13 places for mountain hiking in Poland – most beautiful views in Silesian Beskids

Despite the fact that Poland is not in the top list of the most popular countries to travel, do not bypass it. If you have already visited Germany, Norway, Georgia and the country of your dreams, then think about hiking in Poland as a next travel. There is also some things to see, especially if you are from those travellers who prefer nature, hiking and mountaineering.

Below there is a list of top places for hiking in Poland that are worth seeing. Some of the names are in Polish because neither Google maps nor Wikipedia say how they are called in English. So you can find these places.



hiking in Poland Silesian beskids

The Park Stozek Wielki is very popular due to the hostel, the numerous tourist routes of the Wisła. The top of the Poland mountain Stozek Wielki is located on the ridge, which is a picturesque hiking trail Velký Stožek. The top of the mountain is overgrown with forest, but it does not prevent admiring the views. Even more, it makes the place beautiful and worth seeing while hiking in Poland.


 Poland holidays

During our hiking in Poland we could not fully admire this place because of the terrible weather. But if you go there on a sunny day, you will be able to see extremely interesting landscapes.


hiking in Poland mountains

It is one of the most popular tourist spots among the mountain hiking in Poland. Through the mountain several routes of medium complexity lay. At the top of the Poland mountain there is an observation tower with 360panorama, which is truly breathtaking!


hiking in Poland mountain

Stary Gron is a lesser known Poland mountain range. The hiking trail through this ridge crosses several picturesque glades and peaks of the Silesian Beskids. An ideal place for a daily walk in a magical atmosphere.


hiking in Poland mountain

This Poland mountain passes over the quiet town near the Slovakia border. Despite the fact that the city itself is the most ordinary with regular houses and asphalt roads, natural landscapes around it will not leave you indifferent. It is worth to come there for the charming panorama stretching over the Gron when you are hiking in Poland.


hiking in Poland Silesian beskids

It is a cave located on the Western slope of the Silesian Beskids, down from Salmopolska Pass to the Vistula. Its length is 1 km. The cave allows you to see the Silesian Beskids on the inside. It turns out that under the surface you can find no less exciting places.


hiking in Poland mountain

The whole area of the Tuł river is full of charming scenery. They are idyllic beautiful on the border of Pogórza Cieszyńskiego and Silesian Beskid. THe place is one more reason to go to the Silesian Beskids when hiking in Poland.


hiking in Poland - mountain hut overnight

The place with its own atmosphere created not only by a fantastic panorama, but, above all, an unusual hostel Telesforówka. Besides, there is a very beautiful Poland mountain nature.


nature hiking in Poland mountain

This place surprises with its beauty. Rocky peaks offer a great choice of viewing points. Here you can see the Barania Góra and ridge Skrzyczne. Here on the slopes is a beautiful meadow Hala Radziechowska, which is occupied by grazing sheep from early spring to late autumn.


Poland holidays trails

This peak is usually skipped by tourists on their hiking in Poland, and there is nothing strange, as the green trail (I do not know why) does not lead here. It passes just a few dozen meters below. Meanwhile, the top is one of the highest in the Small Beskids. And it offers a magnificent view of the Slovakia fatras.


hiking in Poland mountain

Ochodzita is the peak in the Poland mountain village of Koniaków. The locals consider it the best point of view in the Silesian Beskids. However, not all the tourists will agree with it. For me, as you can see, it is on the second place.


hiking in Poland mountain

It is Poland mountain range 8 km long on the Barania Góra. Along the entire length of the ridge there is the hiking trail, with amazing landscapes. But the best you will find of course on the Cienkow.


hiking in Poland mountain trails

That’s it! As many as three peaks in one list item. But let this “audacity” because they are close to each other and you can easily get from one to the other – they are connected by the green route. Unearthly landscapes open from these Poland mountain peaks that are definitely worth seeing.

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