Hiking in Toronto – places to visit in the heart of Canada

Toronto is still one of the largest cities we have visited. Here lives more than 2 700 000 residents. And in the metropolitan of Greater Toronto Area there are more than 6 million people. It is not surprising that there are many representatives of different cultures.We have long wanted to go hiking in Toronto, this major center. I have a lot of impressions from this trip, so this article about it will be less informative. There will be only a description of the places that we went to see, and what is the opinion about them and about the city as a whole.

First impressions of hiking in Toronto, or rather from its center, were like other major American cities. Shock, confusion, and a bunch of people in the suits who look like they’re doing important things 24/7.

In addition, there are a lot of beautiful high-rise buildings of business centers with reflective surfaces. They provoked conflicting emotions in me.

On the one hand, they impressed us very much. We couldn’t take our eyes off the tops of the skyscrapers. And there are a lot of people who like us walked with their heads up, admiring the tops of these buildings.

On the other hand, these brilliant business centers strained. And I don’t know about you, but if I were ever going to move to Toronto, I would never choose a house next to glass skyscrapers. What’s wrong with them?

The glare reflected from them is very beautiful, but they are terribly unnerving, if you are constantly near it! I understand that this is a way of lighting the streets between buildings, without which it will be dark and gloomy, but for me it is too unpleasant.

beautiful skyscraper to see hiking in Toronto

In addition, it is blinding and sometimes it becomes difficult to see something behind these buildings. And when riding a bike, it is a serious threat.

So to survive in the glass jungle is not as easy as it seems.

However, the city also has many old-style buildings. And at the early beginning of our hiking in Toronto my attention was immediately drew by the bright contrast between the old and new architecture, existing side by side.

Life and work in Toronto

Hiking in Toronto I’ve understood the thing. If any of you have an idea to move to Canada, Toronto is the perfect place to start a new life.

First of all, a lot of people from all over the world gather here. This means that even if you do not know English, you can find an employer who does business in your native language. Plus, sooner or later, living in Canada, you will practice English and finally learn it. And in future, there will be more opportunities, it will be easier to find something suitable for you.

The second, in my opinion, important point is the perfectly developed infrastructure of public transport. Living in Toronto, you are quite mobile, and it will not be difficult to get to work or shop.

But, unfortunately, if you settle on the outskirts of Toronto, the difficulties with the movement may arise. Just keep this in mind when choosing a place to live here.

living in Toronto


Hiking in Toronto we were met with an unusual combination of colors and styles of architecture. Modernity is mixed here with old English architecture, which creates an amazing visual effect.

High glass skyscrapers rise above the relatively small buildings of churches, museums and old University buildings, making them even more grotesque and … inappropriate or something.

These architectural aspects are most pronounced in downtown Toronto because it is not only Canada’s dynamic business center, but also the center of its culture and art. Therefore, here the new style competes with the old, and modern business centers are located next to buildings from the past.

mix of the architecture style can be seen on hiking in Toronto

Toronto historical center – University of Toronto

During the hiking in Toronto, our attention was mainly drawn to the tall glass skyscrapers, and we wandered between them for a long time. But there was something in Queens Park that we liked, too.

It turned out that the architecture of the campus of the University of Toronto is a kind of gap between the old and new styles. The buildings are built in the old style, but in accordance with the latest “trends” of those times. It is a prestigious University where every building has its own soul. And it is so big and so beautifully made that you can endlessly admire it.

places to see hiking in Toronto - Toronto university

Moreover, here, as in the center of student life, something always happens. Sometimes these are very unusual projects. We got to the healthy lifestyle day.

There was an object seemed to be extremely surprising to me. It is a bicycle connected to the mixer. Anyone who wanted to make an apple smoothie had to sit on a stationary bike and pedal like crazy to get the serve.

It was also interesting to see how two Asians taught people to use a katana and do the strikes from martial arts.

Among the unusual things there were also magic tricks and fighting with pillows. Perhaps, all of these student’s life in each country is similar:)

The sculpture

sculpture and architecture hiking in TorontoContinuing out hiking in Toronto we left the territory of Queens Park, we went to the heart of the modern city, dominated by glass buildings, the roofs of which rise farther and farther from the ground.

We found a very interesting sculpture of a man. He holds over his head a large golden ball covered with religious symbols from all over the world. I still do not know the name of this sculpture. Write it in the comments, experts.

One interpretation of this work is the assertion that man is the main pillar responsible for the formation of religion, and he is personally responsible for what represents this religion. Others say that every religion is just a result of human development, and the ball is a cloud of ideas.

In this monument we were most struck by its simplicity and the loud theme of the idea. Everyone can interpret in his own way and see in it, what he wants to see. This will change the meaning of the sculpture.

Toronto market square

The city market, as a rule, should be big. Usually it is the heart of the city for both tourists and residents, where you can learn a lot about the culture of the population.

However, in the article we are talking about not ordinary city, and its “center” is arranged in a completely different way. That’s why, contrary to the most cities of North America, when hiking in Toronto we will not find pubs in the central market square, where you can sit comfortably and drink beer. Besides, for me personally, the market has sunk among the big buildings, and without our determination and Google maps, we would hardly have found it wandering somewhere in the maze between the glass skyscrapers.

On the other hand, there is a colorful inscription, which has become one of the mandatory tourist points of hiking in Toronto. Interestingly, there is a special place with two footprints, where you need to stand to make the best photo of this characteristic inscription and the entire market. However, we did not use it… Because nothing can tell us how to live and take pictures! 🙂

central market square is another great place to visit hiking in Toronto

The CN tower in Toronto

CN tower is one the most recognizable landmarks you can see hiking in Toronto. A tall building with the eternal queues and a lift, in which you can rise high above the roofs of the town.

In addition, thrill-seekers are offered the feature attraction, involving a walk on a small metal bridge. The bottom line is that there are no fences, and in front of you will be a review of about 400 m. Even from the outside it looks very exciting.

CN Tower among Toronto atractions is a place to see when hiking in Toronto

hiking in Toronto CN Tower view tour attraction

Lake shore in Toronto

The lake shore is the last point of our route of hiking in Toronto. It’s very beautiful, so it’s worth a stay. Lake shore is a boulevard stretching along the coast of lake Ontario.

The place is so popular and luxurious that in residential areas the prices for building plots reach several million dollars. So if you want to be among Canadian elite, the Ontario shore is definitely the option for your new address.

living in Toronto - Ontario lake

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