Hiking with kids: 10 simple life hacks

All children have a different character and behave differently during a hike. To be hiking with kids, you need to carefully prepare and know the useful rules that will help make your journey together rich, interesting and useful.

Remember that all children have their own character and at different ages. Try to apply tips from articles correctly and when they are really needed. We will talk about helpful tips that will help you a lot.

10 tips for parents who go hiking with kids:

1. Carefully choose a route for a trip with children

father chooses the route on the map in order to go hiking with kidsChoose routes that you know well and have already gone on them once. You should also consider how old your child is. You must be sure that he will be able to walk the whole distance without much stress and excessive fatigue.

It’s also worth considering that the child should be fun and interesting. Choose routes where there are interesting sights: rivers, waterfalls, lakes, rocks, caves, rock paintings, abandoned houses and ranches.

If you do not know the limit of the strength of your child, then conduct a study. Arrange a walk with him in the park or city. Measure the time and distance you have traveled before your baby is tired. So, you can more accurately build your route in the wild.

2. Take a lot of food and water with kidsfood for hiking with kids

Children get tired much faster than adults. Always take more water than you think it will help avoid unpleasant situations. Also put a lot of snacks in your backpack: sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, nuts. Take regular halts to have a snack. Thanks to this technique, your children will not cry due to the fact that they are hungry. If they regularly drink water, you will not face the problem of dehydration in children.

3. Go hiking early in the morning

Children suffer from hot weather. If you are traveling in the summer, it is best to go hiking in the morning, around 8-9 am. By following this advice, you will avoid unnecessary whining, you will not meet many people on the way, problems with the weather always begin in the evening.

4. Always carry a charged camera

Many moments of your trip will be unforgettable because of the children. They always find something that you wouldn’t pay attention to. They look so cute and carefree against the backdrop of mountains, forests, rivers or meadows. You probably want to capture this moment for life. Always carry a charged camera or camcorder with you. I can assure you that it will definitely come in handy for you during a hiking with kids!

5. Always watch the weather forecast before you go

Weather is an unpredictable phenomenon. Sudden rain or hail can ruin your impression of the entire journey. Always watch the weather forecast before you go hiking with kids. If weather forecasters talk about a breeze, then still take warm clothes for your children. Every person feels cool and wind in his own way.

6. Take along a basic first-aid kitfirst-aid kit

The safety of you and your children should always be a priority. Especially it is needed when you go on a long journey. There is always a risk of injury, poisoning or waking up your allergies. Collect a basic first-aid kit, which will include funds from the most common diseases, injuries and problems during the campaign.

7. Watch your child’s condition and behavior

Children always show their emotions very brightly. When they get tired, they immediately fall silent or start crying and screaming. Many babies become less mobile, their eyes are covered, they are more scattered than usual.

Try to make frequent halts when going hiking with kids. Have a snack, ask them about what they liked. Encourage them to lie down on the travel mat or your knees for a few minutes.

8. Calculate the time of the trip with the children

You already know how much your child can walk without too much fatigue and whining. Now you should split it in half. If your walk is designed for 3 hours, then after one and a half hours you should turn back. Thanks to this, you can make your trip comfortable and practical for yourself and your child.

9. Give your children roles

Children love to try on different roles: mother, doctor, pirate, traveler. Give them a specific role for the duration of your trip. Let your son be the main lead on a rare daisy search expedition. Do not forget to play along with them.

10. Play hiking games

Children can quickly lose interest in their environment and start whining about how tired they are and want to go home. To entertain them and make a joint holiday not only fun, but also useful, play with them in hiking games. Look for unusual plants and animals, try to explore the area, play hide and seek, etc.

Kids play hide and seek

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