Amazing trip to the Faroe Islands

About 60 million years ago, there was a powerful eruption of several volcanoes, due to which 18 rocky islands were formed. Now they are peacefully drifting in the Atlantic Ocean, comfortably seated between Iceland and Scotland. Today we will talk about a trip to the Faroe islands.

Information about the Faroe Islands

Now the Faroe Islands are almost completely inhabited by people (with the exception of the island of Small Dimun). There are also a lot of sheep on the island … a lot of sheep! According to statistics, the Faroe Islands are inhabited by about 50 thousand people, and there are about 80 thousand sheep here. For this reason, the Faroe Islands are often called “sheep islands”.

Now the islands belong to Denmark. However, the locals have their own sovereignty. Faroe Islands have their own language, currency, government, and even parliament!

trip to the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands are not the most popular tourist destination, compared to Iceland and Scotland. This situation has developed due to several factors:

  • The tourist season is very short;
  • There are very few scheduled flights on airplanes;
  • There are no five-star hotels or comfortable resorts on the Faroe Islands;
  • Most of the Faroese islands are dotted with mountains, cliffs and green hills. For this reason, only hiking is common here. Although there are areas in which you can move by car.

Reasons to take a trip to the Faroe Islands:

  • A huge number of fjords. The fjord is a narrow gulf that lies between rocky mountain slopes. the length of the fjord is usually greater than its width by several dozen times;
  • Lots of rocky mountains that lean over the Atlantic Ocean. If you like to walk on mountain tops and admire seascapes, then a trip to the Faroese islands will be an unforgettable adventure for you;
  • Picturesque villages. Faroe villages are very similar to buildings in Isladnia and Scotland. Small neat houses that stretch along the banks of the mighty fjords. These houses have a very beautiful feature – grass grows on their roofs. Because of this feature, it seems as if the houses are trying to merge with the nature of the Faroese islands.

fjords on the faroe islands

How to get to the Faroe Islands and where to live there?

Amazing view of the majestic fjord Nolsoi and the capital itself The easiest and most comfortable way to get to the islands is to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. To do this, you will need a flight from Europe (in our case from Copenhagen). From the capital of Denmark two airlines are engaged in air transportation to the Faroe Islands:

If you want to go on a trip to the Faroe Islands, then you need to remember that the tourist season is very short and the demand for tickets is very high!

For accommodation, you can choose the rooms, apartments, hostels and hotels that you can easily find on the services of Airbnb and Booking. Hotel Føroyar is especially popular ( It is located near Torhsvana (capital of the Faroe Islands). From the windows of the hotel rooms you can see the islands.

Where to go on a trip to the Faroe Islands?

Stremy Island

It is unlikely that you will be able to visit all 18 islands of the Faroe Islands. However, you should definitely start your acquaintance with this small country by visiting Stremy Island. The capital of the Faroese state – Torksvan, located here. In the central part of the city, you can take a closer look at the architecture of the 15th century: the Munkastovan monastery and the royal warehouse Leygubun.


If you are hungry, be sure to visit the restaurant Barbara. The freshest fish on the whole island is served at this place. This freshness is due to the fact that seafood that was caught in the morning comes to your table.

When traveling to the Faroe Islands, be sure to try the local beer. It’s better to drink in the bar Essabarr. If you are a fan of deli meats, then visit the Steikin Buffet Restaurant. Exactly in this place they cook excellent rib-steak, fried chicken and many other meat dishes for a low price.

Village of Saksun

If you like traveling to quieter places, then visit the village of Saksun. Not far from this place are the beautiful lakes Saksunarvatn and Pollur. In the tree itself, most of the buildings are traditionally made of stone, and their roofs are lined with turf. On the outskirts of the village has its own harbor and beach. The peculiarity of the beach is that its sand has a black coal color.

In the western part of the island is located the town of Westmann. The city will not be as interesting to you as its coast (Westmannabiergini). It is covered with rocky cliffs and high cliffs that protrude from the water. On the coast itself there are many colonies of seals and birds, which is why the coast is sometimes called “bird cliffs”.


Vastmanna. In this place you can take a small tour on the ship and explore the grottoes and gorges, which are hidden behind the mighty rock giants.

bird cliffs Vastmann

Estura Island

On the island of Estura, the village of Gjogv is especially popular. The settlement got its name from the gorge on which it was founded. Many tourists want to visit this place because of the picturesque landscapes. This is not surprising, because Gjogv is located on the edge of a wide valley, which abruptly ends with the ocean. The fantastic landscape is complemented by the mountains that surround the village.

View Island

If you want to see the most beautiful place in this country, then pay attention to the Vidois island while traveling around the Faroese islands. This is where you will find Cape Ennberg. It is considered the highest cape in Europe (750 meters).

In this place there are still quite a few islands, each of them has its own charm and unique buildings (human or natural). Traveling around the Faroese islands can not only impress you, but also give an opportunity to get in touch with the nature of the northern lands.


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