined with colorful houses and the general atmosphere of Reykjavik. It gives the city a little more life.

places to see in Reykjavik travel places to see in Reykjavik travel places to see in Reykjavik travel places to see in Reykjavik travel

As it turned out, the graffiti were created as a part of the music festival Iceland Airwaves . The organizers called on street artists to create something special on the walls in Reykjavik. The number of such images on the walls is growing from year to year.

Famous hot dogs – Bæjarins bestu

The famous gastronomic outlet was founded in 1973. The Guardian announced Bæjarins the second best place making hot dogs in Europe. You can read it here. Saying he’s popular among celebrities, and the list of stars who have visited Bæjarins is long.

The kiosk itself is very inconspicuous, and it will not come to mind that it is that place where some of the best hot dogs in Europe are sold. Anyway being on Reykjavik travel you better try this delicious to learn how hot dogs shouls taste like.

Hofdi House

This house is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Reykjavik.

Hofdi House is a good place to see on Reykjavik travel

But mostly he is known for one historical event. In 1986, the President of the USA and the USSR which are Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met here to put an end to the cold war. Despite the fact that the house can be considered a landmark, tours are not expected, and tourists can see it only from the outside.

The house actually makes an impression while Reykjavik travel. One of the reason is that it stands quite apart.

Ternin (Tjörnin) – lake in the old town

Ternin lake finish the list of Reykjavik travel places to see. A huge pond, which is called a lake, is literally in the center of the city near the government office. Ternin is also a favorite place for birds – it nests more than 40 species of birds.

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