What citiy in Norway to visit? Top 5 best cities in Norway with breathtaking nature landscapes.

I can’t stop admiring the nature of Norway. Its vast plains and rivers flowing between the mountains, create a truly magical scenery. Those who also appreciate nature and love to admire it while traveling will especially like a small quiet city in Norway.

Most of the West and North of Norway consists of such peaceful cities. In this post, we present an overview the six of our favorite cities in Norway to visit. They are the laces to go for the best wildlife landscapes.


Undredal is a city in Norway to visit

Undredal is a goat village. The city is located in a beautiful and very picturesque place, near the Nærøyfjord.

Undredal goats in Norway

Most of this small town is inhabited with goats. While here are only about 112 people (2001). Not surprisingly, the economy of this city in Norway is based on goats and the cheese, which is produced thanks to them. We are talking about the brown cheese, called Brunost.It is a real reason for me to go back in Norway to visit Undredal once more.

brunost made in Undredal - city in Norway to visit

This cheese tastes sweet. To prepare the Brunost people boil together milk, cream and whey for several hours. This is necessary in order to evaporate all the water. In the process of preparing sugar from the milk and dairy products are converted into caramel. This creates a special sweet taste of cheese, and gives it the brown color.

Another important feature of this city in Norway is the medieval wooden Church. Undredal Stave Church is quite an atmospheric place where you can touch the culture and religion. It is one of the oldest and smallest Norwegian churches. It was built in 1147, the area is 12 by 4 meters. Inside 40 places.


The city of fabulous panoramas!

Alesund is an amazing city in Norway to visit

Alesund is a port trading city located on the West coast of Norway. The ideal place as a starting point for a trip to the Geiranger fjords or the bird island of Runne.

This city in Norway has quite an unusual location. Besides, Alesund, being located on an island, and surrounded by other Islands, it is also surrounded by fjords and mountains with spectacular scenery. Including the Sunnmøre Alps, which reach up to 2000 m above sea level.

The condition and appearance of the city in Norway was strongly influenced by the event of 1904. Then Alesund erupted in a severe fire, which burned about 850 homes, and 10,000 people were left homeless. It is interesting to note that during this huge fire only one person was killed – an elderly woman living next to … fire department.

After that, the city was rebuilt in the fashionable at the time art style Nouveau. The city was rebuilt from brick, which was also unusual for Scandinavian architecture.

Incredibly thoughtful image and architectural consistency of the whole city is really impressive! The architecture we saw here can not be found anywhere else in Norway.


It is one more wonderful city in Norway to visit. Flam is a small village, where, however, a lot of things happen.

Flam is a city in Norway to visit

Besides, the place is quite a popular tourist destination. This it due to the Flam railway and Rallarvegen bicycle route. In addition, it is a very picturesque place. Hiking in the vicinity of this city in Norway, in fact, as well as on its streets, deliver a real aesthetic pleasure.

Flam railway is a things to see in Norway

A characteristic feature of the nature of the Flam area are steep mountain slopes, waterfalls and narrow valleys.

In 2014, Lonely Planet publishing named the Flom railway the most amazing in the world. We didn’t check it out, but I’m sure it’s worth it!

From Flam you can explore the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. The Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO world heritage site and is the narrowest fjord in the world. It has places where the distance between the rocky slopes is only 250 meters.


Dyrdal is a city in Norway to visit

This is one of the many small villages located in one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway – Nærøyfjord. It is better to walk along the fjord and admire the nature around it.

The Nærøyfjord is 17 km long and is a natural wonder. It was even included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 2005.

It is amazing how well preserved the nature of the fjord, remained untouched by man.


Unstad is a city in Norway to visit

Great city in Norway to visit. It is a place for surfers who are tired of the beaches.

Anstad is located in the Lofoten Islands archipelago. While visiting this city in Norway you can try Arctic surfing surrounded by rocky mountains. It sounds unusual, but in fact it is even more impressive!

unusual surfing in Unstad unusual surfing in Unstad

This surfing is suitable for professionals looking for new adventures, and beginners or just curious. Since here you can rent equipment and hire an instructor.

Besides, it’s not such a popular place, and you can easily find a piece of the wave for yourself.

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