Hiking places near LA – Griffith Park

It you arrived at the Los-Angeles and think of where to go, start from the Griffith Park. As it is one of the best hiking places near LA. One of the largest parks in North America is located in the suburbs of Los-Angeles in Los-Felise. Griffith Park is a contrasting synthesis of wildlife and all kinds of entertainment.

“Hollywood” is a popular hiking place near LA

Hollywood is one of the popular hiking places near LA

If your goal is a relaxing walk, you can go up to the observation deck to look at the famous inscription “Hollywood”.  It is one of the main hiking places near LA. But don’t be deceived by what it seems. You have to go for 1-2 hours on rough hill surface in order to get there. Anyway, it certainly worth it. Either because it gives a great sight on the city and check in in the popular all over the world place.

The Greek theatre


In the evening, one can go to a concert in the Greek theatre. It is the first green theater in Los-Angeles, which was built in 1929. This open-air theater resembles the ancient Greek amphitheater and is designed for 5700 spectators. This is one of the historical places of the city. The legendary theater offers a variety of performances and concerts: from classics to modern genres, from reggae to rock. It has great modern acoustics. Greek theater is high quality entertainment place that provide performances under the bright stars right in the heart of Los-Angeles!

Nature and the zoo

On the territory of 1700 hectares there is always a place for a picnic, but be careful as there are a lot of wild animals that roam freely in searching for food.

picnics whie LA hike

Besides there is some zoos in the Griffit Park. For example Los-Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens which is quite unusual. Less cages and more natural conditions. The main thing of the zoo is chimpanzees in their natural environment.

Los-Angeles Zoo and Botanic Gardens is one of the interesting hikihg places near LA

In addition, here are more than 1100 species of animals, 29 of which are in the risk of extinction. Bright orange orangutans and Komodo dragons can be seen close-up to you. Also in the Los-Angeles zoo & Botanical Gardens there are more than 7500 species of plants.

In winter, you better stay until the sunset in order to see the festive lights of ZooLights and real reindeer.

The Griffith Observatory

Observathory is one of the beautiful hiking places near LA

It is one of the iconic hiking places near LA. At the entrance to the sidewalk you can see the engraving of the Solar system and a monument to the famous astronomer and a sundial. Here you can watch the stars with a telescope for free, visit the planetarium for the charge or watch the 30-minute show “In the center of the Universe”.

And tourists from all over the world come here to see the sky objects. They can watch the Moon in the East part of the building. And in the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky there are three telescopes where the sunspots and sun flashes can be seen. In addition, additional telescopes are installed along the South and West sides of the building.

Be sure to climb to the roof and terraces of the Observatory for an impressive view of the mountains and the inscription “Hollywood”. Many people come here just to enjoy the evening Los-Angeles. There the best view of the city from a height opens.

The Autry Museum of the American West

The Autry Museum of the American West is one of the greatest hiking places near la

There is also a Museum dedicated to the Wild West . The organizers hold a huge number of exhibitions, lectures and screenings of films about Indians and cowboys.

The museum has many decorations and other things that were used in the westerns filming. And there are also real household items and weapons of the era.


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