Hiking games for kids: 5 fun examples

Hike for children is already a whole adventure and the opportunity to make a couple of discoveries. If you don’t want your child to get bored and begin to whine because of fatigue, spend them hiking games. To do this, you don’t have to carry board games or sports equipment. Hiking games require only your ingenuity and creativity.

Hiking games helped to entertain not only the child, but you. This is a great way to do self-development, the health and imagination of children. In addition, you will quickly instill the love of hiking to a child.

This blog contains several games that are often played by experienced tourists with their children. I had to learn from the experience of many travelers to make this list. Some hiking games may be a little bit silly, some educational, but each will be able to captivate your children for a couple of hours.

Hiking games for kids

Hunt for trivia

When you go camping, many things seem ordinary and unremarkable to you. However, for your children this can be a small discovery, because they have just begun to explore this world. For example, they can meet in the campaign of large beetles, beautiful birds, funny bushes with bright berries.

Use congenital children’s curiosity in the hunt for trivia. Such hiking games not only bring pleasure to your child, but are also a great way to talk about nature and its inhabitants. Thus, you cultivate in your child a love for hikes and nature itself.

In order to prepare for the hunt for nothing: you need a computer, 30 minutes of free time and a couple of paper sheets. Go to the Internet and find pictures of animals, plants and objects that can definitely meet on your hike. Create a list with pictures. For each item, select a different number of points depending on how high the probability of finding this thing or animal. For example, if in such a location it is very difficult to meet a falcon or an eagle, then give this category the highest number of points. If in your campaign it is easy to find a flower, then you need to assign the smallest number of points for it. You can give the child a bucket or box in which he could put the found items. At the end of the hike, the one with the most points or items found wins.

If your children are teenagers, then you can complicate hiking games. For example, make a bingo from the list. If someone finds a thing from the list, then he screams bingo, and the other players can no longer get points for this item.

So that your list does not accidentally break or get dirty, you can laminate it.

kids hunt for little things

Photohuntinganimal photography on clouds

Such hiking games are very similar to the hunt for nothing. In this case, you will need a camera or phone. Invite your child to photograph clouds and trees that resemble people and animals. In this way, you can develop in your child attentiveness and ability to fantasize.

Geocaching (treasure hunt)

If your child loves pirates or films with Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, then such hiking games will become a real “treasure” for him. Put on your phone JPS-navigator and mark the place with a hidden treasure cross or geo-tag. You can do this on your own or through a special website for geocaching.

You can find the cache through the geocaching program and, when it is found, leave a new treasure for the following tourists. If you decide to make a treasure yourself, then you will have to get to the right place in advance and hide the treasure there. Yes, it will take a lot of time, but if you want your child to be happy and love hiking, you will have to make sacrifices. Such hiking games will teach children to navigate in space.

hiking games: geocaching. Girl looking for treasure using the card

I walk like …

Everyone loves to fool around and have fun, children love it twice as much. Such hiking games are suitable for the whole family. It will be able to entertain you for a short time, about 15 minutes, but it’s so much more fun than silently crossing the forest.

The game “I walk like …” will be positively perceived by children, because they like to be frivolous. Invite them to walk like a gorilla, dove or kangaroo. The stranger and more stupid your choice, the stronger your child will like it. Feel free to show an example. Because such cohesion will bring you closer to your child.

Kids play hide and seek

Hide and seek

This is a classic game that is known to every child. We recommend such hiking games for adults only. When you invite the children to play with you, immediately say that you can hide only next to the path along which the group is walking. Thus, no child will run far into the woods, turning a fun game into an hours-long search operation with helicopter rescuers.

Hiking games instill the love of hiking in children

Your children adapt more quickly to traveling in the fresh air, they will be able to better understand nature and be guided in the open space. Always try to occupy your child with a fun game, so that he remembers joint travels. Also, do not forget about the safety of children, always take a first aid kit with you in case someone falls or is cut on a branch or a thorny bush. Always remember the basic rules of trekking with children, so that your trip is always comfortable and enjoyable.

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