Cherry blossom festival – 5 best parks in Tokyo to admire the spring flowers

Cherry blossom festival has a great importance for Japanese people. This is the big part of their culture that is the source of some traditions and habits of all the people in the east continent. Such attitude is really reasonable. Views of flowering sakura leave nobody indifferent.

Hanami tradition

Hanami is the national tradition of admiring flowers during the cherry blossom festival, which arose at the Imperial court. The court spent hours under the flowering trees, enjoying the light refreshments, salon games and writing poetry.

In the days of cherry blossom festival the parks, squares, alleys, as well as the territory of Buddhist and Shinto temples with sakura trees are visited by a huge number of people. Nowadays this is a kind of holiday both for the Japanese themselves and for many foreign tourists.

parks to visit in Tokyo during the cherry blossom festival

Japanese are very respectful of their land and expect tourists to do the same. Each Japanese park has its own rules of visiting. For example, you can not take off sakura flowers or climb the trees. Most parks do not allow bonfires, including barbecue. And of course you must clean up the trash that appears after you.

Cherry blossom festival time

The flowering period is relatively short – 7 to 10 days. Since early times in Land of the rising sun people saw it as a deep meaning. Falling petals of flowers identified with the beauty and transience of life. Because of the short term of cherry blossoms people go to admire it both in the daytime and in the evening. The evening visiting cherry blossom festival is incredibly popular. Because after 6 PM the trees are very skillfully illuminate. And the walk in such an atmosphere is filled with even more mystery and romantic.

The official reference point of the cherry blossom beginning is considered to be the time of the first appeared flowers on the Sakura, growing in the ancient Buddhist temple Yasukuni in Tokyo. This time meteorological services immediately notify the beginning of cherry blossoms this year. Besides, every year the specialists make the prognoses about the time and make the schedule. Here or here here you can find the actual information about the time. As a rule it is from March to May.

The particular date of the sakura blossom is depends on region location very much. Because Japan spreads from the south to the north and the climate from this point differs significantly. One can make his own trail to see and admire the sakura blossom beauty in all the regions.

The most beautiful sakura parks to hike in Tokyo

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is certainly the best place to go while the cherry blossom festival and join the Hanami

Speaking about any Tokyo hiking the Tokyo Midtown should be mentioned. It is also about the cherry blossom festival as there are something that worth attention. This central region in the area of ​​the capital Roppongi is a wonderful place to join the Hanami tradition.

Here you will find the two-hundred-meter alley, that is planted on both sides with sakura trees. Also, many interesting and stylish events are held by Ritz-Carlton there. Look at the street museums, relax with a glass of rose wine in the lounge of Chandon Blossom. This will help to relax your soul, while admiring the late evening illuminated sakura trees. Here you can enjoy the cherry blossom festival till the last day of it.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is the best place to go on the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo

The park is situated in Tokyo and is located near the two lakes. On the lakes there are islands connected by graceful bridges. In addition to the classic Japanese Park Shinjuku Gyoen has also a French-style Park and landscape English one on its area.

Although it requires the entrance charge, which is about 200 yen, it is totally worth that price. There are about a thousand and more cherry trees of different varieties, numerous early and late flowering trees are among them. There are large lawns for picnics in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great place to admire the cherry blossoms, for those who missed the spring.

Shiba Park

Shiba park in Tokyo as a place to go while the cherry blossom festival

This is not a big park, there grows only 70 cherry trees. But it has it own features that make it important to see. And during the cherry blossom festival people come there to get impressed with the beauty of blossom Sakura and join the traditional Hanami as well as in the other places.

Shiba Park differs from other one with the Tokyo Television Tower, that is situated near and grace the landscape. As it is the main observation deck of Tokyo, you can also go there to see the sakura blossom. The height of the tower is 333 meters, that gives really good views. Besides, there are two observation decks in the tower. First is at an altitude of 150 meters. It considered to be the main one. The second deck is at 100 meters higher. This is a special observation deck. There you can see  Mount Fuji, the Southern Alps, the mountains of Boso Hanto. Of course if the wether is appropriate and the sky is clean. 

Ueno Park

Ueno park is popular place to go and admire the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo

The entrance is free. This park is most of all full of people during the cherry blossom festival. This makes the Ueno Park the most noisy and lively place with is no ability to be alone with your philosophy thoughts as it is suggested according to Hanami.

But the place is really fascinating. In Ueno Park there are more than 1000 trees. They stand along the street that leads to the National Museum and around the Shinobazu Lake. The sakura blossoms here starts to be opened in 1-3 days earlier than in the other places in Tokyo.


Chidorigafuchi is a goof place to hike the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo

Admission is also free. Numerous of sakura trees beautify the moats of Edo castle and Kitanomaru Park. This is one of the most attractive places to join the tradition of Hanami.

The main difference of the park is the ability to rent a rowing boat and enjoy an unforgettable boat trip. The place can rightfully claim to be the ideal place for dates. Almost 300 trees have been planted there. All together they form real cherry clouds that hovering over the edge of the water.

Also people who came to enjoy the sakura blossom can do it with the usual promenade along the path to the pier. It “immersed” in the flowers and offers stunning views.

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