Parks to hike – top 5 picturesque and bright places

Hiking parks in the fresh air is a good thing. Such kind of activity improves immunity. And it as any sports activity removes stress. There is even an expression in Japan «forest bathing». It sounds like a kind of therapy. And walks in the forest really have a positive impact on health and mind.

They help to concentrate and reduce anxiety, and sleep within. Hiking a park you come up with a solution to the existing problem, even if it seems hopeless. Because you relax and the brain works better in the fresh air. After all, the beauty of the parks adjusts to pleasant communication and a positive mood.

Fortunately, now many cities have parks to hike. Besides, they are truly beautiful. In this article we have gathered the top 5 most beautiful parks that should be visited to enjoy incredible nature beauty abilities.

Keukenhof Park in Netherlands

The top list of parks to hike opens the place that is a real acid colored canvas. The name of this beautiful park is translated as Kitchen Park. The Keukenhof Park is located in the small Lisse town. It is almost at the coast of the sea.

But one can see the landscapes hiking the park only 2 months a year from the end of March to May. Then it closes for carrying out numerous works of restoring and caring the plants and.

In spring there is a flower fair, where everyone can buy unique seedlings and ready-made bouquets. The Park has only five sell-suppliers, which also offer Souvenirs and postcards with gorgeous views of the park.


The Kuekenhof Park is planted with more than 7 million bulbs flowers. 4.5 millions of them are tulips. Beautiful flowers are grown among a large number of waters. They are lakes, canals and rivers, waterfalls. All these harmoniously take place in the landscape of the park.

tulpans during hiking park Keukenhof in Netherlands

But one has to pay for the pleasure. But it certainly worth it as Keukenhof is one of the best parks to hike. The entrance tickets should be bought. Their cost according to the official website (April 2019) is differs from 6 euro for a child to 18 euros for adult. The price is also depends on the place you buy a ticket and the amount of people in a group.

There is also 6-euro car parking. Another option for hiking the park in order to make it better is the park guide.

He give interesting information about Keukenhof  Park along with handy tips for creating your own Keukenhof at home

The Butchart Gardens in Kanada

The next great one in the list of parks to hike has also a bright sight. The amazing beauty of the park is located on the territory where there was the quarry. It has landscapes with plant compositions of different garden styles, for example the Rosary.

Butchart Gardens are also great hiking parks

There are also fountains and statues, ancient trees and shrubs. Flower’s pallete of colors varies during the seasons, and the aromas of flowers are simply irresistible.

There are more than a million plants of 900 different varieties. And about a million people annually enjoy the charm of spring flowering bulbs, summer riot of colors, the magic of Golden autumn and the tranquility of winter days.

Butchart Gardens is a hiking park that mast be seen

Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan

The third hiking park is also color-riched. It is situated in Japan’s island called Honsu. The landscape make you feel yourself being in fascinating wonderland, like elf’s or deity’s. The impression is made with Wisteria flowers that are grown there in huge amount. Many of them are more than 100 years old!

Wisteria in hiking Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan

Wisteria is a tall tree-like vavy subtropical plant of the Legume family. They are white, blue, purple or purple. Gathered in large hanging brushes, they look extremely impressive on the thick green foliage background. Fragrant clusters of lilac Wisteria resemble the white acacia and associated with spring streets practically as much as sakura.

One of the most amazing things there is the tunnel of white Wisteria. It is called the “Road of happiness”. If you want to visit this Park to see the flowering Wisteria, it is worth a visit in the period from April to the end of May. This time all the various colors of Wisteria fireworks are open and highlighted in all the glory.

Wisteria tennel of during hiking Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan

Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

Tt is also situated in Japanese island Honsu and impress as much as Ashikaga.

In a certain season in the Hitachi Seaside Park there is a certain kind of flower bloom. Tulips, poppies, daffodils, lilies, Sakura change each other. Once a year the Park holds one of the most grateful festivals called “Harmony and nemophilas”.

Hitachi Park comes to life in March. At this time there are blooming daffodils. There are over a million of them in the Park. In April, tulips bloom in 170 species and all colors of the rainbow. Such magnificence sight is associations with Keukenhof Park in Holland because of these tulips.

In early May namophilas flowers start to bloom in the hills of the Park. 4.5 million extraordinarily beautiful namophilas coloring the Park in pale blue color. This wonderful view annually attracts thousands of tourists.

nemophilas in Hitachi Park

The beginning of summer is the time of flowering poppies. In July there is bright green fluffy hills of kohia. They seems soft at first. But you have to be careful as the leaves of the plant are quite prickly. To September, kohia changes color to purple-red. It creates an incredible contrast with the blue sky.

red kohia in kiking park route Hitachi Park

In winter, due to the harsh weather conditions, the Park is not so picturesque. But by March the flowers again fill the Hitachi Seaside Park with bright colors.

Guell Park in Barcelona

This park is also quit bright. But unlike previous ones it is more about man-made and build constructions instead of growing flowers and trees.

The whole Park is integrated into nature. The oddly exception is the so-called “Palace of nature”. According to the concept of the of Guel Park its architecture pays tribute to nature and adapted to it. Therefore, the whole architecture is based on wavy lines because there are no straight lines in nature.

Guell Park to hike

The emotions given by the scenes of the parks are incredible. And no words can describe the beauty of the nature. It must be looked.

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