New Orleans vacation – 5 best places to visit. Impression that stay in the heart forever!

There are things to do in New Orleans vacation to feel the true spirit of this place and its unique atmosphere. Nowhere in the world you’ll find another place where there is so much folklore. Besides it is the place where I tasted the best donuts and pralines in my life.

New Orleans vacation will remain in the heart of any tourist who sets foot on this land! The ominous hum of darkness, mystery, jazz and blues, a swarm of fans of magic, voodoo and vampires, the best Creole cuisine all together turn this city into a unique mixture of different cultures, sounds and flavors.

The French quarter in New Orleans

things to do in French quarter on New Orleans vacation

The heart of the city, as well as its oldest and most beautiful part is the French quarter. This is what remains of the first French and Spanish settlers.

Here the most famous Mardi Gras parade takes place, here is the most famous street – Bourbon Street. In a word, you can’t miss the French quarter being on New Orleans vacation. In fact, you can only visit this area to then say that you’ve been in New Orleans and learn its atmosphere

In the French quarter we can admire New Orleans architecture sitting in French cafes and tasting delicious Creole dishes. And all this in the sounding rhythms of jazz and blues.

Being in the French quarter during New Orleans vacation, you should definitely visit the famous Jackson Square Park with its historic colonial buildings of the 18th century.

This is also a favorite place for artists, cartoonists and musicians. They create their works here and sell them in nearby art galleries.

In the sixties and seventies Jackson Square Park was a place to meet for the New Age movement followers.

In the Park you can take a picture at the monument of the seventh US President Andrew Jackson.

Strolling through the French quarter on New Orleans vacation, you can treat yourself with a delicious Louisiana praline with nuts. It can buy it in any store here. One serving of praline costs about $ 2, a box – about $ 14. Just believe me, you have to taste it being on New Orleans vacation, and you will remember the taste for the rest of your life.

delicious praline - things to do in French quarter on New Orleans vacation

Po’ boy sandwich

Po’ boy is Louisiana’s famous sandwich. It is made from crispy French bread in which fried seafood or roast beef and vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce are put. Po’ boy is one main attractions of New Orleans.

This Louisiana sandwich has a history. Apparently, during the strikes, one of the street vendors provided free food to every striking “poor man”. Today you have to pay for the sandwich, which is $ 13, but it’s worth a try!

Louisiana sandwich - things to do in French quarter on New Orleans vacation

Jazz music in New Orlean

Missing the opportunity to listen to a live jazz concert New Orleans vacation is like going to Rome and not eating a local pizza.

In New Orleans you will hear music sounding everywhere. And it tries so hard to get into your ears that will give up and go to the bar to drink under these charming sounds.

It’s for better. This is an extraordinary experience. The sounds of cornet, clarinet or trombone go from the lungs of the musicians. For a moment we find ourselves in another world – a world having nothing but music.

Jazz concerts - things to do on New Orleans vacation

The best donuts in cafe Du Monde

Since I’ve tasted a Beignets donut from this cafe in the New Orleans vacation, I dream about it every night. I’ve never eaten such a delicious donut sprinkled with powdered sugar! I’m sorry, mom, I’m sorry, grandma, but nothing can compares to this French pastry.

Cafe Du Monde was founded in 1862 in the French market in New Orleans. This place has its own unique atmosphere. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Café closes only on Christmas day and in the days of high risk of a hurricane threat. So if someone feels eat-or-die desire to taste the donut in the middle of night, he can always get in a car and take away this beautiful pastries.

best things to do on New Orleans vacation

The Voodoo Shops

Undoubtedly, Voodoo shops is a sensation among tourists. Its shalfs are bursting with a large range. And through the doors of the store are constantly streams of tourists who want to buy a piece of magic during New Orleans vacation.

Buying things in such shops, you can take advice of pseudo-priests, standing special for the tourists. Under each shop window you can see colorful dolls and many other sorts of things related to voodoo magic. From mugs and books to chips and clothes.

In general, the shop is a perfect place to dress up for Halloween 😉

things to do on New Orleans vacation

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