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Brandenburg is one of the sixteen German lands. Here is the capital of Germany – Berlin, which is annually one of the most visited places not only in the country but also in the world. However, it is not a part of Brandenburg, but is a separate independent land. The capital of Brandenburg is Potsdam. Then why do tourists go to there, what are the Brandenburg Brandenburg attractionsattractions?

First of all, tourists come to see the beautiful nature. And it is not surprising, because 30% of the land is covered by forests.

There is also a well-maintained cycle routes, which total length is about 7,000 kilometers. The most popular them run along rivers such as the Elbe, and Odra Nisse. So, Brandenburg is just for those who want to get some fresh air and have active holidays.

And if you like the amazing historical monuments then you will appreciate architectural Brandenburg attractions.

This article describes several Brandenburg attractions that are worth seeing. Especially if you are here not for the first time and have already seen the main ones. It’s time for something unusual.

Frankfurt (Oder) near Slubice

Wherever you go, you need to find a place that will set the right mood for the whole trip.

Frankfurt (Oder) has developed very intensively over the past decades, but now it is in a so-called frozen state, even in a state of regression. Young people tend to go in larger cities. Many buildings are undeveloped, and businesses are barely making ends meet.

So why should you come to Frankfurt?

There are several Brandenburg attractions that worth to see and most of them are associated with architecture. But before you go, do not miss the chance to see the whole Frankfurt from a bird’s eye view in Slubice.

From the roof of the Collegium Polonicum – University of Adam Mickiewicz – you can see a great panorama of the Odra river coast and the city of Frankfurt. Entrance is possible during cultural events organized by the office or University.

Collegium Polonicum among Brandenburg attraction - Germany travel

While you here, why don’t you see the attraction made in the name of beloved Wikipedia? The website that has saved us so many times!

There are some more art monuments to see on the city market. Make a couple of photos with this sculptures and continue towards the Odra.

One more interesting Brandenburg attraction is the Peace Bell on the shore. Such bells are installed in many places around the world. They serve as a call for friendship, brotherhood and solidarity among peoples.

Marienkirche in Frankfurt

It is the Brandenburg attraction to visit for sure. There are very old stained-glass windows, created in the early fourteenth century. They depict the most significant religious events.

The first two shutters depict scenes of Creation and Salvation, and the third – the most unique scene – The Judgment day. It is an interpretation of the antichrist legend. In free translation stained glass windows represent predictions that the antichrist will descend to the end of the world, bringing destruction to mankind. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Marienkirche in Frankfurt glass among Brandenburg attraction - Germany travel

Despite the fact that Slubice together with Frankfurt is a relatively small area, the number of interesting places will require a long stay here. One day, as in our case, is only enough to visit some of the most interesting Brandenburg attractions.

Through the trees to the ruins in Beelitz

Driving West through Brandenburg, you will reach Beelitz, just 30 km from the south of Berlin. The place is another Brandenburg attraction.

There are stunning views from the path above the treetops. Here are the ruins of one of the most equipped sanatoriums (by the standards of those times) for the tuberculosis treatment during the Second World War with its own atmosphere.

Beelitz - things to do in Brandenburg Beelitz ruins of the tuberculosis hospital in Brandenburg

The Didi Senft Museum of Cycling – the Red Devil of Tour de France

If you ever ask us who the craziest person we’ve met is, it will definitely be Didi Senft. He is really fond of cyclin and has become one of the symbols of cycle sports in Europe.

He is engaged not only in the competitions, but also in the construction of bicycles of all types. In his collection you can find, among other things, the smallest bike in the world, the longest bike in the world and the largest bike with the diameter of more than 6 meters.

Didi Senft on the biggest bee can be called Brandenburg attraction

His museum definitely can be called one of the main Brandenburg attractions. While visiting it, we were lucky to check out some of his works. We tried to cope with the bike, which the axles of the wheels that were not in the central point. It was causing huge turbulence while driving. There was also a bike made entirely of metal (including tires) and a bike with reverse movement.

The latter completely destroyed our concept of cycling. Turning the handle bars to the right, you turn the wheel to the left and vice versa. This seemingly banal changes make the brain go crazy.

Didi Senft - Devil Tuor de France

Didi explained his devil suit by his love to Tour de France, whatever that meant. Didi is a really interesting person, but in his company we felt for the first time in our lives, as if someone’s personality had literally swallowed us up. It’s a very strange feeling … If you like strange things and bikes, there is no better place for you.

Autumn Pumpkin Festival

Brandenburg attractions are also about events. And this land, being the central district of the country with the capital inside, is the center of many cultural events.

During our fall trip we had the opportunity to visit the Pumpkin Festival in the farm Klaistow. To be honest, we did not expect that it could be so interesting, and it is possible to cut out so intricate figures from pumpkins.

Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Brandenburg farm

During the festival we saw different kinds of this vegetable. From tiny decorative pumpkins to giant ones weighing several hundred kilograms!

However, the biggest “vegetable Brandenburg attraction” was the installation of the circus, created only from pumpkins. There were statues of clowns, circus animals, wagons and all of them are entirely of pumpkins. The creation of each figure took from several tens to even several hundred pumpkins. And the result was amazing.

Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Brandenburg farm

In addition, during the festival you can try dishes in which the main ingredient was of course pumpkin. Paradise for vegetarians, and all those who do not like meat. Everyone could find something tasty for himselv.

Cycling trails in Brandenburg

As we wrote in the beginning, the land is a good place for all cyclists and the trails are another Brandenburg attraction for tourists. The total length of the cycle routes is about 7 000 kilometers, and the most popular are along the rivers, which allow to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

cycling trails in Brandenburg

These are simple routes, and they do not have steep climbs and descents, after which you do not know whether you will have enough energy to reach the remaining kilometers. You can even learn to cycle here if you’ve never done it before. Such light physical activity saturates the body with oxygen. You will definitely feel better after a ride through the picturesque places among the trees.

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