Hiking near Los Angeles – why Hollywood Sign hiking is not so easy at it seems

Some people believe that the Hollywood Sign is overrated by tourists hiking near Los Angeles. But in any case, it is better to go there and find out for yourself whether it is really so.

Hollywood Sign, as one of the main landmarks in Los Angeles, has quite an interesting history. Investors of the Woodruff and Shows company had decided to create advertising for sailing the property, which can be seemed in any part of Los Angeles. The ideal place for such construction was the southern slopes of mount Lee in Griffith Park, North of the Mulholland highway.

Hollywood sign while hiking near Los Angeles was hollywoodland

Originally the inscription was “Hollywoodland”. It was supposed to serve as an advertisement for sale on the hill for about 1.5 years. But after a while the Sign became a symbol of fame, career, money and California itself. He became associated with the film industry of America. The letters “land” were removed in 1949 while repair of the Sign. Now it sparkles in the hot California sun and attracts many tourists.

It is possible to see the inscription at a long distance hiking near Los Angeles without leaving the city. There are some streets for it, for example the address “2253 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, California” is such a place. Here you can see the famous letters “Hollywood” surrounded by palm trees, houses and luxury cars.

Hollywood sign while hiking near Los Angeles in the car traffic scene

The terrace at the Dolby theatre also offers the view to admire the inscription.

However, the best place to look at the Hollywood Sign while hiking near Los Angeles is the Grifit Park.

But this will allow you to see it only at a distance. Those who want to see the Sign closer, can get there in different ways. Someone preferers to go on their own – on foot through the mountains or by car. Many people prefer to put everything on the shoulders of the managers and go to the “Hollywood” Sign with the guide of their travel company. What is the best way and why is it really not so easy to get there?

Why getting to the “Hollywood” Sign is harder than it seems to be

The problem is that if someone wants to take a picture of the Sign as close as possible, they have to really “work” hard. Well, perhaps the beautiful scenery of nature and prosperous-looking houses on the slopes, which can be seen while rising, are worth it.

The maps, of course, have marks of tourist trails, but do not expect that they will lead you right there and that the path will be easy. As the Hollywood Sign is located on the heavy slopes of the beautiful mountains covered with exotic plantings.

In addition, on the slope there are many houses and the narrow and steep asphalt streets. To get to the Sign, you have to walk these streets.

slopes with luxury houses to get to Hollywood sign while hiking near Los Angeles

As you can guess, the people living there are not very fond of tourists who constantly walk or drive cars up and down. Residents lobbied for years about this and are doing everything to reduce the number of tourists. They have seen enough of the Sign and the crowds of tourists, they just want silence and peace.

If you decide to get to the Sign by car… better forget about it. Unless, of course, you go there often or you’re a local resident who knows everything. No road signs lead to the Hollywood Sign. You can drive for hours and never get there.

ways to get to Dolby theatre

In addition, access to the Sign itself is limited and you will not be able to get too close to it anyway while hiking near Los Angeles. Access to the Hollywood Sign is protected by a monitoring system and air patrols. The inscription is under constant surveillance by cameras and motion detection system. The police are immediately informed of any movements in the area. Only people with special permission can enter there.

Does getting to the Hollywood Sign is impossible while hiking Los Angeles?

The most reasonable solution would be to take the bus going to the area of the “Hollywood” Sign. Today you can buy a bus tour of the Hollywood hills, where the drive to the cherished 9 letters is included. These buses depart from the center of the city, which is in rather convenient. But let’s face it, you will depend on the schedule of departures and will spend at the stopping point only a certain time.

Will it always be like this?

Hope not. Not so long time ago, the Los Angeles government commissioned a study to create a solution to this problem. One option is to build a specific route or start a tram that will deliver tourists directly to the Hollywood Sign. It would be a really good solution for improving hiking near Los Angeles, but it seems unrealistic, because requires a lot of money.

Hollywood sign while hiking near Los Angeles

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