Chile hiking – beautiful llanquihue lake sights

The llanquihue lake in southern Chile is an extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful place. One of the most beautiful scenery of the Chile hiking you will see here, where the volcano merging with the blue sky cone of the volcano. Only the white top contrasts as if towering over the llanquihue lake. This can be seen standing looking at the volcano Osorno from the opposite shore of the lake.

Osorno Volcano

volcano Frutillar Chile travel to Llanquihue lake

The Osorno volcano is definitely the place to go when you go Chile hiking. This is certainly not the highest volcano, its tip is 2652 m from sea level, but it is one of the most beautiful. We can say this is a kind of volcano’s standard: the ideal cone shape strewn with snow. It’s just like Fuji volcano in Japan.

Despite the fact that the Osorno volcano is active, we still can go and look at it closer. Tourists often go to the volcano in summer or even skiing in winter. It is worth noting that skiing in Chile is not cheap.

If you are not fond of this kind of tourist activity, you can just look at the volcano afar. On the opposite side of the llanquihue lake there is the pier. Beautiful views opened there will definitely remain not only in the photo, but also in your heart.

Calbuco Volcano

Calbuco Llanquihue lake Chile travel

It is the second volcano on the llanquihue lake you should visit while Chile hiking. Calbuco Volcano is also active. In addition, it is one of the three most dangerous active volcanoes in the country. The last eruption was not so long ago – in 2015, which makes Chile hiking more “spicy”.

Calbuco volcano is beautiful and dangerous, but there are tourists who go to conquer it while Chile hiking. If you are among these bravers, remember that it’s better to plan it for the time from September to January.


Frutillar Chile travel to Llanquihue lake

“Frutillar” means “strawberry”. Maybe, there were so many berries that they gave the city its name. So, we’re in the strawberry town, which means it must be a Paradise!

The city is divided into Frutillar Bajo (i.e. lower), Frutillar Alto (upper) and simply Frutillar. About 16 thousand people live in Frutillar. Only a few hundred of them are the population of Frutillar Bajo.

In 1856, the German immigrant founded this village on llanquihue lake, in accordance with the plan of the Patagonia colonization. This German influence is still noticable in Frutillar: in the architecture, local cuisine, existing traditions and even in language. Beautiful wooden houses delight the eyes of the tourists, as well as delicious apple strudels or crumbly raspberry pies. They are not like soft biscuit cakes in other parts of Chile and they are definitely worth a try!

Theatre del Lago

Frutillar is also sometimes called city of music. The reason is Teatro del Lago situated there. You should visit it when go Chile hiking.

It is the largest theatre in Chile and apparently with the best acoustics on the entire continent. Throughout the year, there are many musical events, the largest of which are held in January and February.

Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas  Chile travel to Llanquihue lake

Frutillar is more peaceful younger brother or sister of Puerto Varas, which you should visit while Chile hiking. It is located on the same llanquihue lake, but to the south of Frutillar and attracts more tourists. The histories of these cities are similar.

Puerto Varas was founded a few years before Frutillar, and was also inhabited by German immigrants. The city stretches along the shore of the llanquihue lake, where you can admire the beauty of the volcanoes and mountains. So what is the difference between Puerto Varas and Frutillar? It is in the number of tourists and large hotels. The city is just more popular among tourists.

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt hile travel to Llanquihue lake

If you are going to Frutillar or Puerto Varas while Chile hiking, you will probably also stop in Puerto Montt, because it is the nearest big city from which buses depart to the cities. And if not, you should go there deliberately.

As in any major (relative to Chile) city there are many attractions. What hasn’t been discussed by everybody yet is the Mercado de Angelmó. Among other things, you can buy excellent fresh fish and seafood there. And not the shore, you can meet pelicans and sea lions& They are not afraid of people, and it seems the tourists attention is what they are waiting and looking for.

Practical information

  • Being in the North of Chile you can get to Puerto Montt by bus. From the South of Chile you can arrive by ferry from Chaiten or from Puerto Natales.
  • Buses from the station in Puerto Montt regularly go to Frutillar and Puerto Varas.
  • Cities are close to each other, so during Chile hiking to the llanquihue lake you can stay in any of them. It all depends on your personal preferences.

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