Top 5 best places for beach holidays in Ayia Napa – Cyprus vacation

Cyprus travelling is associated primarily with the sun and the sea. Going there on vacation, do not doubt that you will warm up enough and enjoy all the benefits of beach holidays.

Of course, the beaches are not the only thing Ayia Napa resort is famous for, there are many other places that are worth seeing. But it’s better to start with them. Especially if you come from the North and miss the sun, the warm breeze and sand slightly burning feet.

Nissi Beach

This Ayia Napa beach honestly deserves its first place on the list, because it has everything you can desire at a beach holidays! Bars and restaurants, good sea bottom and beautiful spacious sandy beach. The relative clear water is also impressive in Nissi beach. There are also cliffs from which brave souls dive into the sea.

Everything is cool, though for the same reasons there are so many people. They are not less than you want to bask on the Nissi sand and dive from a height. But do not worry, you will still find a place.

So if you don’t mind large number of people, then Nissi is probably the best place in Ayia Napa to relax on beach holidays.

Nissi beach for beach holidays in Aya Napa, Cyprus

Vathia Gonia

Vatiya Gonia beach is located near Nissi, but they are very different.

It is located in the bay, 50 meters from the Mediterranean Sea. Due to such location, the water is very calm. There are almost no waves, and the water temperature is much warmer than on other beaches, which makes it special for beach holidays.

When we were here, we met a lot of tourists from Russia. Perhaps the vast majority of tourists on this beach were Russian.

There are not many restaurants, but there is a diving center. Do not miss the opportunity to dive into the water in this amazing place during your beach holidays.

It should be noted that the beach is sandy only in its central part. On the sides there are numerous rock formations. Closer to the edge of the bay and on the border with the Mediterranean Sea waves beat the rocks giving them interesting shapes, often with sharp edges.

Vathia-Gonia for best beach holidays in Aya Napa

Pantachou (Limanaki)

This is the main beach of Ayia Napa. It is located next to the marina, boat tour agencies and boat rentals concentrated on its West side. Therefore, you will constantly hear cheerful music, laughter and other sounds of unbridled fun coming from them.

All these companies are ready to offer you entertainment on the water of various kinds. Their services take any form, just to lure the clients on their beach holidays.

You travel in Ayia Napa with the baby? Great! You have the opportunity to visit the Nemo ship, which appearance resembles his favorite fish from the Disney cartoon.

If you don’t have children, and the cruise with the kids is not for your taste, you can be a brave sailor and to attack the coast from the legend ship named Black Pearl. And you company will be Jack Sparrow! Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow.

And these examples are endless.

But back to the beach holidays in Ayia Napa. Pantachou is in good condition and there are plenty of sun loungers. The water is entered in most places with the help of special “bridges” of sandbags, because about 15 meters of the coast are covered with quite large and slippery stones, which is actually not very nice. This is not an extra security measure, as there are different people resting.

resorts in Cyprus - beach holidays in Aya Napa

Glyki Nero

Going through all the Pantachou beach, at the end of it in the neighborhood you will find Glyki Nero. There are much more space and no large crowds of people. The shore is no longer stone, which is very good, and we can enter the water anywhere. So it should be considered as a good option for beach holidays.

On the left side of the beach is its main attraction – the rocks. So do not stay on the beach for a long time, this adventure is just ahead. You can climb the rocks, probably people jump into the water from here too.

After walking 100 – 200 meters on the rock, we are faced with the first water cave. It has a pretty deep bottom. Then you can find more caves with overgrown plants on the walls and secluded corners.

resorts in Cyprus - best places for beach holidays in Aya Napa


The last of the Ayia Napa beaches on our list is quite deserted and not very neat. Pernera’s advantages are peace and quiet. They are interrupted only with entertainment ships from time to time passing by.

On the other hand, there were a lot of cigarette butts on the sand, so the units responsible for cleanling don’t care about the Pernera beach at all.

The entrance to the water in Pernera is not very convenient because of the large number of stones and rocky terrain, so you the need to have flip flops. Without them, it’s easy to slip or get injuries.

When we were resting at Pernera on our beach holidays, we decided to go a little further. After 15 meters from the shore, we found strange sea bottom. As it turned out, somewhere nearby the ship sank, but, unfortunately, we had not found it.

Pernera in Cyprus for beach holidays in Aya Napa

Here is the map with marked beaches location.

places for best beach holidays in Aya Napa

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